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by: Ransom Blanda


Ransom Blanda
GPA 3.63


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 42 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ransom Blanda on Monday October 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CSCI 6965 at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 48 views. For similar materials see /class/224859/csci-6965-rensselaer-polytechnic-institute in ComputerScienence at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

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Date Created: 10/19/15
StarGazer A Semantic Application Alvaro Graves James Michaelis Joshua Shinavier and Giovanni Thenstead Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Troy NY USA Agenda Motivation Related Work Bene ts of Semantic technologies Implementation Evaluation Conclusions 1 W Tetherless World Motivation Scenario An amateur astronomer is searching for a star in the field 0 She forgot her star charts or they don39t have the exact information she is looking for o She has her cellphoneiPhoneetc She has Internet access Goals we want to accomplish Webbased application Interoperable Extensible Use cases Select all the stars from certain area of the sky and show their name apparent magnitude distance and spectral type ordered descending by apparent magnitude Export and publish a geolocation Obtain the information related to certain star Related Work Related Work Several related eScience works VSTO observatory System for integrating data from heterogeneous subdomains in astronomy solar space and solar terrestrial physics Caters to a broad range of user backgrounds with varying degrees of training in different domains Tetherless World Related Work Stargazer not presently focused on domain data integration However it is designed with Semantic Web driven usability in mind Many of these eScience applications like VSTO could be useful in eld research settings but aren t implemented for this purpose eg no mobile endpoints Related Work In addition to eScience applications lot of prior work on defning domain ontologies for Astronomy and its subdisciplines Differing functionality aims for these ontologies Facilitating domain intuitive user queries Domain data integration from heterogeneous sources Related Work In Stargazer domain ontology one of the primary objectives is to facilitate class hierarchy based inference Domainintuitive querying not of interest to us since functionality for direct querying from Stargazer front end not provided Since we only rely upon central database heterogeneous data integration not of concern Bene ts of Semantic Web What to discuss Current Stargazer features Possible improvements Current Functionality Class hierarchy based Inference Internal function GetAllStars Runs a query to get back all stars meeting a user query Current Functionality V Thlng In our ontology bunch of V chlgzltglyobiw 39 39 ON b 1 kinds of stars In could be mini 0 ll returned by user query v 233 quote V DegenerateStar BlackHole NeutronStar Inference used to show N rmalsmr Brlghtclant these subtypes are kInds 7 f n smencesm O f of stars and should be Ez mitl Subdwarf returned Subgiant V Supergiant Hypergiam WhiteDwarf Y PromStar FUOrionisStar HerbigAeBeStar TTauriStar Location ObservationPoint SpectralType v T I W 14 Tetherless World Current Functionality Linked data based star descriptions Uses Representational state transfer REST functionality to retrieve RDFbased descriptions of individual stars via dereferenceable URIs Allows for very dataspecific descriptions to be given for returned results which could be more cumbersome to implement otherwise Future Work Data inference driven user querying Example Given An observer s position in degrees latitude and longhude A section of the sky denoted by right ascension and declination values Query Find any visible constellations classi ed in the 17005 Assuming stars are asserted as constellation members and constellations given a date of classi cation inference could come into play deciding which of these dates fall into the time range quot17005quot T W Future Work Distributed data access Lots of Astronomy data on the web but few means of integrating it Rather than enter this data into central repository could link to it via dereferenceable URIs Our individual star descriptions provide an example of this functionality Future Work Verifying data credibility Information regarding the authorship of certain entities can be asserted Through this users could assert metrics by which to trust data For example quotTrust data sources created by agencies with IAU endorsement Implementation StarGazer Implementation ontology design project structure front end triple store Ms Java beans resource API source code management Ontology Design v Tgiggl r Iob39 l pmt g V e 25 la EC a 39 StarGazer ontology INebula I I I 3525 hlerarchy of celestlal objects V Star quot 39 ggfgmi ar RDFS Inference NONeugtthtar I I V ar f 39ll man O expreSSIVltY Glam V Eggynuggg tar functlonal propertles as 3333 documentation Subgiant I quot 39s y SLEEam re ected In beans WhiteDwarf v OProtosmr Interfaces FUOrionisStar HerbigAeBeStar TTauriStar Prot g used for ontology Location gpzscetgggghim deSIgn and data entry Tu W Tetherless World Project Structure choice ofJava programming language prior experience of contributors tool availability IDEagnostic Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA environments used 39 built using Maven 2x uniform build system eases dependency management Apache Maven Project llftDiH39WBVEHJHJECHE OVCH Front End use of Google Web