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Psychology of Work Behavior

by: Ozella Cassin

Psychology of Work Behavior PSYC 381

Marketplace > Radford University > Psychlogy > PSYC 381 > Psychology of Work Behavior
Ozella Cassin
GPA 3.93

Michael Aamodt

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About this Document

Michael Aamodt
Class Notes
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This 16 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ozella Cassin on Monday October 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSYC 381 at Radford University taught by Michael Aamodt in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 20 views. For similar materials see /class/224713/psyc-381-radford-university in Psychlogy at Radford University.


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Date Created: 10/19/15
Reference Checking Importance of Topic I 96 of organizations check references Burke 2005 I Academia Letters of recommendation are used by nearly all universities 7 Student admissions 7 Faculty hiring I Very little research De nitions I Reference check 7 The process ofcon rming the accuracy ofinformation provided by an applicant I Reference 7 e expression ofan opinion either orally or through a written checklist regarding an applicant s ability previous performance work habits character or potential for future success 7 Content and format are determined by the employer or university I Letter of recommendation 7 A letter expressing an opinion regarding an applicant s i1ity previous performance work habits character or potential for future success 7 Content and format are determined by the letter writer Why Check References I Check for resume fraud Find new information about the applicant I Check for potential discipline problems I Predict future performance Resume FM Checking for Resume Fraud I Why Check 7 25 of resumes contain inaccurate info 7 over 500000 people have bogus degrees Verifying Infolmation 7 truth 7 error 7 embellishment r fabrication Obtaining Missing information Alternative methods 7 bogus application items 7 social security reports Ire professional reference checkers Du yvu want aUmvexalyDegee wahnuz maymg Anlncame um stuns a mgm Th2 Uppamxntytajm gamma dam7 We canhzlp We hm 5 LEGAL 0mmquot Unwean um isms mm Degee s m my 5ther a mu r OurDegee svmk wmldwxde Here sanexample x hadm EXP am at a mMazkehng x apphedas amukmngcmsulunlfm a campmy My UmvemlyDegeek reference lettersossuedthh degee gmme mmb ml wezk Mymcame xsmww ayearvs usmm Thzy 911th Yvu guysmck u 4de xxxxxx Mmm mm cm Taduy Human 172 Regsxu om KathyHelm CED UNIVERSITY DIPLOMAS Wm n Wm Wm mEyEmuu mm W K W 4 n nE Ew mm mm m mam 72F r E mu um um mama a mm mm Emnmmm Mmquot Mm m mmnnnn ammwmm CONFIDENTIALITY ASSURED cm NOWTO RECEIVE vouR mvmm wmm 2 WEEKS 1206984 0021 Getting lnfo Can Be Difficult 39 mcc mgj N w Dm mm m Finding New Information About the Applicant Types of Information Alternative Measures 7 personality 7 psychological tests 7 interpersonal style 7 letters of 7 background recommendation 7 work habits 7 biodata Problems quot5 quot195 7 references seldom agree interviews 7 people act in different ways in different situations D lk LF F lteme e1 m Pmb ceme Checking for Potential Discipline Problems I Criminal Records I Previous employers I Motor Vehicle records I Military records I Credit reports I Colleges and universities I Neighbors and friends Criminal Records Obtained from local and state agencies Check with each jurisdiction Only convictions can be used EEOC Declslon No 7271460 7 Reasonable amount oftlmequot between release and declslon to hlre 7 1n uslng Convlctlons employer must conslder Nature and gavlty ufuffense tnfame tlnatlnas passed since the cunvlctlun andUr enmpleann ufthe sentenee The nature ufthejub held urbang sought 7 Gousle and Aamodt 1993 Study LawyersHR State Supreme c ourt Jusuces Credlt Checks Purpose 7 Predch motivation to Sf 31 r Determme character of appheant Fair Credit Reporting Ac 7 Order Lhrough a ConsumerRepomng Agency CRA 7 Promote wnttm nouee to apphcantw you W111 be checkmg cream 7 Get apphcant s wnnen auLhorrzauon to check ere t r Ifadverse actlon rs Lobe Lakm Pruvxde applicantvmh Freradxerse Acnun Drsrlusurequot whrrh mrluaes on y ufcredxtrepun Infurm zpphcantthatthey wru nutbe hrrea due m new check and pmde 11 u cm and mute ufapplrranmgms m appea wrmm n days macc cz i mgj mmmam W Heewie LoR Components Opening Happy to write letter 7 Writer and applicantreiations ip Descriptions ofapp icant s traitsskillscharacter Descriptions ofthe letter writer s research Description ofapplicant s activities 7 me 7 Applicant statement 7 othera pii teamclass r en n 7 Prediction offuture success Closing e Let me know ifyou have any questions Scoring Letters of Recommendation Overall judgment offavorability Evaluation of applicant s traitsskillscharacter trait method 7 Mental agility openness r or an an motivation e Urbamtyltactroversiongt e oopera ionconsideration ageeableness e Dependabilityreliability conscientiousness e s engtno recommendation 7 prediction offuture success presence ofproblems passfail Wa cdl y Predicting Future Performance References Are Not Good Predictors