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by: Charlie Gleason
Charlie Gleason

GPA 3.71


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Charlie Gleason on Monday October 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GENE OL at Regent University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 53 views. For similar materials see /class/224754/gene-ol-regent-university in General Education Isat at Regent University.

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Date Created: 10/19/15
Professions CURRENT JOBS IN EDITING 8 co The National Employment Bulletin for he Communicai ING CA39I ION S on February 2006 PO Box 3494 Falls Church VA 22043 703 50 r4400 FAX 703 50 r8072 o yright 20066 b Foster Opportunities lnc WWWgrczduchejobscom ermoil odmih groduofejobscom rights reserved CURRENT JOBS IN WRITING EDITING C COMMUNICATIONS is published once monthly Subscription rate is 49 for twelve issues Neither the lister nor the publisher will co ai be responsible for misinformation misprints typographical erro t e publisher does no rs etc here a comp ed from a variety of sourc Please note that man employers do not our government agencies can take four to six months ISSN 0887 2821 EastVorth east WASHINGTON BUREAU REPORTER Cover Congessional a g uI ff arriey Assistant anaging Editor The Omaha WorldrHerald 14 amp Dodge Streets Omaha NE 58102 ernai1 Jcax rleyowh corn App ddI 022805 MEDICAL EDITOR Edit sa1es aids for pharmaceuticaI sa1es reps patient education pieces a s in me caI puincations for gr p ctuation spe11ing Reg 2 yrs exp editing medicaIscientisc types of puincations know AM 1tr to Roger Gi1more co Sud1er H th New York NY 10 roger 11morenyc sudIer corn erinessey 003 fax 2125985477 email ENGLISH INSTRUCTORS 2 pos Req MAMS EngEng education know t ii ag i e o research writing courses profioiency in use of computers for writing r earch teaching writing wi11 consider MAMS re1 fieid 4 exp teaching Collegerlevel wri rig ResumeItr to Human Resources Department ErookdaIe Community Co11ege 755 Newman Springs Road Lincro NJ 07738 fax 732722472970 L 4 ernaiI dii App ddI 031005 MEDICAL COPYWRITER FTPTfreeIance ontslte pos copyediting medicaI education puincations orgz c Word PowerPoint AMA sty1e guideIines pref know CME requirements ax e1trsa1 red to Manager of EditoriaI Services QD HeaIthcare Group Greenwich CT 203302399 No phone ca11s Reg 2 yrs unication ski11s know 11 E 5 FORUV TRTIF TTON TO R r mtyedlt content for website annu report quarterly finanoiaI revi w repres t ket d sonptions fo datioi i guideIines s inc1 website ann a1 maintainupdate media abase di tn te edit press re1eas Req sirong research writing ski11s intere in rian e economics bi Ara wor e1trwri rig s efs to Er xecutive Director Ara ers Assooiation o o America 420 Lexington Avenue 2034 New York NY 10 2125993131 ernai1 1 7o bmuradarabbankers org No phone ca11s App ddI 031505 m in ODnAENT OCT TF CR NTWRITER Wnte grants reports to p ace es including vacancy announce or that are not bonafide vacancies Positions so rces ments provided to the publisher and other publ hed 39 Some 39 particular those 0 govt corp foundation mders assist in deve1opment of fundraising strategies research new inding sources track proposa1 deadIines Reg 35 yrs rig exce1 a ommuni deve1opment arts education ResumeItrsaI reg1 writing samp1e to Human Resources Dept Make A Better Place 70 Orchard Street New York NY 10002 emaiI infomakeabetterp1ace org App ddI 032405 G NTS OFFICER MEDIA PROTECT rite for grant support from govt agencies private foundations for TV fiIrn productions di iiaI in pref exp raising in s for media prqects w nonpro ts App1y NationaI Geographic Washington DC