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Introduction to Statistics

by: Miss Jasper Nienow

Introduction to Statistics STAT 200

Marketplace > Radford University > Statistics > STAT 200 > Introduction to Statistics
Miss Jasper Nienow
GPA 3.52


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Miss Jasper Nienow on Monday October 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to STAT 200 at Radford University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 84 views. For similar materials see /class/224745/stat-200-radford-university in Statistics at Radford University.


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Date Created: 10/19/15
Review for Exam 1 Stat 200 Part 1 Problems about concepts definitions 1 In a study 60 RU students were randomly chosen The following variables were recorded gender age weight measured precisely PID Answer the following questions 1 Which of the following would be the data for the experiment a 60 RU students b The average weight of the RU students who were sampled d The maximal weight of the RU students were sampled 2 What is the type of variable gender a Discrete b Numerical cOrdinal 3 What is the type of variable weight a Discrete b c Nominal d Population 4 lfamong the 60 students 37 are female students 37 is a a b the data c a parameter d the population e a sample Part 2 tables frequencies relative frequencies and probabilities 2 The frequency distribution of the number of lives lost in major tornados in10 towns in western Virginia Frequencies No of Deaths number of towns 025 2 2650 1 5175 3 76100 3 101125 1 5 One of the following sentences is wrong Which one is it a The mode is 5175 b The mode is 76100 d It is Bimodal 3 6 What is the relative frequency for the No of deaths between 26 and 75 a 01 b 03 d 06 In a survey with 10 people participated the frequency distribution of the results are listed as following There is only one sentence in the following is wrong which one is it 4 The value Frequencies 22 2 3O 1 28 3 41 3 20 1 7 The population standard deviation is a 81847 c82583 d73865 8 The sample variance is a b 602906 c681995 d565604 9 There is only one sentence in the following is wrong which one is it a The sample mean is 9 6 301 b The relative frequency of 28 is 03 d Thesamplemeanisa c 22 xi30xi28xi41xi20xi 10 10 10 10 10 10This isa b Cumulative frequency distribution c Grouped frequency distribution d Ungrouped relative frequency distribution following table shows the survey I conducted about under what condition you will fall into love with which one describe yours Please calculate the following Physically attractive High quality Others Total Rich 2 2 4 8 Make me O 4 4 8 happv Religion 2 O 2 4 Personality 3 3 4 10 Other 14 8 5 27 Total 21 17 19 57 11 What is the best estimate for PHigh quality a 0035 b007O c 025 dO1176 f None of them 12 What is the best estimate for PHigh quality and rich b b007O c 025 dO1176 eO298 f None of them 13What is the best estimate for Prich High quality a0035 b007O c 025 eO298 f None of them 14 Rich and quotHigh quality are not independent Only one of the following reason is incorrect which one is it b PHigh quality and rich PrichxPhigh quality c PHigh quality rich Phigh quality d Prich High quality Prich Part 3 pictures and graphs 15 Which of the following is the appropriate graph for the following data A O H Q O O O O O v 9 A v 0 O C d 0 A 0 O 16What type of distribution is shown in the graph below Students 0 Freshman Saphmnm Jimm Salim a Ungrouped relative frequency distribution c Cumulative relative frequency distribution d Cumulative frequency distribution 17 Which of the following gives the best estimate of the relative frequency of Sophomore a b 046 c 031 d032 18 What type of distribution is shown in the graph below Data Calculated 10 1 5 1520 2025 2530 3035 3540 4045 Frequency a Grouped relative frequency distribution c Cumulative relative frequency distribution d Cumulative frequency distribution 19 Which of the following gives the best estimate of the percentage of frequencygt 40 a 30 b 20 c 586 20Which ofthe following gives the best estimate of the range a 45 b 40 c 30 21 Which of the following statements of the following histogram is wrong quotmm ui 5 mm Al m nah V m my013 b The mean is equal to median c The median is equal to the mode d It is a frequency distribution e All ofabove 22 Consider the following pie chart Which gives the best estimate of part E IA IB IC ID IE a 20 b 66 d 50 23 Suppose that a normal distribution has mean 5 and standard deviation 3 which of the following gives the best estimate to the area of the shaded region 010 008 006 004 J 6 S 10 12 a 012 c 019 d Not enough information Part 4 Calculations 24Consider the following weights in 100g for a sample of 10 guinea pigs 95 98 104 101 104 83 85 53 92 97 Then the 5 number summary is b 53 96 98101104 c 53 85 95 101 104 d 95 85 96 101 104 25 What is the sample standard deviation b 144 c 138 d 123 26 You pick two cards at random from a deck without replacing the first card The probability of ettin two hearts is a b 00578 c 00637 d 00625 Suppose the weight of pumpkins grown on a farm is normally distributed with u 35 and 610 Then 27 About what percentages of pumpkins will have weights above 40lbs a 3285 c 2585 d Not enough information 28 About what percentages of pumpkins will have weights between 36 and 42lbs a 2082 c 485 d none of them 29 Which of the following is the zscore corresponding to 425 lbs d b 075 c 237 d 237 30 Suppose XN 5 0 Suppose if x6 the corresponding zscore is 05 then the standard deviation is a 1 c 3 d 4 e Not enough information 31 Here are the summary statistics for the weekly payroll of a small companylowest salary200 mean salary600median400IQR500thirdquaitile700standard deviation300 Between what two values are the middle 50 of the salaries found a300700 b200400 c400700 Consider the following weights in 100g for a sample of 10 guinea pigs 95 98 104 101 104 83 85 53 92 97 Answer questions 3235 32What is the mean weight of the pigs c d 96 33For this sample how many guinea pigs have wei hts less than or equal to the median weight a 474 b 421 c 368 34The range is a 53 b 104 c 97 35The interquartile range is a 101 b 85 d 186 Below is a boxplot of the numbers of correct word memorized by n 20 students Answer questions 36 37 I l I I I I I I I I I I l 4 45 53 55 55 65 7 TE 80 SE 90 55131 correct word 36 Approximately what percentage of students memorized more than 62 words b 40 c 50 d 25 e 10 37 The median number of word memorized is about a 70 b 85 d 65


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