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by: Ozella Cassin


Ozella Cassin
GPA 3.93

Pamela Jackson

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About this Document

Pamela Jackson
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ozella Cassin on Monday October 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSYC 201 at Radford University taught by Pamela Jackson in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 11 views. For similar materials see /class/224717/psyc-201-radford-university in Psychlogy at Radford University.




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Date Created: 10/19/15
12112008 0 Chi Square Analysis using the SPSS Program Chi square is a nonparametric statistical technique used primarily with nominal or categorical data eg rates of occurrence Determine whether you re doing a Goodness of Fit test or aTest of Independence I Goodness of Fit one variable with 2 or more categories and a participant may fall into one of them eg taste preference for Coke Pepsi or Sprite Test of Independence two variables with 2 or more categories in each eg whether preference for Coke Pepsi or Sprite depends on the gender of the raster Male or Female 12112008 Doing a Goodness of Fit Chi Square Analysis with SPSS I Open the data file or enter the data in SPSS 0 If you enter the data keep each person s data points together on one row one row per person I Click on Analyze 0 On Analyze menu choose Nonparametric Tests 0 On Nonparametric Tests menu Choose Chi Square Goodness of fit I Click on the appropriate variable on the le I Then click on the arrow between the oxes cm5mm rm I You may want to click rin nd choose Descriptive I Click on OK Goodness of t chi square Output file will look like this Descriptive Statistics Preference ObseNedN Expected N 19 17 5 1 5 Pure Chevmlet 1e 17 5 715 Tutal 35 Most of the STAT statement is Test Statistic obtained from the Test Statistics box WWW 257 X1I N35 oze gt 05 m p Amp Sig x2 I N35 257 p 6IZ 175 How to Graph the Goodness of Fit Chi Square Data one of many ways 0 Click on Graphs 0 Click on Legacy Dialogs v Click on Bar 0 Under the Bar Charts box choose Simple and Summaries for Groups of cases v Click on of cases at the to 0 Click on the correct variable on the left Click on the arrow to put it in the CategoryAxis box 0 Click on OK 12112008 Now use Chart Editor to make the graph APAstyle and add it to your Results Paragraph The data were analyzed using mm a chi square Goodnessof Fit test The number of people admitted to the clinic in each seasonWinter Spring Summer and Fall differed signi cantly XI SN 281 9i8p lt 05 As can be seen in the m Figure on the right more people were admitted in the Fall and the fewest during the Summer months 2 E mu named In CllnIE w 5 What about the Test of Independence 0 If you have 2 variables eg Gender and Car Preference or Season of the Year and Clients that check in with Depression or something Other etc and they are both categorical or nominal then you re checking to see if the results of one variable depend on which category the person falls into on the other variable 0 For example women prefer Pepsi but men prefer Coke more 12112008 Doing aTest of Independence Chi Square Analysis with SPSS Open the data file or enter the data in SPSS 0 If you enter the data keep each person s data points together on one row one row per person 0 Click on Analyze 0 On Analyze menu choose Descriptive Statistics 0 On the Descriptive Statistics menu Choose Crosstabs Test of Independence 0 Click on one variable on the left and put it in the Rows box on the right then put the 2quotd variable in the Columns box 0 Click on Statistics at the bottom Chisquare 0 Click on Cells a Check Row andor Column to get the Percentages andorTotal too 0 Click on OK w 39J m tquot Impquot g l 12112008 Test of independence Output File case Processlng Summary cases T tal N Percent N Percent N Percent I1 I 15239 1888 8 8l 152 1888 prefer sex crosstzbuiauon Tutai Pemaies Males Females prefer cdxe cddnt 21 33 54 Witnin prefer 38 9 e1 1 188 8 Witnin selt 23 3 53 2 35 5 Pepsi cddnt 42 17 5a Witnin prefer 712 28 8 188 8 Witninsex 4e 7 27 4 38 8 Sprite cddnt 27 12 3a Witnin prefer ea 2 38 8 188 8 Witninselt 38 8 194 57 Tutai nunt 98 62 152 Witnin prefer 2 8 8 188 8 Witninsex 188 8 188 8 188 8 This Cmsstabulation grid gives you the Number of people in each category as well as the Percent within Preference and the Percent within Sex Test of independence Output File Cont d chISquare Tests a 8 ceiis Asymp Sig 2r vaide dr sided 1 14 358a 2 881 tixeiinddd Patid 14 358 2 881 Lnearrberinear a 953 1 882 Assdciatidn N drvaiid cases 152 8 have expected cddnt iess tnan 5 The minimum expected cddnt is 15 91 Once again on can obtain the STAT statement from the ChiSquareTests box x1 2 N52 I436 p lt 05 r gt02N152 14353 p 001 Only this time it is a signi cant effect 12112008


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