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Forensic Psychology

by: Gerardo Little

Forensic Psychology PSYC 405

Marketplace > Radford University > Psychlogy > PSYC 405 > Forensic Psychology
Gerardo Little
GPA 3.67


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Gerardo Little on Monday October 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSYC 405 at Radford University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 6 views. For similar materials see /class/224723/psyc-405-radford-university in Psychlogy at Radford University.


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Date Created: 10/19/15
cry on e Tammmx Smngler Informauon researched and summanzed by Rachael Mamseve Sham Nagasawa and Chnstxmz Parlwr mama VA 2414275945 062595 to a agreement 040501 to five consecutive life sentences if death penalty was not given for the Conde is still waiting for his death sentence to be upheld Quick amp efficient I Yes Used blindfold I Bound the victims I Yes After Death Behavior Sex with the body Yes anal Mutilated body lo Ate part of the body lo Drank victim s blood lo Posed the body Vlessage written on third victim stating Third I Will call Dwight Chan 10 See if you can catch me Took totem 7 body part No Took totem 7 personal item Yes a green beeper from one of his victims Nava Robbed victim or location No Di osal of Bod Jeft at scene no attempt to hide No Jeft at scene hidden No Jeft at scene buried No Vloved no attempt to hide Yes Vloved buried No Cutop and disposed of No Moved too home No Sentencing Date killer arrested 11 995 Date convicted 102299 Sentence Death for Rhonda Dunn and life for his other victims Killer executed Not yet Did killer plead NGRI No Was the NGRI plea successful Name and state of prison lLiami Union Cl Killer committed suicide No Killer killed in prison No Date of death References Websites httDZWWW crimelihrau cnm criminal httpWWW flm39 39 tate fluscase httpWWW f httpWww fdrac 39 W html httpWWW e ner aw quot httpwww crimelihrau quot stog methodnew 2l html 1 1 httpwwwcourttv 39 httpWWWamfornetkillers httn39 hrechner nrc renm T l998r2t9806 rm cnm ruff r lll nrintnace a n ect2 of cv39 11 3911 m 1 1 2lhtml imrlqh MT7S774 dm htm ial killer html ampthisFilecriminal hinman biohtml quot mmo Ohbppno 39m mm m 0 mFran W quot denied htfn39 vem nm39 nil r 439 DOT NH rickhalner39 quot4 W17 html httpWWW mime W Immm the stateshtm1 htfn39 member trinodcom N erialKiHI mi x39 quot html httpWWW hnnknumn 1quot 112518617 ndf htEQZNWWW mayhemnetCrim econde html htggWwwthecrimewebcomrog condehtm httpwwwu cencite 39 39 wrm html htggWWWsptimescom20030905State tamiami Strangler 5 shtml httpwwwdcstate us 39 T quot39ml 2 nVRookmark1ampFr0m quot quot 39 quot3212198033 httpwwwlaw f 11 n 750 no7szoini ndf httpWWW Wf 11 mm quotm P1 im 00789 htm mm m 39 article 2 n 9 mr id4582 httpvem nm39 hill 4 Narchives DOT NH rickhalnerin few 07 html httpwww1aw f 11 quot quot39 10789oDSCOO789correction ndf htgg www mayhem netCrimemorgOOOthml httpWWW m39 nrc huh 39 r is quotm icf 00 0078900789 renpdf ht gg WWWdctlaorg DCTLA Jan 062df httDZWWW nmnm nm nriannu F r quot hfm htgg weblexis he i 39 9 ma61hf1ch59019d8af1c38f9dfe1dd4e7amp docnum10ampwchndGLszz szVAamp md552726efdaaa940853e51237de9219fdf htgg weblexis ne 139 39 9 ma61hf1ch59019d8af1c38f 9dfe1dd4e7amp docnum9ampwchpdGLszz szVAamp md5c954f1bbcfel30686a7abb72b89fc989 htgg weblexis ne 139 39 9 ma61hf1ch59019d8af1c38f 9dfe1dd4e7amp docnum7ampwchpdGLszz szVAamp md57301700e66729a4b6e711b4d9afcf681 htgg weblexis 39 39 9 ma61hf1ch59019d8af1c38f9dfe1dd4e7amp docnum6ampwchndGLszz ZskVAamp md5 7 quotn 1 0 7ltFAnAOAmthpphi htgg weblexis ne 139 39 9 ma61hf1ch59019d8af1c38f9dfeldd4e7amp docnum4ampwchndGLszz


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