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by: Charlie Gleason
Charlie Gleason

GPA 3.71


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Charlie Gleason on Monday October 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GENE OL at Regent University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 42 views. For similar materials see /class/224754/gene-ol-regent-university in General Education Isat at Regent University.

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Date Created: 10/19/15
How to Succeed in Business FAMILY DENTISTRY Without Reallg Tn mg q gregmy A sc mnqyfaz 0f many Hemum Music ErrLi tics 1n Flank Loesse Vd D 1a dExa Li l l Dig gamma 467 8181 Book in Abe in we cine Air Abrasion No Drilling Fillings MICHAEL To Whom Much Is Given Muchls Remixed LukelZ4E Di39ecm KATHLLEE WILSON BUDDY WHITE COkaEHENSIVE CARE Clioieogmpim MusicDiiecioi conduct HUHY JUD LLANWRY BILL ET H Dental Ilnplauts Porcelain Veneers VH0 0R8 T h 7 seem Dengue costume Dengue L31i3 Dengue not temng Rem able Denturs msmON Owl S my sound Designer Stage Manage On Site Lab or Repair of Denturs Treahneut of Temporal Mandmuim Dysfunction m Problems Ch m39dequot iiiippiu 1300 Kanpsville Road Suite 1 Virginia Ban 1 VA R B 1 Kethpsville Road Professional Building N w39lndian Riva Rd 055 18 ElJ iiwtin qtveet Cindy Stuarl Mu RuthI R Congratulations RV quot 5quotquot ent RganCSmitli Huh limrimiw W University Devolal i Nelson heatre Rn emim Pinzin inn Will3 lwood n your TwiinbleWallg Woinpe m 20052006 M vuwvilliunuwimi i um season Break a Iey AUTO SERVICE From your friends at nnmmmv Tnmmn Bvmrlnn 5230020 Fquot 9mm Tnmqumrinn mmnn FvimFi m1 Pleasant Grove Adam EugeneCluis ciaiiamIouJ Helgeson Alexis Manor amp The Hill Jennifer Jackson Rhonda Kohl Heidi Nemecz Anita Reimei Dan Roberts Matt Scott Desiree Smith Anna Street Michael Woods Olt Roy Jordan 730 scum Mumm va vimiwm BEACH VA 23464 Roberts Family Di rector Notes 10 o e ne Amencan Theatre Fg fre An Evening with Groutho Michael Kirkland cultures in America today that re ect Director much of the silliness lampooned in the I I The Prism 5 saw ram 9mm 9 HowToSuaceedm BWWW piece Enron Worldcom pick your quotmagnum of Second target Sat Sept148pm Avenue 52 l 39 How to succeed in Burner IVitlzout But what ultimately appeals to me the Q t REEy Hm grew out of Shepherd most about this s ow is it s ability to Hunt mun Mead s san39rical look at corporate Amer point out human and corporate foibles ica c 1952 And as is the case with all in a way that makes us laugh while drive good san39re his humorous Sendup come i home is more substantive poinm of tains a great deal of nruth San re by is sexism cronyism favorin39sm and nepo very nature ridicules its subject in the n39sm among several others Young hopes of uln39mately afEecn39ng change A Finch learns that the price of success can spoon full of sugar makes the medicine be steep that the Machiavellian ape Tues Mar M 730pm Mar15713055quot ss ii nit Fred Garbo Inflatable Theatre C0 Sat On 29 8pm Rejoice Dear ica changed signi cantlv since Meacys can come back tobiteyou Additionauv book and the subsequent popularity of en Finch is facing nis d est hour new ears I the eroadvvav producnon I 7 Yes is his coming clean nis telling e muth mm mmquot LimpBixlrlwmm a no at is undenia vtrue is that saves him om certain dispatch FriNav11iapm Sawpnzz39apm enat the musical adaptanon certaintv There s awonderful lesson at the end of oevisia mm shruck the critich collecn39ve unnvsbone die play as Finch 1ovvers his guard and in as the team of Abe Burrows Jack wean a moment of Hue humility takes respon V stock Willie Gilbert and 1vricist Frank sibility for has actors and is rewarded 19 Strange thTHREE gt or ltlLlSkETEERS Loesser picked up the Pulitzer prize or for it Nobody is more surprised than ire 6162 How to succeedis Finally the willingness of the vvoman he only the fourth of six musicals ever to do loves to stand by him through thick and so in Broadvavnistorvi enin even when things