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Human Anatomy & Physiology I

by: Waldo Rowe

Human Anatomy & Physiology I BI 231

Marketplace > Portland Community College > Biology > BI 231 > Human Anatomy Physiology I
Waldo Rowe
GPA 3.55


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 70 page Class Notes was uploaded by Waldo Rowe on Monday October 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BI 231 at Portland Community College taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see /class/224624/bi-231-portland-community-college in Biology at Portland Community College.


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Date Created: 10/19/15
Lab Activity 8 Axial Skeleton Martini Chapter 7 Portland Community College BI 231 Axial Skeleton Skull Spine Thoracic Cage Hyoid bone Cervical Spine 7 Vertebra C1C7 Concave Posterior Thoracic Spine 12 Vertebra T 1 T1 2 Convex Posterior Attach to the ribs Lumbar Spine 5 Vertebra L1L5 Concave Posterior Sacral Spine 5 Fused Vertebra Sacrum Coccyx 4 Fused Vertebra Intervertebral Foraminae Intervertebral Disk Annulus Fibrosus Nucleus Pulposus Cervical Vertebrae CBC7 7 ertebrarl 1 Foramen Cervical Vertebrae CBC7 Cervical Vertebrae CBC7 Cervical Vertebrae CBC7 Cervical Vertebrae CBC7 Cervical Vertebrae C1 Atlas Superior Articular Facet Cervical Vertebrae CZ Axis Cervical Vertebrae C1 amp CZ Joined Together Thoracic Vertebrae Spinous Process Thoracic Vertebrae Costal Facets on the Transverse Process for rib attachment hd 93 4 Lumbar Vertebrae Comquotgm rm 2cm Paarann Educalim lam publishing 25 Bur lg ul un Limr39lrrllllg Sacru m 5 Fused Vertebrae Sacru m Sacral Promontory Sacru m Sacral Foramina Sacroiliac Joints Coccyx 4 Rudimentary Vertebrae Hyoid Bone Greater Horn Sternum Sternal Angle XiphOi 0 Process 7 True Ribs Ribs 1 Ribs 810 False Ribs Ribs 11 amp 12 Floating Ribs Ribs Neck Tubamrev Attachment m h nul ri E ma a nairtilaga iiiEats 39 39 isernal Enid n iaall grating IE h Fustg snr view Ribs Attached to Thoracic Vertebrae Tr nsueme Tubarulu custa l of rib Anya Vertebral 39 Head d1 capitulu m a Sw rinr View Costovertebral Angle 5 Parietal Bone at Parietal Bone Temporal Bone Temporal Bone Temporal Bone External Acoustlc Meatus Zygomatic Arch Mastoid Process Mandibular fossa Styloid Process Temporal Bone Carotid Canal Jugular Foramen 3 in up v 1quot L I39V s lquot hi K39 Gemright I2 2006 Pearson Educaho publishing M Eanpamin Ewmmlngs Occipital Bone Occipital Bone Occipital Condyles Foramen Magnum External occipital protuberance Cepyrigh ll 2006 F39earsan Eduta en publiahlng as Banpamin Cummings Sphenoid Bone Lesser Wing Greater Wing Pterygoid 7 Process LaterPtergid Medial Pterygoid Plate Plate Sphenoidal Sinus Sphenoid Bone 7 JIM wa Eepyr rgm It 2003 Penman Education Inc publishan as Banjamin Cummings Sphenoid Bone Hypophyseal F0883 7 Eepyr rgm It 2003 Penman Education Inc publishan as Banjamin Cummings Ethmoid Bone MW ista Ga111 s quotmum Cw gmmzmvnnan Eduallm w nuhwmngnnummczmmw Ethmoid Bone J Perpendicular Plate Ethmoid Bone ri Cristae Galli Perpendicular Plate Cranium Floor Anterior r Cranial Fossa Middle Cranial Fossa 7 r Posterior M Sagittal Suture Between the Right and Left Parietal bones Coronal Suture Between the Parietal bones and the Frontal Bone Cm gm El 2696 Pearson Educatlon Ina publishlng as Banismin Cummlngn Squamous Suture Between the Parietal bone and the Temporal Bone Cm gm El 2696 Pearson Educatlon Ina publishlng as Baniamin Cum Inga Lambdoid Suture Between the Parietal bones and the Occipital Bone Cm gm El 2696 Pearson Educatlon Ina publishlng as Baniamin Cummlngn Wormian Sutural Bones Small islands of bone that ll gaps in sutures Present in varying amounts Fetal Gamma winm Squamu 39 sutura PAFizlETA L BU HE fEphanaidal b innt nel quot 4 39 Lambda EurLIFE achFITAL EuME T EMPGHAL Maslaid HUME furutana l Anterlnr 39lantanel Sagl39rm suture c ipltal fantanal Fetal Skull allcgllllgl Supe or x View F AHI EIAL EIGME Gamma Lambdaid BONE swam suture FHUHTAL 39 SPHEM ID EQNE r Orblt H 251 EI39HMEIID LAC H39IMAL i B ME PALATIHE MAE LL451FII 739Ir E HE EDHE Hard Palate V Maxilla Mandible Z Coronoid Mandibular Process Condyle 7 Alveolar Proc 7 L r 1 Ramus Mental Foramen Mandible Mandibular Foramen Mylohyoid Line Ccpy gm 0 2m Pearson Edunanm Ina publishan an Bengnmm Eunmlngs Palatine Bone Vomer apyrigmlh 2cm Pearson Edunarim Ina publishing as Eenpamin Cumdrugs Temporal Process VJ 65 39 F El I zygomatic Arch LAEJHIMAL E HE Facial Bones HDMEFI g r MAILLI39l5IF1quotiI39r i arme MENU BLE Fania bum Facial Bones Inferior 39f Middle Nasal Nasal Conche Ethmoid COHChae m I Perpendicular Plate 39 39 Ethmoid 395 Vomer Sinuses


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