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Introduction to Religion

by: Filiberto Kunze

Introduction to Religion RELN 111

Marketplace > Radford University > Religion > RELN 111 > Introduction to Religion
Filiberto Kunze
GPA 3.7

Paul Thomas

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About this Document

Paul Thomas
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Filiberto Kunze on Monday October 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to RELN 111 at Radford University taught by Paul Thomas in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 8 views. For similar materials see /class/224695/reln-111-radford-university in Religion at Radford University.


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Date Created: 10/19/15
Final Exam Study Guide RELN 111 Understand the following concepts Fight conceptions of divine between 2 oppositeopposing forces Ex YinYang H Yang masculine principle light airy and dry Yang Feminine Dark wet and inert Represent Opposites Duaism part of the Tao 39 quotThe Wayquot Very prominent dualism founder religion Go with the Flow religion Book of Changes 5 classics of confusism uses to consult yinyang hexagrams divine Worship of ONE GOD 139 1w w No timeless past linear time has a beginning and nd point Teachings about the end 9 includes final judgment cl earth savior figure momma Hf Expression eaven an 1804 1872 German book of essence of Christianity Gods features and need of humans God is a social construct Man makes God his own image 9 do this as a wish for fulfillment x Ancient Greece gods Zeus Apollo Aphrodite v A form of polytheism quotthe father of Gods and menquot one dIVIne Being or reality and that all finite things are simply modes or appearances of the One Ex Modern Hinduism Taught that god created the world but no longer has any commerce with it God simply allows the world to continue according to the laws which God originally established ancient Japanese text tells stories about Izanami and Izanagi following creation Male who invites u k w Creation ofthe world study ofthe structure ofthe Universe Very important myths function of the Gods l Born again explosive growth MEGA Churches Right side growth vangelical that emphasize gifts of Holy Spirit which includes speaking in tongues 1 Using bible as law ofthe land God in omnipotent all powerful God is omniscient all knowing God is w Builds gender roles 9 KAMI Gods usually between 2 gods v a v w number 1 most important myths they fulfill psychological needs like to feel we live in order cosmos of structured world Retell creation stories symbolically to recreate the world 2 Murder the TH E Confucius Chinese regard him as their Second Sage Taught that all humans are born with an innate childlike heart acquire morals naturally not through culture 263 264 ordinary men and treated as endowed with supernatural superhuman or at least specifically exceptional powers or qualities 7 all uncondition mm Bentam John Stewart Mill ex Go back in time and kill Hitler Teleological YES l vvfml ul39 Viiflhin39f Aristotle what kind of person do I need to be What values do I need to internalize to make the world better Right moral action comes from the virtues of person Kindness and Generosity 39 i Process where religion becomes less prominent in our social and everyday lives Bryan Wilson quot gt mu Opposite of secularization culture becomes more influenced by religion Accepts evolution on smaller scale believe species by quotGodquot but then smaller scale evolution has occurred Darwin s theory of Evolution lLl on ii 39 Moral authority ethical and moral guide leads to order happiness and peace Act without assertion Born with quotchild like heart aquire morals naturally not through culture Culture we have to be taught 2 Vi39 i 2 mtw mi Al Ashari Social conditioned Things are good because God says they are Argument from values universal human values since of goodness beauty truth kindness ONLY way Universal is if created by God 3 people who have certain lives by morals that we look too to focus on our lives 7 39i Considered by many to be a religious leader and political and social reformer of modern India perhaps of the modern world Best known for his philosophy of non violence rooted in his teachings m legitl i WWJD Bodhisativa 9 Compassion and Sacrifice Kuan Yin 9 ndi MLK Jr Scripture is Central point 39Affirmation of religious authority as holistic and absolute also can t pick it apart reduce or criticize it Proclamation of reclaimed authority over a sacred tradition which is to be reinstated as antidote for a society that has strayed from its cultural moorings I Religious idealism is the basis of personal and communal identity lfundamentalists envision themselves as part ofa great cosmic struggle I Fundamentalists understand truth to be revealed and unified seize upon historical moments and reininterpret them in light ofthe great cosmic struggle demonize their opposition and are reactionary selective in the parts of their tradition and heritage they stress Igenerally led by MALES envy modernist cultural hegemony and try to overturn the distribution of power u Be prepared to write short essays on the following topics Define fundamentalism Compare and contrast Islamic and Christian Fundamentalism Do you view religious fundamentalism as a problem in society Why or why not Compare and contrast scientific materialism intelligent design and creation science Which do you find the most persuasive theory on the origins of the natural and social order Why What is the problem of evil What are some strategies for explaining the problem of evil


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