get tough gives The Three Musketeers Th Arlillg Clilllp ny 39 39 FILMav 589m iris s as Dr Jekle and Mr Hyde Tttu Aquila TNL39IJHL S wh 1 d b M h 7 Cullip ll o atappeae tomea out iss ow d uh Sal For one thing the book and lyrics are 6 Eh dmg Arm W1 has ever A scathingly funny and so brilliantly con ceived all 1 had to do vas to let enem be MacBeth my guide That being said our produce Ef gneg mny o a a W 15 se mjli 31 0 22619295 And 1estvve forgetthe point ofall mat s 9 Hymg 51 r WW 1 V es d CA W being sanrized here as long as lust love Kar malov lmquot gulf A E 196 d WWW gree corruption e ambitio re Brothers X mi quot39 W5 me i a e a part of the corporate scene this snovv MJm 7v73quot m a quotM WMer producnon certainly stimulated my Wm 81 be relevant WedJaanivzaupm 0min Chad 7 thoughts on what the sh 39 t have V5 3 quot7quot M to say to a con emp my whence Michael Kwkhmi u the chm of iric nitrite Am Dc tr What I soon discovered is the old say WMWWM WWW WW 1 b 7 quot392 Wk 1 CALL 757722ARTS imsvin iiinimrrr pageoftluspmgram m 39 m IVE illzsl mittensv tsiisnlriirutit mitt entmm 51 1H A Statement 01 ositiou 011 Theatre atRegeut fuiversity It is the Regent University Department of Theatre Arts position that we are called to tell stories both descriptive and prescriptive in nature The stories we present onstage may serve to edin and show us how best to live our lives or serve to warn us to steer us away from danger Our artistic aim is to creatively produce dramatic works that entertain while simulta neously presenting many of the universal truths God has revealed to us through the human condition When creative works point people or move people toward God and away from the sinful state of the human condition those works take on a redempa tive qua ity It is our position that truth is ultia mately redemptive This does not mean that truth is devoid of trials hardship cruelty conflict or behavior that may on occasion make us uncomfortable That being said the revelation of truth can be a cause for celebration both joyous and liberating We invite you to join us in embracing the words of our Lord when He said You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free John 832 I 3 BilllliliEEPlNIi C 7m I HNANIIIAL SIAIEMENIS IAXES PAY llll Fllll SEBVIIIE quot7H 9m 7 2quot 4712951 l Haywards Heath IINA LANliHIJHNE Virginia Hamill Vii Ziiil li e Streams Video 0 Demand Top Siu eni Fiims Theatre Staff Production Staff Technical Director Carpenten Charge Artist Asst Stage Managers Hair 6 Wig Designer Fint Hand Costume Assistants Steven R Hood Brett Moffitt Brian Moffitt Ron Morton Claire Slayoysky Elizabeth Newton Bekah Mulford Eric Slahach Deborah Skelton c J Hill Lynn Kenny Rhonda Kohl Lindsey Mott Ryan Smith Administration Staff Theatre Manager Bwr Offla Manager Bwr O l Agents Marketing Assistant Program Cover Designer Program Cover Artw ark House Manager Head Usher Wendy King Winnie Coleman Howat Jonathan Douglas Todd Metzker Lori D Augostine Deyorah Nelson Ben Hamriek Sherry Simkus Krista Lauro Rohert Cummings Production Crew Dressers Master E kctrician Light Board Op Spotlight Ops Audio Technician r OP Rosa Sylvester Sally Furr Nic Lawton Mark Zillges Jennifer Citro irn Smithson Raychel Parker Dull Musical Numbers ACT I Overture How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying Finch and Company Happy To Keep His Dinner Warm Rosemary Co ee Break Frump Smitty and Company The Company Way Finch Twimble and Company The Company Way Reprise Frump Twimble and Company Rosemary Ys Philosophy Rosemary A Secretary Is Not A Toy Brat t and Company Been A Long Day Smitty Rosemary Finch and Company Been A long Day Reprise Biggley Hedy and Frump Grand Old Ivy Biggley and Finch Grand Old Ivy Reprise Biggley and Finch Paris Original Rosemary Smitty Miss Jones Miss Kruma holtz and Company Rosemary Finch and Rosemary Rip The Chipmunk Biggley and Finch Finale Frump Rosemary and Finch Intern11551011 ACT 11 Ent39r39acte How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying