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Principles of Computer Science I

by: Mr. Stuart Kuvalis

Principles of Computer Science I ITEC 120

Mr. Stuart Kuvalis
GPA 3.67

Andrew Ray

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About this Document

Andrew Ray
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mr. Stuart Kuvalis on Monday October 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ITEC 120 at Radford University taught by Andrew Ray in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 55 views. For similar materials see /class/224666/itec-120-radford-university in Management Sciences And Information Technology at Radford University.

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Date Created: 10/19/15
ITEC I20 92509 Review Questions Java IO Systemiout Scanner Functions Ob ec es Learn about functions 39 Syntax File structure Functions Visualization Currenlview ula grugram 07mm 14mm er 3 7 y 2 4 7 SystemuuLprinliniyi Functions New ViEW Funcmm aii unctiun return j 92509 Currently Reality public class Example public class Example public ssssic vsis maln tr1ng args public ssssic vsis maln5tr1ng siss Start D m x Start 0 in x 1 sssics is bsw sssicso 1 sssics is new sssicso z x 10eadlnt0 z x isisssinso i muckumudsl m 3 10pr1ntlnx7 m s 10pr1ntlnxgt gt Eiuck ultuds z i i Functions Rea ty Rat onale 0 nt x 1 Basics is new sssicso 1 x 10gad1nt0 Accomplish X task Given X input produceY output Two parts 3 Scanner scan wt 3 scane l n Systemmi Function body block of code that doesn t execute 5 return a on its own s iupr1ntlnx7 Function call calls the block of code to execute Functions Functions 92509 pBot Robot can only turn left What is a turn right composed of in pBot Writing a turnRight function in pBot and calling it Functions pBot Create a function that moves the Robot forward one place and picks up the beeper Call it twice Functions Functions Grouping mechanism Scanner scan new ScannerO 1n num scannextlnt return num 9 Pm into Func onContainenjava Functloncontalner fC Two parts Function body Function call x fcread1nt Functions Functloncontalner Function Syntax Access Return Name public int readlnto Access will be public for now Return is a primitive type or void for none Name is just like a variable name begins parameters ends parameters begins code ends code Functions 92509 Example Files Print a message punllc vela Pnlneo temgiatesava System uutpr1ntln Hellu World Funcmm call 3 139 Square a number Aesyslemnmnnwumy punllc lne readIntO mman l acnnnen ec new acnnneusveeennn lne hum scannextlnt l neennn nun Fun on Functions Function Calling Container lnp r javaut11 TemplateJaia nnnllc clnee nnncelnnCenenlnen r reateanewruncnunmmamer VUSE that Variable cumbined with the name a call the hmth nnnllc weld nnlneo nnnllc clnee eennlnee ayeeenenennlnelnwnelle world l nunllc eenelc vela maln tr1ngl Brgs nunllc lne readIntO i n ncelenCenenlnen c new nnncelnnCenenlneno lne nun scenlne Scanner can new Scannero lne x fcreadInt num annextInt l return num l l l Functions Functions


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