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Statistics I

by: August Feeney

Statistics I MTH 243

August Feeney
GPA 3.98


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by August Feeney on Monday October 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MTH 243 at Portland Community College taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 47 views. For similar materials see /class/224640/mth-243-portland-community-college in Math at Portland Community College.


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Date Created: 10/19/15
TI86 Calculator Commands Graphing for Math 243 Syntax for this document When I want to denote a key on your calculator I will write in bold letters If I want to denote a yellow command above a key I will write it in bold underlined For example 2nd STAT refers to the 2nd key and the key Calculator Basics If you look at the calculator s keys you will notice that above each key there is a word or symbol in yellow These are called second commands In order to activate these commands you need to press the yellow key labeled 2nd first then the key underneath the yellow writing Sometimes when you press a button instead of a command what you are accessing is a link to another menu with links to other menus or commands These menus are displayed at the bottom of the screen For example if you press the button GRAPH the following will be displayed at the bottom of the screen yx RANEE ZOOM TRACE GRAPH This is called a menu To activate any of these choices some are commands and some lead to more menus press the buttons Fl F2 F3 F4 F5 directly underneath the word or symbol Notice that you can also enter letters by pressing the blue key called ALPHA first followed by the key underneath the letter you want to appear in the screen All the letters appear in blue on your calculator One menu you will be dealing with a majority of the time is the STAT menu Entering Data To enter datapressan STAT CALC EDIT I PLOT DRAW VARS Choose EDIT F2 This will link you to a table in which you may enter data The names xStat yStat and fStat are default names of files you can store data The file fStat is special and it is used to enter the frequency of a certain data set Leave this column alone xStat yStat fStat If there is data in a column you wish to enter new data you can delete all the data by moving the black cursor onto the name using the arrow keys then press CLEAR ENTER Suppose you need to enter the data shown below Use the arrow keys to move around the table and enter the data If you make a mistake in an entry move the cursor to the data point where you made the mistake and type the correct value x 1 3 5 8 xStat IyStat IfStat y 3 7 1012 1 3 7 5 10 8 12 The Tl86 allows you to enter more than one set of data Suppose you also needed to enter this set of data Time 0 05 I1 I15 I2 Height 0 I16 24 24 I16 040402 Mth2437Tl867graphing7comm ands Move the eursor to the fStatposmon data by then press ENTERwhen done Press the arrow key ts agam Type HEIGHT ENTER Now enterthe data as you dd prevlously Ifyou have more data you ean enter rt by repeatrng the above proeedure To leave the table where you enter data press EXIT Standard deviation mean median guaniles Enter the data as explained above Exit the table Know press 2nd w CALC F1 CALC EDIT PLUl39 DRAW VARS CALC OneVa you wouldhke to do the one vanable stausues on Sopress 2nd LIST to aeeess the loeauon of all the les Next g Press ENTER The ealeulator wlll glve you the mean i standard deyrauon 5n the number of data pornts n and the ve number summary mrnx Qrtll Med in3maxX H stoggam Seleet eltherPLoTl nun LZ t eeeond Sereen Shot Change xhst Name apprnprlate rile