Smitty Miss Krumholtz and Company Happy To Keep His Dinner Warm Reprise Rosemary Love From A Heart Of Gold Biggley and Hedy I Believe In You Rosemary Rosemary Brotherhood of Man Finch Miss Jones and Company Finale The Company Way Company Orchestra Bulitnne Sax Clann39 e1 PlutoPiccolo Jonathan Lichtenstein Loud Lnnette Smith Hum Aaron Horyat Alb 3 010 Gip anecoii Gem Spell Jordan Redmond Tmmpet gongink Tom Gra e1 is 10 ClarinetTenor Sex I p LamJ Wanian Kev Oakes Guitar Tina Wilford Gene Sta Robbie Cooke B Clarinet T39 quot391 quot B Gum Tina Wilford 3 13 3W wes Smith Haiiiionkeinoni Bill Orsetti REGENT UNIVERSITY THEATRE 20062007 Season NOISES OEE BY MICHAEL FRAYN THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK BY FRANCES GOODRICH AND ALBERT I IACKETT AN INSPECTOR CALLS BY B PRIESTLY AND SARAH LAUGHED BY GILLETTE ELVGREN AND LETHA I IOLLANDaDEEL AN EVENING OF IONESCO BY EUGENE IONESCO THE MUSIC MAN BY MEREDITH W ILLSON Subscribe Today Full Season Packages are only 60 Adults 52 Seniors Sr Children Buddy White Conductor a Buddy has conducted or pre pared the pit for 12 shows directed 20 productions and I acted in countless others Rea W d39 b b1 gent au 1ences are pro a y most familiar with Buddy through his pera formances with the SIaphappyI Improv Comedy Troupe In his spare time Buddy pIays saxophone composes musicals writes plays and teaches theatre south of the bora der at Currituck County High School Buddy thanks his parents for raisin him right and dedicates his efforts in this pro duction to the Lord KathivLee Wilson Music Dia rector a KathiaLee has been a private voice instructor for 30 39 years specializing in the Broad way and contemporary Chris T T T A tian styles of singing An award winning musical director for The Founders Inn Dinner Theater from 19944999 KathiaLee has also been the choir director for five Integmy Worship recordings includa ing Thank You Lord with Don Moen re corded in this theatre in 2003 She is the cofounder of the Kids Performing Arts Workshop wwwkidspawcom along with her husband Rocco Artistic Staff Biographies Mary Warren in The CmcIIJIe featured dancer in Guys and Dolls chorea ographer for Twelf i Night director of Ore A11 and director of The Complete Works of William SIwIcespeate Abtidged She has also worked on many student films and television episodes over the past two years and directs the summer camp for Christian Youth Theatre Atlanta Priscilla holds a BA in Theatre with a dance mia nor from Brenau University Past favorite roles include Clarice in Sewtmt of Two Mastets and Mrs WangIe in A CIaIstmzu Catol She looks forward to playing Anne Frank next season as her thesis role wwwregentcampcom REGENT UNIVERSITY THEATRE Box OEEICE 7572264245 Disney39s Beauty and the Beast October 716 2005 Holidays in Virginia Deremlic39t 9II 2005 The Best Christmas Pageant E var AmI Happy Hanukkah My Friend December 1113005 9 Hurrah Playquot Virginia39s Leading Famrl Theatre Crllnpim Amazing Grace February I74quot 2006 StJMA39AI39L I th Musical March I746 100i Snow White Guys WHY May 192 20 Shaggng an the Beach Iu 3330 ZIIII AIVI 62724437 FUR TICKFTb I INFO TCC ROI ER PERFORMING ARTS CENTER Holly Callan Photography headshots portraits business portraits children portraits weddings theatre http h0n1ep agemaccomhollycallanphoto hollycallanphotomacconi 7573433107 Mention this ad for a spatial Regent Theatre patron discount Cant Biographies Ross Baglev Book Voice Though origin nallv from New York State Ross Baglev s voice has been familiar to Tidewater ears Ross has taught at Regent and is pleased to lend his voice to this producn39on appeared on the Regent stage as Mr Fuzz in Family K7705 His favorite past credim include Fvedka in Fiddlei on the Roof and Godot in Waiting fm Godot Tommy is charmingly aridsocial and incredibly sin gle He sees no connecnon between ens A V has performed Wain numerous orchestras and chamber ensembles Fawn ite theanre credim include Jesus thsz derful friends and her favorite boy for their