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U.S. History Since 1865

by: Jake O'Hara

U.S. History Since 1865 HIST 112

Marketplace > Radford University > History > HIST 112 > U S History Since 1865
Jake O'Hara
GPA 3.58

Mary Ferrari

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About this Document

Mary Ferrari
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jake O'Hara on Monday October 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 112 at Radford University taught by Mary Ferrari in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 25 views. For similar materials see /class/224659/hist-112-radford-university in History at Radford University.


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Date Created: 10/19/15
Possible Essay Topics for History Exam 2 Imperialism Why and How does the country go in this direction 0 Reasons For 0 Frederick Jacksons Turner s Frontier Thesis 0 Money 0 Social Darwinism 0 Alfred Thayer Mahon Navy Officer 0 Quite simply colonizing new counties because lleveryone else was doing itquot o Justifications Frederick Jackson Turner we had llfilled inquot the US Frontier was a safety valve for people who didn t fit in and needed a place to go Trade Control Territories then you control trade Social Darwinism This is the belief that White protestant western culture is best Alfred Thayer Mahon 0 We need to have military protection for our foreign business estates 0 Need to better the navy before flight still 0 four navy was going to be all over the world then we need bases all over the world Wants a canal cut through central America to more easily transport ships from Norfolk to Cali Steel ships replace wooden ships in the form of battle ships 0 Great White Fleet 0 Hawaii 0 American Sugar planters move to Hawaii 0 Made an agreement that sugar in Hawaii is tariff free 0 Became profitable 0 Queen Lil is overthrown o Exists as an independent republic because Grover Cleveland didn t want it to become a state 0 Cuba 0 Was still a part of Spain 0 Yellow Journalism played a big role I William Hearst I Joseph Pulitzer I Stories weren t true 0 USS Maine Blows up I Boiler blew up I Press said that Spanish blew it up 0 Rough Riders Teddy Roosevelt 0 Elite fighting force 0 Make teddy Roosevelt famous for battle of San Juan Hill 0 US as an imperialistic nation 0 Puerto Rico I Totally controlled their Government till 1946 I Citizens are considered US citizens 0 Cuba I Allowed to have their own Government but closely watched I Platt Amendment Cuba cannot sign any agreements with any other countries without sign off from the US 0 Panama I Canal Progressives What were the themes Legislation 0 Shift from Lassiez Faire Government 0 Roosevelt o Taft 0 Wilson Both Democrats and Republicans were progressives o Comprised of growing middle class 0 Educated o Whites o Journalists o Muckrakers People who stir up dirt 0 Got people interested in problems and the government was to come in and fix them The start of the Primary Elections Let people create legislation at state level 0 Referendum 0 Initiative 17 h Amendment Must Elect Senators Liked to use scientific studies Local Government Changed 0 Mayor is replaced with llCity Management System State Government Began relying on professors and experts to make decisions Child Labor laws came as a result of the progressives Prohibition Because the poor s problems were said to be a result of drinking Immigration Restrictions 0 Literacy Requirements Wanted Big Government 0 Regulatory agencies that monitor big business 0 Upton St Claire The Jungle About meat packing industry


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