I Poor reliability I Leniency I Situations are different I Limited opportunity to View behavior I Extmneous factors Reliability of Letters Two Writers Same Writ r T e wo Applicants Reliability of Reference Checklist ame Writ r Two Writers s e Two Applicants LoR Reliability Metaanalysis Leniency of References Our applicants are from Lake Wobegon Zeleznik 1983 e 74 Very highlyhighly recommended 25 recommended 7 1 recommaaded with reservation Leniency I Applicants o en choose their oWn references I Applicants o en have the right to see their les I Former employers fear legal rami cations Positive Neutral Nega ve W W M N i References Often Have a Limited Opportunity to View Behavior Recalled Remembered Prncesserl Observed Behavinr o 20 40 so so 100 120 Potential Legal Ramifications I Negligent hiring I Invasion of privacy I Negligent reference I Defamation Legal Issues Potential Employer Previous Employer Under Aggressive Over Aggressive Defamation I Three types 7 libelwritten 7 slander oral 7 selfpublication I Employers have a conditional privilege that limits their liability Avoiding Liability for Defamation Employers will not be liable if their statements were Trulhiul Made in good faith 7 statement werem ebl 7 dm toffaunsollclted not true ut reasona e information person gouxhave behaved 7 statements cannot be made 0 e e for reyen e 7 opinionsar protected unless reference infers 7 0 01 personal comments oplnlonlsbasedonfacts Madewitlitlieperrnission tdon t east ofthe applicant Madeforalegitirnate rpose 7 lettne f er employee know iftne reference wlll not be positive Prov1dmg Honest References I Advantages 7 Motivates current employees to do well 7 Makes positive references meaningful 7 Lirnits negligent reference liability trates amreness ofa social duty to be a good organization I Disadvantages r Increases the chance ofa defamation suit 7 May make it harder to attract qualified applicants Extraneous Factors Surrounding the Reference Reference giver s ability Owe ma data came and to miculme mtlmate retarlanshlp 7 ll budthatha m The extent to whlch the b 5 a 5 My egwl to bloom referee remembers the 7 my 5 no WWW I my 3991mm hope yampragmm KS mjflctem The words used by the farherneedr reference giver r IfMary deem t blow away the 7 Bob r cuterthan a baby39 wt 3993 afthe Smjnklmgvam 7 112 ha wrmatuddmar that F39Og amr W any 9 1m WW Hf because she 15 bemg mce to them The Real Meaning of Recommendations ofemployee you can likes dirty jokes 10 years in amental appearances The Real Meaning of Recommendations were you 1 am sure that whatever task he lucky to get lazy asleep cra y to get caught Mitre tment Group Comparison Sex Race 1 10 78 Roth Williams V iswesvaran sexlstWumm RacelsWhnerElank Conclusions References and LORs 7 Have low mtenaterreuabmty and LORs may say more aboutthe wnter than the appueant a structured system 15 used but don t seem to add moremental Valldlty eLhuds that arejub related maybe best 7 seem not to be m uenced by the sai or race othe wnter or the appuemt Luw pmbablllty uf adverse Impact Further Research Areas 7 Need more mfo d race dlffermces Need more studlesuslng eontentvaud methods for specl cjobs ured m onsamn Letter Length Tn la Av g aszslmes 7 She st as3l es 7 Longest was 132 lmes Ethic lll Individual Guidelines for Ethical References Always refer to your company or school pollcy state the relatrohshrp between the wrrter and the applrcaht professors teacher supervlsorremployee coworker famlly member Be honest wl the applrcaht about the degee to whrch the reference wlll be posltwe Meet deadlmes for Wntlng ah ubmrttmg references Approprlately use Job trtles and offlclal lettemead Avold con lcts otmterestwheh asked to provlde a recommendatroh for two ormore people applylng for the same posltlon y or at me Mamtam con dehttallty Refmln om asklng personal questrohs about the applrcaht that are lrrelevantto theposltloh the applrcaht good orbad may have or the reference seeker Don t share any information Without getting an authorization from a studentapplicant A er Writing a reference letter allow the studentapplicant to see it and to decide Whether or not they Want the letter to be passed on Provide only jobrelated information Do not camou age information on a substandard emp oyee Do not talk about facts off the record Have requests for references made in Writing M tttl U Suggestions for the Applicant Ensure you have references 7 Contact lnfo for forms choose references to provide information from multiple perspectives Provide information to the reference provider Resume e Deadlines 7 other important information 7 stampedaddressed envelopes Followup to make sure they have been written and sent Waiving the right to see the letter 7 References are more positive 7 But wlll you irritate the reference provider Suggestions for the Reference Be Honest 7 Reputation at stake e Moral obligatlor Allow Applicant to Read Letter and Decide to Use 7 Puts Applicant in Control 7 Should Protect Against Defamation Focus on Behaviors and Outcomes Use plenty ofExamples Write Relatively Long Letters 7 Vlewed more positively than short letters 7 Remember that it s not ab out you


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