wwwnationaIgeographic comJobs App ddI 040405 GRANT WRITERFUNDRAISER Deve1op c major gl splanmrlg g ing pro s wri e prop a1s pr g ess ep xp ow p oh sector gns sumeI a1 hist t GIobaI C o New York 259750 R Avenue 101 RosedaIe NY 1 1 22 fax 718794979009 emai cnylocalrlet corn ho ca11s pp 031 DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATE Assist w orgzng events writyedit indi ran ai ain donor foundation les manage direct mai1 campaigns bqu maiIings Req exce1 orgz writing research communication ski11s know Raiser s Ed e Word Exce1 Out1ook ResumeItrsaI reg3rpg max writing samp1e inc1 donor 1etter section of inding request or grant report to Marianne Nico1osi Park S1ope Geriatric Center 199 4 h Street ErookIyn NY 11215 ernai1 cnadeaupsgdc org No phone ca11s App ddI 031305 WRITERRESEARCHER Findwrite stories of gay 1esbian bisexuaI arni1ies peop1e 1iving w HIV use stories to i enti o h s Boston MA 02108 fax 517742573594 ernai1 ccunninghamg1ad org App ddI 040805 P UBLIC RELATIONS ASSOCIATE Assist w PR operations Req BABS c c ti 23 yrs PR ommuni ations ex rig editing proo rl communication February 17 2006 orgz customer service skills know MS Office pref know opera classical music digital imaging technology Resumeltr to Human Resources Washington National Opera 2600 Virginia Avenue NW 104 Washington DC 20037 fax 2022952479 email resumesdcoperaorg RESEARCHERWRITER Freelance pos for nonfiction history book project Research write min 4K wordschapter work w corporate archival material some photo research write captions Req exp pref know Chicago style Email resumeltr2 clips to SanStefanovaaolcom fax 9544632220 Pos in Philadelphia PA WEB CONTENT EDITOR Oversee editorial content for website on issues affecting communities of color manage web content coordinate updates enhancements Req BABS joumalismEngcommunicationspublic healthrel 35 yrs exp writing editing for healthsciencerel publications know web intemet excel communication write research skills pref know general public health issues HTML content mgmt systems Access Resumeltrsal req to Human Resources KRA Corporation 8757 Georgia Avenue 800 Silver Spring MD 20910 fax 3014953172 email careerskracom ARTS REPORTER Write column on local nightclubs arts venues Req interest in arm reporting pref similar beat exp Resumeltrclips to Show amp Tell Washington City Paper 2390 Champlain Street NW Washington DC 20009 email ewemplewashingtoncitypapercom COMMUNICATIONS AND WEB MANAGER Maintain websites work w media advisory board members develop orgz s outreach manage content databases distribute action alerts press releases Req exp w web development tools Windows MS Office intemet exp excel writing skills Resumeltrsal hist to Men s Health Network 236 Massachusetts Avenue NE 301 Washington DC 20002 fax 2025432727 email menmenshealthnetworkorg App ddl 032006 INTERNAL COMMUNICATIONS CONSULTANT Resp for research prep distribution of reports articles catalogs memorandum for internal audiences of Girl Scouts of America write articles dra communication pieces prep promotional pieces Req BABS communicationsEngmktgrel 3 yrs communication exp excel communication skills know MS Office project mgmt budget exp pref know publications process Resumeltr to Girls Scoum of the USA 420 Fi h Avenue New York NY 100182798 wwwgirlscoutsorgcareers Code 449 WRITING FELLOW Spend 1 yr researching producing analysis on important issues facing country write short reports provide regular commentary for website examine policy challenges ideas for addressing problems Issues incl Social Security health care education tax policy immigration UN terrorism Req BABS interestbackground in govt policy strong analytical writing skills Resumeltr2 