encouragement ampM University lo cated in ens panhandle ofTexzs ins previ ous credim include Monsieur Beralde in The Mammy 1mm Dexter in The Old Boy McCann in The Human Pam Taltldy bius in The Tiojim Woman an Henry v in The Life of Hemy the Fifth 1quot 3 Erica Eason Ensemble Brian 8 West Coast girl is Regent st as Louise in The lmag39irimy Invalid Other favorite credits include Asher in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolm Dveam coat Susanna in The Crucible and Belle in Disney s Beauty and the Beast with the Virg39nia Rep erto eatre Eugene Davis Adam is a sec to 35 o id Charlie in The Fmeigiiei elfth Night Benvolio in Romeo and Rowling General MacKenzie in Ten am liam Shohespeme Almdged Next fall he is slated to play Gary in Noises Off as his thesis performance for Twelfth Night CaatBiograpl es Chris Graham Ensemble After arise i rltrom the School ofPsychology39 or Couri Pittsburgi Pa Past credits include Tony in WestSide Stmy Robert in Pmaf Jack in Into the Woods Pippin in Pippin and the Priest Gym in Pea Tory Helgesori Ensemble r i Marston in Ten Little Indiam Romeo in clude Mke in he of the Mme Joseph in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolm Dveamcoat and Rosencrantz in Rasencmnlz and Gailden stem me Dead Alexis Hill Ensemble r Alexis is thrilled to be apart of this producn39on and to be working with such a talented and in spiring cast Favorite past roles include Rosabud in The Mys Levy of Edwin Dvood Lisa in David and Lois Gloria in Wait Until Dmh Magenta in The Rocky Hzmm Show Clown in Godspell Bette in Oliver Chorus Leader in Medea and ensemble in Sweeney Todd Alexis thanks her parenm for all their love and sup ort and her Savior from whom all good gifm are g39ven Jennifer on Dance cap tai ri 39ria asks nEnsemble o 9 My on the Regent stage as Solveig in Pea Gym Past credim include Gladys in Skin of Om Teeth Cinderella in Cinderella Sasha in You Sail Can t Take It With You and Jennifer in Godspell Shop of Horrors Sylvia in Sylvia and Philia in A Fanny Thing Happened on the Way to the Famm Rhondas R About Nothing director of Romeo and Rosa recondng studio sessions 39Plamo eguttar lessons music theory Joshua Hanna 7577619027 Beverly Morgan Bookkeeping 8i Tax Service phone 7574851041 fax 7574853535 TAXES Individual amp Business PAYROLL amp ACCOUNTING 0 TARY PUBLIC Artistic Staff Biographies 0 Hill Choreographer r years C has played muln39ple roles from Shakespeare to Sondheim in theanres from N Y to LA She had the privilege o working with Jeff Gallign in Houston s Main Street Theanre producn39on of Sweeney Todd for which regional awards for her pornrayal of Mrs she received numerous Lovett Other favorite roles include Mama Rose in Gypsy with John Cullum Anne in Shenadoah with the late Howard Keel Eular lie Shinn in The Music Man Toinette in The lmag39inavy invalid Hannah who in A ing Titania in A iiin ts am at tah Shakespeare Fesnval Sister a esi and Reverend other in Chesapeake with her wonderful husband Ch r1 stian Psychotherapy I E Coiiipnariistie mm or i ii u e WICBS C LEBRATINGCQPR 25 YEA i i r m Adultsullls Iill Nana aria Pop for making our lives so very sweet work for more Tabernacle Choir at Madison Square Garden and two standing pr H Bush and William Jefferson Clinton Bill finds his work at Regent rewarding in that he has the opportunity to work with studenm in theanre televir sion and film ligating Ralph Sittori Sound Der signer Ral h is During his 20 years with CBN he had the honor to work with such notable arn39sm as Charlie Daniels and Randy Travis Ralph s most enjoyable experience as an audio eng39neer was working on a video project that brought 13 million Russian children to the Lord shortly after the Berlin mu came down 39 Disorders R Hominid hum arm In ChMmMnlumlx amp Milli iiwsoiimmmsi amenquot up 58 73223 T n lemlogiull hiring imitation Millqu Rims Swim with minim iiiim anyon Wssssrr Er i 3 2 8002 3982881 luxn n warUyllai39ml 873 gt735 mammal lGI lelln IlYI 39cagiltm unmetw lmnuugqma Sulml Cumlni