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by: Miss Damien Crooks


Miss Damien Crooks
GPA 3.52

Leila Parsa

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About this Document

Leila Parsa
Class Notes
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This 10 page Class Notes was uploaded by Miss Damien Crooks on Monday October 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ECSE 2110 at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute taught by Leila Parsa in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see /class/224763/ecse-2110-rensselaer-polytechnic-institute in ELECTRICAL AND COMPUTER ENGINEERING at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.





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Date Created: 10/19/15
2 A 1732 V threephase 60 Hz Y connected source delivers power through a transmission line to two threephase loads connected in parallel The transmission line has an impedance of 05j5 ohm per phase One of the loads is A connected with a perphase impedance of 150j450 ohm The second load is Y connected and has a perphase impedance of 40j320 ohm Calculate the real reactive and apparent power suppliedabsorbed by the source and each load ZL 392 QC gr ZO ohm 2L1 50 33 ohm 39 h J 21th Oger O m 2 RL39Z deZ ZLithusz 165 085 508 Z Z ZL 16929 lt5lLl tow quotVquot 39V39 392 v 000 U 5 CE 00 r3 0 Z L 52quer 4 Zn we 39l39ZL O H W yysoatc 3 lg 5 54 500 7 I A O 11quot ELM 3 lt82 3 2L 3 11R 1 120 L1 L L WW r A SHquot E2 QM r 9010 L LDGLC L o z e 4 2 2 L 2 2L P 311RL1 583375 w 1 Sourae 1 L g a O x PS MC 3 so 239 91 QE N A p 1 if 5 Q50OICC 2 2 8 350mm grmm WWW H40 W9 3 A 10 KVA 8000240 V 60 HZ singlephase transformer has a per unit resistance of 0012 pu and a per unit reactance of 004 pu The excitation branch elements are Xm30 pu and Rc50pu a nd the transformer s equivalent circuit referred to the low voltage side b If the primary of this transformer is connected to a constant 8000 V ac source and if a 6430 2 load is connected to the secondary what will be the voltage current and power at the load W Cg7 Obm bAsc39EV 39o000 00 9 290130ti T 5796 3Q 330x Zbascwtv57LB Aym othAr See 0011 5039O4 3Zloa5e Cr 3913 sud 60 X Zbasc EV 2 8 8 ohm L 006311 301304 4 A singlephase 300kVA 2204400 V 60 Hz transformer yielded the following information when tested High voltage winding open Voltage220 V Current40 A Power1000W Low voltage terminal shorted Voltagel95 V Current6818A Power4000W 21 Find the equivalent circuit of the transformer as viewed from the high voltage side b Calculate the ef ciency of the transformer when it delivers its rated load at rated terminal voltage and 08 power factor lagging From OPEA iCA39FCJA Tgs l C Culql e R cm XM C gu r k 0 L39V 5de or printed c Z m RC v A 120 afaq oh FCC 000 Km I 5536 wig t a reg r6 errccl T O H if 5 A Q 1 RC 9360 ohm Km Amwa 0 Am From shar f cf0W 1 fo 95 and XiCV 539er 0 H v 521 m 52 Lana617 98 2 08539 mm 682 A e 2 231 RC 2 22g a m Ra 0 84 j227 A M W of 9360 AZWAK u L 3 O 39Lraigcl 3 iiiw ltr C0 0 8 4oo 813 lt3687 lt Same Curfew 7L 393630 gt 3a 6 9 500x 0amp7 T 400014000 wWWwwHw awM NMWWHMN NNWH OF OAE SRer 2 W a 0 Q zu q mm lt5uumw 4 0 3 v quot rjx irax 1 0 4L 4400 r J S U L443 Ft BampKQEJO74J 21gt Ah lt c uJ Z M h 293 300 AOamp 4000 L W74 5 A threephase ISOKVA 2080208 V 60 Hz YY connected transformer consist of three single phase transformers The equivalent impedance of each transformer referred to its low voltage side 001j005 ohm The transformer is connected to a threephase source through threephase feeders the impedance of each feeder is O5jl50hm The transformer delivers 120 KVA at rated voltage and 075 power factor lagging a Draw a schematic diagram of the system b Determine the sending end voltage of the three phase source c Calculate the input power real power r 5Q re cr magmas Y0 ll i mute 1 quot Loqd 2080 f 5 h 4233 13310856 L0 5x208 EM 3330866 414 ripe L ronw mwa20 9lto rajz5313ltuoai VB er 32Z57 lt5344 P 3 oarce 05 ltV3 0Ufco v 3xme5Az3ltw5amp5 9 j 83l VJ 026 o ner Wu 5 Wlt 3 a 390 2 3334 940 2 0003 v 2W WV LEW 000 O c400 alzL 666760 Ls 50quotquot lt0 414255 4353 76 3451364 6367430 39 3 85 93 5 9 i3 A6667lt 9 12 F L 43 lt36 ow 1 5 X L 39 5 r 3 39 M7 3933 H 7331 lt453 M i r iiiii WM In r 2 12339 or jar and 5 w Lo quotbu w 240 002 004 30 MM ZLoulpu 5 76 w Wop 50 930 ELMWJ quot04200 2 0425 a MPWW lt o 9323lt353 Led r 002 9009 M74100 p93l3xw 3885 lt33953 39 14 3 aw 09714 39 3 7 PU


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