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by: Immanuel Brakus PhD


Immanuel Brakus PhD
GPA 3.66

Don Millard

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About this Document

Don Millard
Class Notes
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This 9 page Class Notes was uploaded by Immanuel Brakus PhD on Monday October 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ECSE 2010 at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute taught by Don Millard in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 62 views. For similar materials see /class/224767/ecse-2010-rensselaer-polytechnic-institute in ELECTRICAL AND COMPUTER ENGINEERING at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.





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Date Created: 10/19/15
W ELECTRIC CIRCUITS Equival ECSE2010 395 ent Circuits PSpI e nIntroduction I Electrical Measurements Resistance Bridges Class 3 Experiment 1 Should Finish Almost All of Experiment 1 in Class See xgriment Info Sheet for Report Fo rmat 1 R0 Lwlurr Mussel111 r lRESISTORS IN SERIES R1 i KCL1121 I 11 Vgt l12 When same current ows through resistors gt They are in Series Rex Lxquot lLI I Hormeltn 139 lVOLTAGE DIVIDER RULE lRESISTORS IN PARALLEL R1 quot1 R v r 1 1 gt i 12 1 70 77 RM R2 v 1 l V2 V R1 R2 v Ru R1 R2 v2 v 1 i l RH R s l o 7 1 1 1 RrRz 3H 7 OnlyWorksforResrstorsm Series Rm R1 R2 R1R2 Rr39irswlm r lhnw 39lm r IRESISTORS IN PARALLEL IREVIEW 7 gt RR a r r o 2 Kq Voltage DlvlderRule o R R 1 1 R R V 1V 2 1V2 R2 v L 7 7 RR2 R1R2 7 i o CuanDlvlderRule V L V 2 R R1 7 V2 Rul 2 1 R2 Only Works for Resistors in Series Rm Nolan 39139 Rl39l LN 39zu39r I REVIEW gt Current DividerRule v R m i L o R R2 R 12 I R R2 Olly Works for Resistms in Parallel k39m lessvlzu39r l EQUIVALENT SOURCES I K l VS v vv riI i 4 l vi riR isRs 4R3 5 K V Same CircuitifisV l l 7 Rs lE UIVALENT SOURCES quotSource Conversionquot lm welder lh39lwl39lm I39 lE UIVALENT SOURCES vv2 l E UIVALENT SOURCES Q7 ROI we lCIRCUIT REDUCTION I Whenever Possible Replace Series and Parallel Resistors with their Equivalent Resistance I Whenever Possible Replace Series Voltage Sources and Parallel Current Sources with t eir Equivalent Sources I Sometimes Replace Voltage Source vs in Series with a Re 39stor Rs with a u rent Source of is vsIRs in Parallel with Resistor Rs lREVIEW 6 E2 Ladder Network Find Real quotseenquot by the Source Find i VX Relate iX to i Rex Lxquot lLl I Hormelm 139 PSpice 51 Rm 1 l PSPICE l PSpice Has Many Rules Will build up slowly I Can use PSpice for Circuits that are Computationally Challenging Will See an Example in Activity 31 I Will Often Analyze a Circuit to Learn Principles Then test with PSpice ACTIVITY 31 Ressuve En dge Circuit l v i l o 2 R quoti 12 r o o Plutvvsi V i svnsl Sluf e Req v2 3 12 Ren T R i l Findvhvn Nothing In Smes orParallell 33 Rm LM39l39dl l39 W39llgt lill l39 METHOD I Create Capture Diagram Create Same Circuitusing Capture Paris Drag and Drop Pas Simila m LogicWorks I Set up Simulation Profile wid1 m do ut OutputFile or Plot using Probe CAPTURE METHOD I Open Captu Name Proje Part Select New Project Analog or Mixed AD Place Analog or Source Library To Romm Pars Control R and Control F Change Names and Values ofElemenls by Double clicking on them ll L lLi l39 Hameltn 139 Capture Diagram vvv 1 1Adc I vvv CAPTURE METHOD I Under quotPS icequot Select Create Net 39st Select New Simulation Pro le gt Name gtSimulation e 39 choose Analysi DC Sweep Current Source 11 1 to 1 in steps of 1 Selectlun Observe Output with Probe slope II s uch Q ker once you get used to it 0 Box m om 511 HP Lw39lul l ll N0 l CIRCUIT FILE METHOD Create Simulation Diagram Orig39nal urcuir Label Nodes Name Elements