writing samples rel to policy issues3 refs to Writing Fellows Program The Century Foundation 41 East 70 Street New York NY 10021 email welshtcforg Pos in New York NY or Washington DC App ddl 030306 COMMUNICATIONS COORDINATOR Write edit publish materials write for employee newsletter handle some mktg work dra announcements maintain distribution lists distribute media releases to wire services Req BABS Engjoumalismcommunications excel admin communication skills writingediting exp know PowerPoint Word Excel Resumeltr to Ms J Wiley OneBeacon 1 Beacon Street Boston MA 02108 email jwileyonebeaconcom ASSISTANT EDITORWRITER Research acquire produce feature articles newsletters info for print web Req 2 yrs exp w trade publications strong page 2 writing interviewing research skills Email resumeltrsal hist to Linda Bell ABP International New York NY staffingabpinet No phone calls SHOPPING WRITER Provide shopping tips intheknow sensibility for lifestyle magz Resumeltr to Mr Michael Schroeder Manhattan Living Magazine 350 Fi h Avenue 2420 New York NY 10118 fax 212271 2239 email opportunitiesdavlermediacom PR WRITER PT Work on new biz development web content collateral materials Req 5 yrs exp writing biz plans press releases corporate materials agency exp excel orgz skills Email resumeltrsal req to Kathy Weber Rubenstein Public Relations New York NY HRRubensteinprcom PHOTO EDITOR PT Assist senior photo editors on intl editions Req know conternp photojournalism agencies wire services passion for world news evens Resumeltrsal req to Connie Von Tobel Human Resources Manager Newsweek 251 W 57 Street New York NY 10019 email resumesnewsweekcom GRANT WRITER PT 1 dayweek Write foundation corporate govt indraising grants develop wrinen proposals prospect inding sources Req 13 yrs grant writing exp pref dance background Resumeltr2 writing samples to Pascal Rioult Dance Theatre 246 West 38 Street 8 Floor New York NY 10018 fax 2123985902 email brentsaundersprdanceorg EXECUTIVE SPEECH WRITER Write speeches presentations for senior leadership of co Req BABS journalismEng 7 yrs speechwritingsenior exec presentation exp excel writing editing research project mgmt skills ability to analyze medical info pref know healthcarehealth insurance industry PowerPoint Apply online to Highmark Pittsburgh PA www highmarkcom Ref 045262 EDITORIAL ASSISTANT Research fact check articles write captions admin duties Req interest in joumalismdesign pref BABS Resumeltr to Human Resources Hachette Filipacchi Media US 1633 Broadway New York NY 10019 fax 2124894213 ASSISTANT EDITOR Req 2 yrs publishing exp passion for shopping saving money strong writing research interview orgz skills pref Quark skills Resumeltr to LM Bauer Publishing 270 Sylvan Avenue Englewood Cliffs NJ 07632 fax 2015696264 email ffweditorbauerpublishingcom No phone calls COPYWRITER Write copy heads for yearahead layouts write editorials interview subjecm for testimonials Req BABS Engjomnalismadvertising communications 3 yrs exp writing for retail or direct biz MAC writing interpersonal communication leadership skills Resumeltr to Shelly Wendhausen Lands End 343 Winter Street Waltharn MA 02451 email careerslandsendcom WRITEREDITOR Req exp know green building excel research orgz skills Resumeltrwriting samples to Jerelyn Wilson BuildingGreen Inc Brattleboro VT fax 8022577304 wwwbuildinggreencom email jobsbuildinggreencom App ddl 022806 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR ADVERTISING amp JOURNALISM Teach advertising principles copy writing journalism strategic advertising integrated mktg communications media planningbuying global advertising Req PhD communications college teaching exp Resumeltr3 refs to