dy nd l t me see the thrd sereen shot Change the values you see to t your aru ar set of data lhaye typedrn bold what eaeh yalue rndeates m maklng the hrstogram A0 rmaklng the ehanges press GRAPH minnan llnnzulhlvamz mzn39mnmlmriznnhlwluz as 39 39 39 l vm Hm mm minim rm hlrd sereen shot m Fuunh screen shut Box Plots 7 a 39l 39l AWnT hrstogram 0N 4m dta dh nl A Dr th GRAPH key and lhaye typed m bold graph 040402 MLh2437T1864graphmgicommands Scatt lots Fress 2nd sTAT andPLOT m Yuu shnuld iatal Tn Tn all Ilsas Shawn beluw thls ls afactury default senlng then yuu are settn gu omemse see the u 1 The type shuuld be euarrseals SCAT Next v GRAPH wmn F2 see me seems shelter explanausrr areaeu seams After F5 l u m a m funnels 1 change the wmdaw settlngs 2 press GRAPH andyx Fl The screen wul change ss that Pm Flat 2 Flat 3 appears an tap Muve the cursnrtn 171nm and select u by pressmg ENTER New press GRAPH 1 5 Regession Analde Vl hatthe slupe unhe llne the Vern51 lntercept uuhe llne and the eurrelauuu r Enter the data as usual I T 1 ram the menu chm25 Next ndthe Fress ENTER The screen wlll then show the followlng The corr shown onyour screen IS he correlauon r menu oned m the book LIHRES Turning The Plots on you car go to the GRAPH menu Press the GRAPH button followed by F1 At the top of the screen you should see Plorl P1012 Ploa 040402 Mm243in864 raphmgicnmmands TISS Calculator Commands Graphing for Mada 243 Smtax far 3911 s dncnment me mhuldlemxs w T M srAT C alclllztnr Basics hese are eaned e u seedpd edmmands Inmdex m animate mese edmmands wuneedta paessupe yeudw kzylabeled 2nd 515E 39hen39he key Fax Example er ydd press up mum GRAPH me rdudwmg wan be displayed amps butlam dupe screen yx RANGE zoom TRAcE GRAPH Thsxs eaned amend an E2 F3 F4 Es ddeeuymdemeaupupe ward dz symbal yauwanl m appear an up screen An The letters appear an blue an wur calculamx Om memyddwm be deasmgwaup a maan dme ume is up sTAT mend Enter gDatz Taemerdatapuss srAT cALc EDIT DRAW FCST VARS chadse EmTm w arehappythhthzsenames accepnhenamesbypussnglINTER m eachfde wuwantm exeanhe data asaeadyupeae paess clny F5 Wu are ememg me set afdata Duly men emem an The quot hm dmy envmg me y hnes wah The deraun number a s which is 1 Shypaseywuneedmenuxthzdata 2423 Mave39hecursmmxl andtypeZENTERlINTERJDgzttathznextx valuex2 Type Aanx2ENTERENTER apdsddn Whanhzyly2y3 valuesuexepusznungxsthzFrequencny thawing wulypedfmx 559 p 2 n m Lhmenur me explanamryvmablem39hex39s and 39hexespansevmablemthzy Once The data is mtexedpussEnT EXIT Standard dwiau39nn mean median guam39les Entexthz data as explamzd apdve Exxnhe table anw press srAT cALc n Agmn xthll ask Wu The name dupe mes um edmam The data The defun ns XS39AL lm xrmdse edmam wur data39henpussENTlIR ENTER Press LVAR n cALc EDIT DRAW FCST VARS EIAEIAEIZ MLhZAZiTIXSyaphm cammmds yawn n Presst R pa xM mallexthan39hemmestdampmnt xMax shvmdbehgguthanthebxggestdaupamt xScl Lhzwxdlhaf39huenangewhnchsmtsatme Mmtbeatlustl yM yM urge mm the mgw frequency Nextpxess STAT selectDRAW T39 and salamiHST n cw pa sma ex um the Mullen explamtaxy am pmm shnu d be bxggex um the hggast Explanatmy am pm xSclr scale m m hmzmm Ts m mailer mum m lestxespmse ampmm w scale fax the vemcal axxs me Inga um the hnghest mpam am pm Nextpxess SEAT selectDRAW T3 and select SCAT m Regessum m lme the mum intercept af39he hm and the Emulaan x Entenhe am asusual Am emenng h am andexmngthetahlepxess STAT andchaase CALC n Flam Lhamenuchmces PressENTER ENTERta acceplthe lenames Lastly chaaseLlNR m The con L r The as the vemcal mtercept ofthe hue and the b 15 the slope othe lme EIAEIAEIZ MLhZAZiTIXSigaphm cammands


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