iis Medlni un hurl mi omitis Cad Biographie credits include Ursula in MuehAdu About Nothing ensemble in Guys and DuHs and Betty Parris in The Crueihk Other favorite credits include West Side Stmy A Midsam mgr Night s Dream and smite an the Mean rain All applause to my Heavenly Father to whom all credit is duel Thanks and love to my Regent Theatre family for an in credible ride Ryan c Smith Btatt Ryan s I past Regent credits include Bonnefoy in imaginary Invalid Reverend Farris in The Littk Indians Borachio in Much Ado About Nothing and Daniel Singer in The Complete Works ufWilliamShahespeare Abridged Past favorite roles include Lumiere in Disney s east Guildenstern in Ham kt Jesus in Carton Patch Gospel Ken in Smokey Jae s Cafe and Bill Sykes in Oliver Much love to his beautiful Wife to he formance from Asbury College Her favor ite past credits include The Secret Garden Mame Noises Off and Hello Dtu Thanks and love to Sparky Justin Street J Pierrepont Finch Justin is thrilled to be th merShakes production of Hamlet Past favorite roles include Riff in West Side Story Eugene in Broadway Bound and Royce in Dearly Depamd Justin would like to thank is uber supportive family for their sup port Theo for his patience and Anna for being the Darcy to his Elizabeth Miranda Wallace Smitty Much Adn Aim Nothing and Della in The Gifts afthe Magi Miranda was also blessed to perform under Priscilla Hummel s direc tion as Lori in OnAir She would like to thank Jill as always for lots of stuff Michael Woods Matthews om Wichita Ka Past per formance credits include John Honeyman in A Walk in the Woods Joe Keller in All My Sons Charlie and Froggy in The Foreigner Cle39ante in The Imaginary Invalid and 40 different charac ters in the oneman show Fule Committed Michael wishes to thank Jesus Christ the creator of all laughter and the comforter of all tears his loving family and his be loved fiance39 Angela Regent University Theatre would like to thank TRIPORT SUPPLY LLC for donating the typewriters used in this production l VIRGINIA SYMPHONY 50 R c H E s T a A 20052006 Performance Season CLASSIC SERIES AT CHRYSLER HALL Featuring The Four Seasons Mozart s 250th Birthday Festival anafahulousguest artists CLASSIC SERIES AT REGENT UNIVERSITY Featuring H anael s Messiah Mozart Requiem anal Beethoven Two FAMILY CLASSICS AT CHRYSLER HALL Cirque Symphonique The Nutcracker a more POPS SERIES AT CHRYSLER HALL Bernadette Peters The Smothers Brothers Neil Seaaha and more SEASON TICKETS START UNDER 99 Box Office 7518926366 wwwVIrgnIusymphonyorg Cast Biographies line featured dancer in Guys and Dolls Catherine in The Foreigner Mercy Lewis in The Crucible and Woman in Green and choreographer asst director in Peer Gynt Todd Metzker Bud Frump 39 Todd is a third39year MFA Act ing student This production marks his final performance at Regent Past favorite roles include Reverend ohn IIale in The Crucible Benny Southstreet in Guys and Dolls lames Keller in The Miracle Worker Aristocrat in Euita ensemble in Miss Saigon Papa Ge in Once on this island and Peter in Jesus Christ Superstar Todd would like to thank his family Lindsey Kendal and Frank for their love and sup port throughout this journey HThe future awaitsletls go and make our dreams come Lindsey Mott Rosemary Pilkington 39 Lindsey is ex nemer grateful to take stage once again as part of an out smnding cast Hailing from 39quot the sunshine state of Califor39 nia she is proud to be in her second year as an MFA Acung student Roles she has enjoyed include Abigail Williams in The Crucible Adelaide in Guys and Dolls and Lucy Brooner in Young Abe Lincoln She would like to especially thank her beloved family and friends for their ongoing love and for continuously pushing her toward greatness Devorah Nelson IIedy LaRue 39 Devorah is an MFA Acung student and holds an MA in Theane Arts and an MFA in Script St Screenwriting from Re gent She has been seen in numerous Regent shows two for which she won Best Actress PortFolio Awards Joyful Noise and