Human Resources New York Institute of Technology Northern Boulevard Old Westbury NY 11568 fax 5166867929 email ryunyit edu SEN39IOR WRITERRESEARCHER Dra grant proposals foundation February 17 2006 reports fact sheets brochures policyrel reports conduct investigative research Req 3 yrs writing research exp pref expinterest in reproductive rights religion healthcare women s issues progressive social policy Resumeltrsal req3 writing samples to WriterResearch Catholics for a Free Choice 1436 U Street NW 301 Washington DC 20009 fax 202332 7995 No email attachments App ddl 031006 from 012006 issue COMMUNICATIONS ASSOCIATE Work on PSAs dra reports news releases pitch media prepare media kits developmaintain databases track budgets admin duties Req 12 yrs communicationsadminfmancial exp writing research MS Office intemet skills Resumeltrsal hist2 writing samples to Communications Associate Alliance to Save Energy 1200 183911 Street NW 900 Washington DC 0036 fax 2023319588 email rkWelleraseorg App dd1030506 From 012006 issue GRANTS DEVELOPMENI COORDINATOR Develop agency responses from purchasers of substance abuse services foundations analyze proposals monitor grant announcements files coordinate annual grant plan manage grant cycle Req BABS 2 yrs exp writing proposals reports know grants contract process excel communication skills pref know health care Resumeltr to Human Resources Second Genesis Inc 8611 Second Avenue Silver Spring MD 20910 fax 3015631546 email kaiheem masonsecondgenesisorg App ddl 031106 From 012006 issue SouthSouth east JOURNALISM FACULTY Tenure track begin 081506 Teach news writingreporting feature writing public affairs reporting photojournalism es top publishingeditingdesign media et ics community journa ism magazine ee ancing Req M S pre P D 3 yrs professional journalism exp webbased exp Resumeltr3 ref ltrswriting sample to Dr Renee Everett Chair Department 0 ommunication 108 Alumni Coliseum Eastern Kentucky University 521 Lancaster Avenue Richmond 4753102 www 39 39 elm ASSOCIATE EDITOR Substantive copy edit newsletters journal articles online courses professional development materials Req 3 yrs editorial exp excel spe ling grammar proofing copyediting substantive editing writing skills know HTML web publishing 42K46K Resumeltrsal req to ASCB Attn Human Resources AEES 1703 N Beauregard Street Alexandria VA 22311 fax 7035755402 email hrascdorg REPORTERWRITER Write explanatory journalism develop enterprise articles Req BABS pref 2 yrs reporting exp Resumeltrclips to Managing Editor Tom McNiff Star Banner PO Box 490 Ocala FL 34478 email tommcniffstarbannercom PHOTOGRAPHERS Pref BABS photojournalism newspaper exp Email resumeltr to resumesmdjonlinecom fax 7704285375 Pos in Marietta GA No phone calls STAFF WRITER Newsweekly Req narrative air investigative instincts reporting skills pref ability to write newsfeats web research skills Resumeltrclips to David Warner Editor Weekly Planet 810 N Howard Avenue Tampa FL 33606 BUSINESS REPORTER Cover biz community retail real estate defense industry Resumeltrclips to Pat Rice Editor Northwest Florida Daily ews 200 Racetrack Road NW Fort Walton Beach FL 32549 email patrickrnwfdailynewscom GENERAL ASSIGNMENT REPORTER Cover breaking news indepth page 3 stories Req writing skills know AP style Resumeltrsamples to Darrin Guidry 4924 Highway 311 Houma LA 70360 email darrintri parishtimescom REPORTERWRITER Cover govt copscourts human interest stories some sports Pref photography layout exp Resume ltrclips to Macon County Chronicle PO Box 409 Red Boiling Springs TN 37150 fax 615 6882474 email rbschroniclenctccom GRAPHIC ARIISTPAGINATOR Req newspaper layout exp Resumeltrclips to Macon County