Identify Sources Create Circuit File i es of code describing circuit and analysis namegtcir Tells PSpice what to do l1un Circuit File using PSpice AD observe Oulpu ulpul File or Plot using Probe Rona l SIMULATION DIAGRAM l Circuit Diagram but with all Modes and all Elements Labeled for PSpice l Each Node must have a unique Number I Each Element must have both a Name and Both Active and Passive Elements l i L5 lil 39l39 lSIMULATION DIAGRAM l vlVultage at Nude 0 R12 50 R13 20 l 120 1A z 73 R23 Nuts 1 RZEI m Rm 120 v R a 1A Slmulanun Diagam fur FSplEe lll39llxsl39lul l l CIRCUIT FILES I Circuit File Describes Circuit to PSpice and Tells PSpice What to D I First Line Not Used by PSpl gt Name I To Describe a Current Source i O 1 DC 1 Name of Sonic quot means current i or 1 Current flows from Node 0 to Node 1 Terminal is Node 0 Terminal is Node 1 DC source 1 Amp llt ll39 ld l39 l CIRCUIT FILES I To Describe a Voltage Source Name of Source v4 39vquot means voltage e terminal is Node 1 egatlve terminal is Node 0 lll39lbal lm l l CIRCUIT FILES I Resistors 12 Name of Resistor R45 quotRquot gt Resistor Connected between Nodes 2 and 3 Positive Terminal is Node 2 Negative Terminal is Node 3 Resistance is 12 ohms ll Lxquot lLl I l COMMANDS dc lin i 1 1 01 Perform a DC Analysis Do a Linear Sweep Sweep the variable named i Sweep i from 1 Amp to 1 Amp in steps of 01 Amps lll llfo lil l39 end Tells PSpice that the file is at the end Will Add More Commands Later lchMANDs lm prob I Create Circui File from Tells PSpice to run Probe after Simulation DIagram performing the specified circuit nalysis Save as ltfilenamegtcir I Open PSpice AID I Open Circuit File I Run Simulation I Observe Output NameEIemenIs R12 50 R13 20 120 HA I Iv Nuts VG RZEI 30 Rm 120 Ra 1A sImuIanun Diagam fanSpIce llk ll39 ld l l l walm 39I39 RI 39l Lxsvlzlm39 l ACTIVITY 31 ACTIVITY 31 gt 1 Label Nudes I Open PSpice AD I Under File Select New Text File I Type in Circuit File I Save as ltfilenamegtcir lk39lb lm l l ACTIVITY 31 I C t File Activity 371 PSpice does not use rst line i o 1 do 1 R12 1 2 6 R13 1 3 2 R23 2 3 12 R20 2 0 3 R30 3 0 12 dc IIn i 1 1 01 probe nd l ACTIVITY 31 I Under Simulation Select Run ltfienamegt I If Errors gt Error Message gt Correct I If it Runs Probe comes up automatically I Horizontal axis i from 1 to 1 I Under Trace Select vl v1 Voltage at Node 1 I Note that REq Sohms llonswlzu39r llei Lxquot lLl I l l walui 39I Experiment 1 RI 39l Lxsvlari39 IMULTIMETER MEASUREMENTS l Model for Real Voltmeter Ideal Voltmeter in Parallel with RM Ideal Voltmeter Draws No Current RM large Typicallya few Mohms l Model for Real Ammeter Ideal Ammeter in Series with Rm Ideal Ammeter has no voltage drop Rm quotsmallquot Typicallya few ohms llviwvldrr v0LTMETER 7 k I l 0 Rm Vallmsrer r I Voltmeter Rm Voltmeler Resistance Large ew I IIIuwm l EXAMPLE Rm AmmelerResrslanee Small few 05 llel N0 139 lAMMETER lEXAMPLE 10 o Uslng Voltage Dlvlder Rule 17 7 v1010105Volts Real RA Heal 10 O 7 r i 10 V v Ammexer Ammelel 739 390 l l 7 Let s Measure wlth a Real Voltmeter Rm 39l lzll 1 VM reads 5 10 e 3 33 Volts 510 VM reads s 5 Volts 10V llU MO Ideal 10V M RNIUM 10M5MO Rm loll MN 0 Themeter affects the measuremenrl l l walul l EXAMPLE lEXPERIMENT 1 lll39les ill l39 I Use E3631A Voltage Source 2 Vou Adjust output to be I Think About Model for Ammeter With S Nitch Op Measures With S Nitc Am mrrml tput om 10 Volts en Cunent flows thru Meter quot5 imh were Closed h Closed Current flows thru Switch pen amres n as il Switch Wars A lll ll3939lr1l l PERIMENT 1a Can use a ere to Simulate a Swltch l IkO 39 1 2 l v e 10V v2 lko 12 IkO ll39lbsl39lm l R 1K 0 Recordv Repeat wnh R 10 Mo Determan Rm Rex Nom


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