Development Toolkit GWT webaccessible UI support for basic HTML components clientserver architecture bridges JavaScriptJava boundary integration with Maven using GWT Maven Triple Store use of OpenRDF Sesame framework previous experience variety of pluggable components RDFS inferencer 39 MemoryStore Sail implementation fast and simple good for small static data sets easily swapped out for persistent more powerful triple store triple store is loaded with the ontology ADUNA Java Beans C I I W Tetherless World treats RDF resources as Java objects with get and quotsetquot methods for property values 0 quotdeep integration simpli es manipulation of RDF data in Java use of OpenRDF Elmo BeanPool toolkit 0 compatible with Sesame 0 permits SPARQLstyle queries for beans Java class hierarchy corresponds to class subsumption hierarchy in StarGazer ontology ADUNA Search API search API allows retrieval of celestial objects subject to various constraints currently location time name NGC number retrieveallandfilter convenient but not scalable all available fields are retrieved for returned objects Resource API all StarGazer resources exposed as Linked Data includes individuals classes and properties alternately serve HTML or RDFXML using content negotiation description contains all statements in which the resource is the subject TODO 303 redirection for resource URIs HTM L for Resources O httpllocalhost80805targazerapha1restSun 8 httplocalhos8080stargazeralphallreslSun Qv Coogm T31 Telherless World RDFXML for Resources 439 I II II Telherless World Sunxxl 3 0 9 mm Tm 39 i a 739 ltxml versiouquot1aquot encodingquotUTF 8quotgt ltrdf RDF xmlnsrd quothttpwwww3org19990222 rd syntaxnsquotgt ltrd Description rd aboutquothttplltwrpieduZOOElllstargazerSunquotgt ltrdfztype rd resourc httpl wz iedu200B11lstargazezMainSequenceStarquotgt asneclination xm httptwpieduZOOBllstargazerquot h 39 rd datatypcquothttplwwww3org7quotquot quotgt63o n L has eanSolaxRadius xmlnsquothttptwrpiedu2OOB115Largazeriquot 01 n 39natnn quothttpl 2 hassolarMasses xmln quothtb twrpicduZOOBllstargazcrquot ypequothttpwwww3orgZOOlXMLSChemafloat gtl0ltha larHassEs l u 550 hasRightAscension xm nsquot ttpltwrpieduZOOBllstargazez lt rd datat lt rddatatyp tpwwww3org2001 ht 61 hasName xmlns httplltwrpieduZOOBllstargazerfquot rd datatypequothttpwuww3org200lIXMLSchemalstringquotgtSunlthasNamegt hasSpectralTypn xmlns httpLwpieduZOOBllstargazerquot zd zesource2quothttpltwrpieduZOOBllstargazer squotgt has ainSequuncEObject xmlnsquothttptwrpieduzooslllstazgazexyquot zdfzresourcew httptwrpieduZOOBl1Istargazer chromoSpherequotgt lthasMainSequcnceObjcct xmln539http twrpieduzooalistazgazeryquot gt twxpieduZOOBl3stargazercanvection20nequot rdizxesourcenquothttp lt ltwrpieduZOOBllstarqazerquot hasMainSequenceObject xminsquothttp N o Source Code Management 0 StarGazer project hosted at Google Code 0 version control using Subversion over HTTPS 0 check out a copy from 0 httpstargazergoogecodecom Google Code Evaluation Evaluation Goals Implicit Testing Testing how well custom application interfaces with our API Explicit Testing Measuring against current web services for star gazing and tracking Durability Testing How well does the annotation system works Test and compare annotated catalog against competitors Evaluation Preamble Test Bed IBM Thinkpad T60 20 GHz Intel Duo Core T25000 25 GB RAM 20GHZ Windows XP Service Pack 3 Java JDK 6 Update 5 Metrics Retrieval Success and Speed Search by Location Search by Name Search by NGC No Evaluation Data Store Consists of equatorial coordinates for mapping star spatial dimensions Latitudinal and Longitudinal Right accession and Declination coordinates Time in day month year hour minutes and seconds Limited but useful for testing accuracy and speed benchmarks Evaluation Interfacing API with Custom App 6 5 lt a e a Google htlv lliataihast aaaaiem rm Kw ESEEHEE aamazerAwiicatmnADWmlmn mil Q Ga Stargazer Alpha Build 10 Enter your information Enter User Coordinates Lantude 45 Longitude 790 Enter Sky Coordinates RightAscension 1 ranmEDs Deciina om 7303952390quot RigntAscensng gunman Decima onz 7W52 u Enter desired time Day 28 HOUI 1 Month 4 Minute 8 Yeah 2009 Second 2n Search By Localion Name Search By Name NBC Search By NGC Number Evaluation Extending Annotation System How does our API matchup against existing Sky gazing applications Test retrieval success Annotation success Evaluation Extension to GoogleTM Sky mp Il ata hast Es iedu rm zw 95mm StargazerAwhcatmnAv lmtmn ham 9 Ga Stargazer Alpha Build 10 Emeryourinfarmation Enter User CoordlnaKeS Lamude 45 Longmme 750 Enter Skv Coardmatei RtgntAscenslon 7 r uMmauS Dechna om an 5239s RtgnlAscenslon 2 gummaus Dechna onZ 79320 Enter desired time Day 23 Hour In Momh 4 Mlnute 35 Year 2009 Second 24 Search Ely Localion Name Search By Name NSC Search EyNGC Number Evaluation Conclusions Much more work to be done Way to successfully extend Google SkyTM and other web services Improving query response Possibly of oading data to multiple stores thus improving access Porting the API to other languages General Conclusions Conclusions StarGazer is an amateur astronomer assistant It take advantage of semantic technologies such as OWL to allow interoperability The ontology created is extensible as well as the application Future work Add user information such as notes and comments Possibility of adding information about planets and other celestial objects Redevelop using AJAX making a nicer interface Look into implementing Semantic Web based functionality extensions mentioned earlier Thanks for your time


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