Chronicle PO Box 409 Red Boiling Springs TN 37150 fax 6156882474 email rbschroniclenctccom REPORTER Cover city hall cops courts politics features Pref 2 yrs daily newspaper exp will consider weekly exp w interest in govt reporting Resumeltrclipssal reqrefs to Carl West The Journal 1216 Wilkinson Frankfort KY 40601 App ddl 022706 NIGHT SHIFT REPORTER Develop features cover cops Resumeltrclips to Jeannette Davies HR Dept Greensboro News amp Record 2 0 E Marke ee Greensboro C 27401 email jdaviesnewsrecordcom App ddl 022706 REPORTER Write articles produce indepth investigative stories Resumeltr510 clips to Bob Bouyea Charleston egiona Business Journal 289 Johnnie Dodds Blvd 200 Mt Pleasant SC 29464 email bbouyeacrbjcom App ddl 030406 BUSINESS REPORTER Write 12 storiesday 30K Resumeltr5 clips3 refs to Rocky Rosen Assistant Managing Editor The HeraldSun PO Box 2092 Durham NC 27702 No emails web links for clips REPORTER Pref photography skills Resumeltrclips to Executive Editor The Cape Coral Daily Breeze 2510 Del Prado Boulevar Coral FL 33904 fax 2395745693 email newsbreezenewspape scom no attachments Q 1 0 BUSINESS WRITER Cover game biz of golf Req 35 yrs biz reporting at daily newspapermagzwebsite pref interestexpertise in golf course development golf retail Resumeltr 0 Gene Yasuda ssociate EditorBusiness amp Enterprise Golfweek 1500 Park Center Drive Orlando FL 32835 email golfweekaolcom MEDICAL WRITER Develop topics article poster outlines manuscripts verbal presentations posters for presentation to joumals professional meetings Telecommuting un erstand statistics medical writing exp pref MAMS PhD or PharmD Resumeltrlist of articleswriting samples3 refs to Tom Ferguson Atlanta Institute of Medicine and Research 521 Roselane Street 430 Marietta GA 30060 fax 7707926211 email tfergusonAtlantainstitutecom COMIVIUNICATIONS AND MARKETING SPECIALIST Design develop coordinate evaluate mktg media relations needs provide project leadership to incl theme design layout maintain media relations database of natllocal news outlets research placement of print electronic advertising PSAs assist w production of videotapes for distribution assist w script writing newsletter press releases Req page layout photo editing exp Resumeltrsal req to Director of Communications America s Charities 14150 Newbrook Drive 100 Chantilly VA 20151 fax 703 2223867 email rgondellaamericascharitiesorg App ddl 031006 From 012006 issue Midwest WEEKEND ANCHORREPORTER Plan produce weekend newscasts ResumeltrVHS tape to Rod Peterson News Director KGANTV 600 Old Marion Road Cedar Rapids IA 52406 App ddl 022606 SPORTS EDITORSPORTS WRITER Write game stories features on February 17 2006 prep recreational sports take photos design pages Req sports writing exp Resumeltr3 writing samples to Chippewa Valley Newspapers Human Resources PO Box 69 Chippewa Falls WI 54729 fax 715723 2589 REPORTERVIDEOGRAPHER Generate story ideas write stories edit packages video Req 1 yr exp ResumeltrVHS tape to Rod Peterson Ne s Director KGANTV 600 Old Marion Road Cedar Rapids IA 52406 App dd1022606 ENGLISH INSTRUCTOR Begin 0806 Teach developmental Eng composition courses literature courses manage classroomla environment plan curriculum Req MAMS Eng or MAMS rel field 24 grad quarter16 semester credits in Eng pref teaching exp strong interpersonal teambuilding skills Resumeltrtranscripts3 professional ref trs to innesota State Community amp Technical College Perharn Service Center 150 2mi Street SW Suite B PO Box 309 6573 fax 2183476249 ernailjanicecarpenterMinnesotaedu App ddl 031006 PHOTOJOURNALIST Photography sports features news Req know digital camera eq 0 camera lighting Photoshop ResumeltrMAC compatible