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World History Since 1500

by: Jake O'Hara

World History Since 1500 HIST 102

Marketplace > Radford University > History > HIST 102 > World History Since 1500
Jake O'Hara
GPA 3.58

John Ryder

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About this Document

John Ryder
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jake O'Hara on Monday October 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 102 at Radford University taught by John Ryder in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 38 views. For similar materials see /class/224657/hist-102-radford-university in History at Radford University.


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Date Created: 10/19/15
1 The Blockade a Leaks The War b Ironclads USS Merrimack CSS Virginian vs USS Monitor 2 The first Battles a First Manassas July 1861 Spectators McDowell vs Beauregard Jackson stood like a wall of stone iv Southern boys raising hellll b Wilson s Creek Missouri Draw 3 The Western Theater a Goal is to take Mississippi River Completely Contain Isolate Cut off Supplies Divide Base for advancement b Take the river from south and North South but weakened pro Confederate forces Ironclads led by Farragut smash weak Confederate defenses at the mouth of the River 1 North FTPquot N Attack New Orleans from South Not prepared for a southern assault New Orleans captured April 25 1862 Largest city and southern financial capitol First moves into Kentucky and Tennessee Ulysses S Grant in Charge Captured Fort Henry and Fort Donelson Controlled upper Mississippi and Ohio Resupplied replenished move south with 40000 troops Shiloh Grant vs Beauregard and Johnston a Union forces pushed back to Tennessee River first day b Reinforcements ferried in over night c 2nd day recovered lost ground and forced Confederate retreat d 23000 killed or wounded both sides Gen Johnston killed e Control of Mississippi down to Memphis f quotI gave up all idea of saving the union except by complete conquestquot Grant Gen Bragg takes over Confederate troops maneuvers during the Fall with Grant trying to make an end run Battle of Murfreesboro central Tennessee end of 1862 a Union victory b Secures buffer which will preclude a flanking movement by Bragg Grant moves on Vicksburg Mississippi late winter and spring of 1863 Vicksburg a Very defensible high ground for artillery defense b Grants moves downstream and inland i Cuts own supply lines ii Lives off land iii Attacks Vicksburg from the back side c July 1863 Vicksburg falls Gettysburg d Later in July Port Hudson Louisiana falls e The Mississippi River in totally in Union control i Confederacy cut in two ii Texas Louisiana and Arkansas are isolated iii Supplies and trade controlled by Union c Bragg entices Union troops to pursue them south d Attacked and driven back to Chattanooga Confederate siege of Chattanooga e Grant comes to rescue and defeats Confederates forcing their retreat to Georgia Battle of Chattanooga November 1863 i Re secured the flank ii Set up launching pad for Gen Sherman s march through Georgia 4 1862 in Virginia a Peninsula Campaign Gen McClellan in charge b Goal is to capture Richmond c Comes up from the Peninsula late spring of 1862 100 000 men with 30 000 left back in DC d Demanded the other 30000 but Stonewall Jackson led assault up Shenandoah Valley threatening DC Lincoln kept 30000 in DC e Battle of Fair Oaks McClellan vs Johnston different Johnston 85000 vs 50000 Union repelled Johnston wounded Robert E Lee takes over iv Moves McClellan to James River 1 He could have still attacked Richmond he didn t 2 Lincoln recalled McClellan to DC to join up with Gen Pope s troops 3 quotIf Gen McClellan does not want to use the army I would like to borrow itquot f Lee moves on Pope s troops before McClellan can join up g Pope attacks Lee at Manassas i 2nd Manassas Pope routed ii Gesture politics Arlington Cemetery h Lee goes on offensive into Maryland Liberation of Maryland i Antietam Sharpsburg September 1862 i McClellan obtains Lee s orders ii Lee moves toward Sharpsburg Jackson splits off to take Harper s Ferry iii McClellan moved too slowly and Lee was able to put most of the troops together iv 87000 vs 50000 v 5000 killed in one day bloodiest single day in American History to this point vi Union on point of victory Jackson reinforces Confederates hold and then retreat back to Virginia vii McClellan does not pursue viii McClellan relieved of command j Emancipation Proclamation i Made after Battle of Antietam ii Freed all slaves behind Confederate lines after Jan 1 1863 iii Symbolic Gesture Politics 1 Increases support in Europe 2 Causes concern in North thought this war was not about slavery Draft Riots in summer of 1863 k General Burnside in control attempt to get to Richmond via Fredericksburg i Bad call ii Major Union defeat iii Burnside asks to be relieved of duty 5 1863 a General Hooker in command i Another attempt to Richmond through Fredericksburg ii Battle of Chancellorsville May 1863 iii Major Union defeat iv Stonewall Jackson killed by his own men accidently Lee s northern campaign why i Divert Grant s army from the Mississippi ii Convince European nations that south could win war iii The North might simply give up iv Moves north up Shenandoah Valley into Pennsylvania v General Meade now in control of Army ofthe Potomac vi Gettysburg Pennsylvania July 1 3 1863 1 Lee forced to fight on ground chosen by opponent 2 Lee lost a third of his army and retreated 57 6 1864 a Grant becomes General in charge of The Army of the Potomac i May 1864 The Wilderness ii 115000 vs 75000 iii Massive casualties Grant repulsed iv Grant continues to pursue v Battle of Spotsylvania Court House 12000 casualties vi June 1 Cold Harbor vii Petersburg siege June 1864 April 1865 viii Richmond falls April 4 1865 b From mid May to mid June of 1864 Grant last 60000 men which was about equal to the total number of Lee s force c Sherman advances toward Atlanta and beyond i Captures and burns Atlanta September 1864 ii March to the sea completed December 1864 then turns north to put the final squeeze on d One last attempt to break through Gen Hood Confederate moves into Tennessee Battle of Nashville Dec 1864 Hood s forces decimated i 6000 Confederates killed in 2 hours ii 6 Generals killed e Grant chases Lee s Army down to about 25000 west to Appomattox Surrender April 9 1865 h North 110070 killed in battle 250152 died of disease TOTAL DEAD FOR NORTH 360222 South 94000 killed in battle 164000 died of disease TOTAL DEAD FOR SOUTH 258 000 Con ederate number re arded as a low estimate 620000 dead soldiers World War II 300000 dead American soldiers


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