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ENG 2320 E. Browning

by: Marissa

ENG 2320 E. Browning 2320

Texas State
GPA 3.3
British Literature 1785 +
Susan Tilka

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About this Document

Notes discussing the life and literary works of Elizabeth Barrett Browning
British Literature 1785 +
Susan Tilka
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Marissa on Monday October 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 2320 at Texas State University taught by Susan Tilka in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 86 views. For similar materials see British Literature 1785 + in Foreign Language at Texas State University.

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Date Created: 10/19/15
ENG 2320 E Browning 0 Elizabeth Barrett Browning was the most famous Victorian female poet 0 She was a romantic writer love lyrics lyrical poems radical politics 0 Antislavery involved with Susan B Anthony and the movement 0 Her family was wealthy from the slave trade 0 The role of women is a political issue 0 Age 15 her mother dies Browning becomes an invalid and takes to her bed isolated 0 Her father wouldn t allow his children to marry or leave home 0 She writes hundreds of letters sends out her poems becomes addicted to morphine o Evangelical Christian her poems changed the laws about child labor 0 Corresponds with Robert Browning 6 years younger than her they elope to Italy and have a son 0 She revised the sonnet form Sonnets of the Portuguese written to her husband 0 Aurora Leigh was the first English poem where a woman is the hero 0 She doesn t want to marry she wants to be a poet and financially independent A critique of English society and the Woman Question Believes genders should be equal in marriage work together as partners Love is the full human potential Aurora marries Romney only after she is successful and they are equal OOOO Sonnets of the Portuguese 0 Number 22 o The moment before sex 0 quotno one can hurt us now don t need angels let s stay on earth sex is not a spiritual expe ence 0 They stand face to face equal 0 Number 43 0 Her most famous sonnet 0 She s an evangelical believes they will be together after death they will be together forever 0 Strive for right refers to politics and slavery Aurora Leigh 0 Blank verse story of my life 0 Romney says women are not poets she can write as a hobby when they re married 0 A woman character written by a women about women s issues suffragette o How do you define marriage What is the relationship of married people 0 These issues haven t gone away are still present today 0 Culture gaps between art and intellectuals 0 Aurora is half Italian her father had an affair with an Italian women when he was in college 0 She lived in Italy until her mother died then is sent to England to live with her father 0 Italy and England are extreme opposites food weather mannerisms o Raised by her aunt who tries to control Aurora 0 Her father and aunt live together it was common for unmarried siblings to live together Poem opens with Aurora on a boat coming to England desperate for someone to take care of her Her father doesn t kiss her when she arrive she hugs her aunt Italian culture Her aunt is the perfect Victorian lady 0 Has tight hair so only good thoughts enter 0 Not used to raising children or their enthusiasm 0 Will love Aurora as long as she behaves o Thinks the Italian woman seduced her brother hates Aurora s mother Aurora is well educated in music language science everything a modern girl needs to know 0 new women are accomplished in sewing cooking cleaning plus academics o Learns schoolwork and domestic arts 0 The new ideal is that women can do it all so Aurora is trained People tell her aunt that she s too hard on Aurora the child looks pale and ill from too much work On her 20th birthday she s in the garden dancing and connected to nature feeling excited Interrupted by her cousin Romney looking serious who has found her book of poems He teases her and she asks him Why can t I be a poet he thinks she needs to be a wife Romney wants to marry her to help him build a life to be his partner in saving the world 0 She s too weak to be a poet and stand alone yet strong enough to help him She questions 0 She insists Romney wants someone to love anyone would do he objects A woman s role in society is to help the man fulfill his dreams support them in their careers 0 Aurora wants to be his equal and won t marry him he loves the idea of a wife not her She bids him farewell he begs her and argues that marriage is men and women complementing each other 0 She tells him he s thinking like a man she doesn t want to live behind him 0 Her word and her life are just as important as his 0 She wants to be an equal partner not a complementary one She loves her art she s not giving up her dreams to be his wife Marries Romney when she s 40 financially independent and a famous poet Marriage is about being equal when the genders work together everyone becomes fully human


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