CD portfolio w news sports feature photos w captionsrefs to Mike Yoder Chief Photographer 645 New Hampshire Lawrence K 66044 email myoderljworldcom VIDEO EDITOR Edit voiceovers sound bites cut local news packages archive maintain video in newsroom computer system uplinkdownlink feeds tofrom NBC CNN news orgzs Pref nonlinear systems exp Resumeltrtape to KSHBTV HR Department 4720 Oak Street Kansas City MO 64112 App dd1030206 FREELANCE WRITERS Contribute to weekly newspaper write articles on public education real estate sports biz politics entertainment attend live events Resumeltr samples to Suzanne Hanney Acting Editor StreetWise 1331 S Michigan Ave Chicago IL 60605 fax 3125540770 email sjchsinclairnetscapenet ASSISTANT PROFESSOR TVVIDEO PRODUCTION Teach in 2 of multicameralive event production eld production editing graphics writing performance lighting or visual storytelling or expertise in contemp TVvideo production ability to integrate media history eory aesthetic practices in classroom Resumeltr2 creative samples3 ref ltrs to Search Committee Chair Department of Radio Television Mail Code 6609 Southern Illinois University Carbondale 1100 Lincoln Drive Carbondale IL 62901 wwwsiueduNaffactjobshtrnl Review begins 031706 REPORTER Cover breaking news enterprise stories Resumeltr6 clips copied on 85 x11 paper to Sarah Dickey HR Director The Northwest Herald Box 250 Crystal Lake IL 600390250 No phone calls emails RODUCER Produce 6 pm 10 pm weeknight newscast Req strong writing orgz skills news judgment Resumeltrtaperefs to Larry Young News Director KODETV Box 46 1928 W 133911 Street Joplin MO 64801 App dd1030206 SPORTS REPORTER Cover high school baseball basketball volleyball community colleges dirt track auto racing Division 1 school possibly pro Req writing skills pref design exp Resumeltr58 clipsrefs to Alex Hickey Sports Editor Freeport JournalStandard 27 S State Avenue Box 330 Freeport IL 61032 email alexhickeyjoumalstande corn BUREAU REPORTERVIDEOGRAPHER Resumeltrtaperefs to Dennis Weimann News Director KAWE WBTTV 1500 Birchmont Drive NE Bemidji MN 56602 email dweimannlakelandptvorg App dd1030306 SPORTS VIDEOGRAPHER PT Req 2 yrs exp excel shooting editing skills solid newsjudgment ResumeltrVHS tape to WXMITV HR Dept page 4 3117 Plaza Drive NE Grand Rapids MI 49525 email ekingwxmicom App ddl 030106 SPORTS EDITOR Cover games sports features layout pages photography newsroom duties Req strong writing skills Req know uark pagination Resumeltr34 clips to Ruth Stanley Box 837 Columbia City IN 46725 No emails App dd1030606 SPORTS REPORTERANCHOR Write produce report anchor sports in newscasts research develop sports stories conduct live interviews Req know video editing TV news production Resumeltrtape to Marlene Stein Manager POTV 1720 Gilbert Avenue Cincinnati OH 45202 App dd1022606 WEEKEND MORNING ANCHORREPORTER Share producing duties on 2hour 5 arn7 arn daybreak show Req 3 yrs exp strong writing skills ability to do creative live shots know modern newscast production use of graphics satellite ENG technology pref know 39 Newscutter technology Resumeltrtape to Gail Backer Director of Programming Public Affairs and HR WOWTTV 3501 Famam Street Omaha NE 681313356 5 GENERAL ASSIGNMENT REPORTER Req 2 yrs exp strong writing skills ability to do live shots in field on set Resumeltrtape to Gail Backer Director of Programming Public Affairs and HR WOWTTV 3501Farnam Street Omaha NE 681313356 PORTER Pref daily newspaper exp will consider recent college grads Resumeltrsamples to Ray Marcano Deputy 39 Editor Dayton Daily News 45 S Ludlow Street Dayton OH 45402 email rrnarcanodaytondailynewscom App ddl 032506 SPORTS WRITER Cover preps to pros lead HS