For the Least of These as well as multiple producuons with Virginia Opera She was most recently seen on the Regent smge as Maureen in A Colonial Christmas Sarah Brown in Guys and Dolls and Ann Putnam in The Crucible She looks forward with excitement to her the sis role of Sybil in this fall s producuon of An inspector Calls She would like to give a special thanks to her Lord her husband and her family Hi love you allH 393 Heidi Neinecz Ensemble 39 39l Recently on Regent s stage as 2 Nurse in The imaginary inualid IIeidils other Regent credits include Clairee in Steel Magnolias and Lucy in You re a Good Man Charlie Brown Other smge cred its include Mrs Potts in Disney s Beauty and the Beast Amanda in The Glass Menag erie Mae Peterson in Bye Bye Birdie Pop eye lackson in Miss Firecracker Contest and Martha in The Secret Garden oshua Nicholson Twimble Wally Womper39 oshua is a first39year MFA Acung St Di recting student from Mobile la He recently appeared as I the Button39Molder in Peer Gynt and directed Family Knots for Re gentls One39Act Play Festival Some of loshuals favorite past roles include Dad in Family Knots Eugene in Brighton Beach Memoirs Charlie Brown in Snoopylll Willy Wonka in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and Nathan Detroit in Guys and Dolls 39Jgt Anita Reimei39 Ensemble 39 This production marks Animls final performance at Regent Past credits include I Anan in Peer Gynt Viola in lfth Night Emily Brent in Ten Little indians Annie Sullivan in The H CestBiographies Miracle Worker ismeneEuridice in Anti gone Tina in A Colonial Christmas Daugh39 ter in A Very Sudden Strangeness Rosa Romeo and Rosaline and ensemble in Guys and Dolls Anim would like to thank Re gentls faculty staff and fellow actors for ine in three wonderful years and a special thanks to her family for their consmnt support Dan Roberts GatchToynbee 39 Dan is an MFA Acung student whose Regent credits include Young Peer Gynt in Peer Gynt Malvolio in Twelfth Night Rev David Lee in The Foreigner Sky Masterson in Guys and Dolls Dr Arm strong in Ten Little indians and Claudio in Much Ado About Nothing Dan has also been seen in several Regent films He grew up in Pittsburgh Pa where he previously worked as a touring actor and educator for Saltworks Theatre Company Matt Soott Tackaberry 39 Matt is a first39year MFA Acung St Direcung student who re i cently received a BS in Thea tre at College of the Ozarks 7 Branson Mo He was last seen on the Regent smge as Dr Thomas Diaforus in The imaginary inualid Past credits include Sir Andrew Aguecheek in Twelfth Night Francis Nurse in The Cruci be Otto in The Diary of Anne Frank and Arnold in The Boys Next Door Matt has directed The Screwtape Letters The Problem of Pain and most recendy Ruby Lee and Johnny for Regent s One39Act Play Fesuval Desiree Smith Ensemble 39 This production is Desireels I last hurrah on the Regent V smge Graduaung in May with an MA in Theatre in Minis try St Educauon her Regent Cornerstone Chiropractic Center Dr Donald P Bresnahan innin x DC DAECO case CCRP CERTIFIED INACTIVE RELEASE TECHNIQUE CERTIFIED IN GRASTON TECHNIQUE Specrolizmg in SPORTS INJURIES O REHABILITATION O ORTHOPEDICS HEADACHES BACKAND NECKPAIN AUTO ACCIDENTS ARM AND LEGPAIN NUMBNESS AND TINGLING TENDONITIS ARTHRITIS SHOULDERAND KNEE PAIN CARPAL TUNNEL PLANTAR FASCITIS CHRONIC PAIN AND0R STIEENESS FIBROMYALGIA Dr Bresnahan is certified in two Innovative cuttingedge techniques ACTIVE RELEASE and GRASTON which have helped thousands of people achieve lasting relief from overuse injuries nerve entrapments recurrent sprains and strains and many other painful conditions Dr Bresnahan is also a certified Chiropractic Sports Physician a Chiropractic Rehabilitative Physician and a Board Certified Chiropractic Orthopedist For your convenience we participate With most insurance plans CALL TODAY 4914600 1917 Laskin Road Suite 108 Virginia Beach VA 23454 drdon thRTdoccom MEMMNZHISAHWHEA mm 4H1


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