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Chapter Nine: Political Parties

by: Crystal Boutwell

Chapter Nine: Political Parties POLI 1090 - 006

Marketplace > Auburn University > Political Science > POLI 1090 - 006 > Chapter Nine Political Parties
Crystal Boutwell
GPA 3.82
American Government in Multicultural World
Regina M. Moorer

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About this Document

Chapter Nine Political Parties
American Government in Multicultural World
Regina M. Moorer
Class Notes
American Government, american, Government, political, parties, chapter 9, chapter nine, political parties, democrat, republican
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Crystal Boutwell on Monday October 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to POLI 1090 - 006 at Auburn University taught by Regina M. Moorer in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 18 views. For similar materials see American Government in Multicultural World in Political Science at Auburn University.

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Date Created: 10/19/15
Chapter 9 Political Parties Compiled by Crystal Boutwell Political Parties groups that attempt to change or impact the government by electing people to government offices at the national state and local levels Political parties are an important link between the public and the government A Function in American politics and government a b Political participation increases Gives important information to voters B How did parties form a b Internal Mobilization i Political disagreements cause factions within government and parties External mobilization i Groups outside of government offices will mobilize to form new parties C Defining traits of party system a b c d e 2 main parties in American government Have very organized structures Power is balanced between the party and alliances Support provided by institutions and communities Different issues and policies define the party D Federalist lOFactions a Madison thought political parties were evil because they were just factions ran by the majority a 6 George Washington and John Adams were Federalists i Favored a strong central government ii Wealthy property owners iii Concerned with improving commerce and ensuring property rights The AntiFederalists evolved into the Democratic Republican Party in opposition of the growing Federalists i Mostly slaveowners The DemocraticRepublicans evolved into the Democrats i Andrew Jackson was the first Democrat to be elected president ii Democrats favored slavery iii Voters were mostly farmers shopkeepers and common people FDR began the transformation of the Democratic Party into what it is today i Expanding government services and supporting civil rights JFK and LBJ continued the expanse of the social safety net in the Democratic Party a Began as the Whig party i Wanted an active government in business affairs and trade ii Consisted of the upper class citizens iii Eventually died out because of the slavery issue b The Republican party replaced the Whigs i Created by abolitionists ii Supported a strong central government iii Abraham Lincoln was the first Republican president iv Wanted a small government was opposed to taxes and thought the economy should be left alone G Left vs Right a Historical The idea of political left and right started with the French Revolution in 1789 Supporters of the absolute monarchy sat on the right while those who wanted a limited government sat on the left b Today The democrats are known as the left while the republicans are known as the right


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