coverage write leads design pages Resumeltrclips to ChronicleTelegram H De artment Box 4010 225 East Avenue Elyria OH 44035 App dd1030306 EDUCATION REPORTER Pref professional exp internship or college newspaper exp Resumeltrclips to Rick Greene Managing Editor uth Daily Times 637 Sixth Street Box 581 Portsmouth OH 45662 App dd1022706 NEWS EDITOR Produce inside pages assist w editing copy coaching reporters assigning stories photos Resumeltrclipspage design samples to Jim Pruitt The Hillsdale Daily News 33 McCollum Hillsdale MI 49242 email jamespruitthillsdalenet plain text format no attachments App d1 022706 MANAGING EDITOR Write news features edit copy oversee 2 reporters Req 35 yrs exp Resumeltrsamples to Bernard M Judge EditorPublisher Chicago Lawyer 415 N State Street Chicago IL 60610 email bjudgelbpccom App dd1030306 COLUMNIST Contribute to magz in Midwest focusing on African Arnerican parenting write about area of expertise as it pertains to African Arnerican exp Unpaid position Resumeltr3 clips essays to Urban Rearing Editor Box 9091 Aurora IL 60598 WEATHER ANCHOR Interpret forecast data prepare graphics represent station at promotional community events Req 2 yrs exp pre Weather Central system AMSNWA seal ResumeltrVHS tape to WXINWTTV H Department 6910 Network Place Indianapolis IN 46278 App dd1022306 PRODUCER Req 1 yr line producing background strong writing skills Resumeltrtaperefs to Barbara Mau ard news Director WISNTV Box 02 Milwaukee WI 53201 App dd1022406 WEEKEND ANCHORPRODUCER Anchor produce on weekends report during week Req 13 yrs exp Resumeltrtape to Lisa Patrow News Director WQOWTV 5545 Highway 93 Eau Claire WI 54701 February 17 2006 App ddl 022506 ANCHOR Anchor report assist w producing editing writing material for newscasts on 2 stations Req 2 yrs exp live coverage background Resumeltrtaperefs to Marcy Foust I teri e s Director WTWOWFXWTV Box 299 Terre Haute IN 47808 fax 8126962755 email newswtwocom No phone calls App dd1022606 COPY EDITOR Freelance position Copy edit monthly magz review page layouts online proofs assist w other publications journalismEngrel 3 yrs copyediting exp know Chicago AP styles orgz proofing ng grammar skills now MS Word Quark Email resumeltrsal req to Beth Duncan Rotary International Evanston IL copyeditorrotaryorg fax 8478669732 No phone calls NIGHT EDITOR Pref reporting exp will consider recent grads Resumeltrrefs to Newsroom JournalStandard 27 S State Avenue PO Box 330 Freeport IL 61032 NEWS REPORTER Req digital photo Quark skills pref know pagination Resumeltrsamples to Charles A Mason Editor The Marshall Democrat News PO Box 100 Marshall MO 65340 email marshalleditorsocketnet No phone calls STAFF WRITER Cover county govt features general assignments Pref BABS journalism or equiv exp Resumeltrsamples to Sarah Bazzetta Managing Editor The ArgusPress 201 E Exchange Street Owosso MI 48867 email argusinewscharterminet FEATURES WRITERCOORDINATOR Resp for lifestyle section write feats design pages coordinate obits weddingengagement announcements writetypeset educationbiz news items developwrite enterprise stories Req writing research interview time mgmt orgz skills good grammar spelling pref BABS journalismrel Resumeltr5 clips to Vince Luecke Editor The Perry County News PO Box 309 Tell City IN 47586 email lueckevyahoocom WestSouthwest REPORTER Write human interest stories sports take photos design pages for weekly newspaper Resumeltr to Green River Star PO Box 580 Green River WY 82935 GRANT WRITER PT Set up openings of Christian literacy self expression centers Resumeltr to FIDM PO Box 2066 Los Alarnitos CA 90720 SPORTS WRITER Req love sports orgz skills ability to design sports e know Quark HS sports AP style Resumeltr5 writing clips3 design clips to Managing Editor Rayanne Schmid 42 eff n treet errville T 28 fax 8308954060 email rayanneschmiddailytimescom WRITEREDITOR Monthly construction industry newspaper Re B or print journalism exp reporting writing skills Email resumeltrsal req to resumeconstructionnewsnet fax 2103085960 Pos in DallasFt Worth area WEBPRINT EDITOR Oversee content design of staff freelance communitysubmitted content Req exp orgz know intemet content mgmt systems traffic analysis software search engine optimization techniques pagination exp know H L P otoshop Resume ltr to ary urkonis General Manager 500 Double Eagle Court Reno NV 89521 email mjurkonisTahoeRenoOnlinecom No phone calls ORTER Report on local news longer term projects Req 2 yrs daily reporting exp ability to develop stories sources drive s license pref page 5 BABS computer exp typing skills computerassisted reporting skills Resumeltr3 writing samples to The Herald Attn HR PO Box 930 Everett WA 98206 fax 4253393199 COMIVIUN39ICATIONS STUDIES INSTRUCTOR Tenure track begin fall 2006 Teach rhetoric amp public sphere Req PhD by fall 2006 college teaching exp pref researchteaching interests in theories of citizenship d lb ation isc o r gen s s culturalcritical histories of rhetoric minority rhetorics rhetorics of dissent e meltr g d transcripts escription of research plansrecent publicationsstmt of teaching philosophy3 rec ltrs to Rhetoric and Public Sphere mmittee co arco Jacquemet Search Committee Chair Department of Communication Studies University of San Francisco 2130 Fulton Street San Francisco CA 941171 80 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR COMMUNICATIONS Teach public speaking joumalism orgz communication communication theory criticism R P D municationrel teaching exp App avail at cu39 dufo sfaculty n df Resumeltrstmt of teaching philosophy3 professional refsapp to Dr Kenneth Mangels Concordia University Irvine 5 0 Concordia West Irvine CA 92612 email kennethmangelscuiedu COPY EDITORPROOFREADER Copyedit proof health publications hospi al health plan industries Req BAB Engjournalismcommunications 2 yrs copyediting exp Resumeltr to Marianne Y n ManagerTraining amp Development Specialist Coffey Communications Inc 1505 Business One Circle Walla Wall A 99362 fax 5095250281 email myoungcoffeycommcom No freelancers REPORTERWRITER Cover public affairs some state agencies local legislative delegation county schoo oards run city desk on occasion Resumeltrrefsclips to Mel Tittle Managing Editor Lubbock Avalanche Joumal PO Box 491 Lubbock TX 79408 email meltittlelubbockonlinecom EDUCATIONSPORTS REPORTER Cover 3 school districts 2yr communit college 3 rural schools sports teams Pref photo pagination skills Resumeltrsamples to Patrick J Murphy Managing Editor The Sheridan Press PO Box 2006 Sheridan WY 82801 email editorthesheridanpresscom REPORTERWRITER Cover community hard news write features cover beats Resumeltrclips to Kathy Erickson Editor The World PO Box 1840 Coos Bay OR 97420 COPY EDITOR Read copy for print publication website check grammar spelling punctuation usage research topics for iture special sections find resources for content Pref BABS know Quark Resumeltrclips to Human Resources The Daily Transcript PO Box 85469 San Diego CA 921865469 fax 6192314866 email hrsddtcom PHOTOGRAPHERSPORTSWRITER Shoot prep sports rodeos spot n s eatures team photos mugshots Pref Quark InDesign exp Resumeltrportfoliowriting samples to Chris Peterson Managing Editor Hungry Horse News PO Box 189 Columbia Falls MT 59912 email newsdeskhungryhorsenewscom NEWS EDITOR Req 3 yrs newspaper 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