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by: Enid Hyatt MD


Enid Hyatt MD
GPA 3.76


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Enid Hyatt MD on Monday October 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ITEC 2110 at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 40 views. For similar materials see /class/224896/itec-2110-rensselaer-polytechnic-institute in Information technology at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

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Date Created: 10/19/15
ltlsuldenlgt XM LRPC and SOAP Mammy so a XML RPc XM L Extensible Markup Language Markup Language is also a markup language but it39s not extensiblei XML allows you to make up your own tags Document Type Definition Schema Mammy so a XML RPc Sample XML 1 agt may ltxidgt 12345ltlxidgt ltfixscgtJneltlfixslgt slgt ltcnuzse smeslex fall z gt on gt ltnmegtExplnilinq mo Infnxmalinn Huxldltlnamegt ltcxngt12345ltlcxngt ltnunLgtITECrzll ltlnumgt ain slxeelltladdxessgt ltphnnegt55572929ltlphnnegt Mammy so a XML RPc So What XML generation is simple XML Parsing is also pretty simple there are lots of parsers available Browsers 39 39 XML nmewhatl CSS style sheets XSL Extensible Stylesheet Language XML can be used for document storage and transfer quotmama Saw a XML RPc XM L messaging RPC XML is used to encode procedure calls and responses EDI Electronic Document Interchange transfer documents between applications across a network purchase orders nancial transactions etc quotmama so XML WC 5 XMLRPC Use XML to encode requests procedure name parameter values Response is also an XML document return values errors faults Both are well defined document types tag names are de ned in the XMLRPC speci cation document quotmama so XML WC 5 Uses HTTP POST Use existing protocol and software Avoid firewall issues everyone allows HTTP traffic XMLRPC Request is the body of an HTTP POST MLRPC Response is the body content of the HTTP response quotmama Saw 9 XML RPc Example Request swiped 39om xmlrpccom vosm IRPCZ HTTP10 Host bettyu erlandcom userrngent F rontie 512 WinNT Contentrmype text ml Contentrlengtn 191 r x lt9xml vers ionquot1 o vwgt methodcallgt ltlnethodllamegtexamples getst ate ameltlmethodllamegt ltparamsgt ltparalngt ltva1uegtlt14gt41ltliagtltlva1uegt ltparalngt ltparalns ltmethodcallgt quotmama Saw 9 XML RPc Sample Response HTTP 1 1 Connect ion t xml Jul 1999 19 55 09 cm ver UserLand Front ier5 1 2 WinNTltpgt ltxml vers ion quot1 o vwgt ltlnethodResponsegt aralnsgt ram ltvaluegt ltstringgtSouth Dakotaltlstringgt ltvaluegt ltparangt lt paramsgt ltmethodResponsegt Mammy Saw 9 XML RPc XM LRPC Data Types ltintgt or lti4gt ltbooleangt ltstringgt ltdoublegt ltdateTimeisoB601gt ltstructgt ltarraygt quotmama so a XML we 1 ltstructgt struct ltmembergt ltnamegt ostnameltlnamegt ltva1uegt ltstringgtmonte cs rpi edultlstringgt ltnamegtIPAddressltlnamegt ltva1uegt ltstringgt128 213 732ltstringgt ltva1uegt lt ltstructgt quotmama so a XML RPc 11 XM LRPC array ltarraygt atagt ltva1uegtlt14gt12ltliAgtltlva1uegt ltva1uegtltstringgtEgyptltl stringgtltlva1uegt ltva1uegtltbooleangt0ltlbooleangtltlva1uegt ltva1uegtlt14gt 31lt14gtltlva1uegt ltdatagt ltarraygt quotmama so a XML RPc 12 XMLRPC Programming Need to be able to generate HTTP requests client and responsesserver Need to generate XML documents Need to parse XML documents and extract specific items Need to handle faults errors Mammy so a XML are n SOAP Simple Object Access Protocol Same general idea as XMLRPC but more features enumerations Polymorphism type determined at run time user defined data types Mammy so a XML we 1 SOAP XML Documents are more complex use namespaces forma quotenvelopequot Soap Header Soap Body Mammy so a XML RPc 15 SOAP Request Example Pns39r lSankVunle HTTP1 mm mslnck nlesexvexmmn ltsmrmlvmnv1npe anhus39 smrmvznug sum xnlsnag nxglsnazlemelnEeL ltsmwrmlvmndygt ammammgmn myquot swim gt ltImGeuaslTxadlecegt ltlsmmemlvmndygt ltlsmrmlvmmelnpegt quotmama Saw a XML RPc 16 XM LRPC vs SOAP XMLRPC is much simpler There are lots of web services based on XMLRPC SOAP makes it easierto exchange more complex documents SOAP runs over many protocols HTTP SMTP FTP quotmama Saw a XML RPc 11 SOAP is an integral part of NET Programmer Transparency Multiple Languages quotmama Saw a XML arc in Resources merpccom userland speci cation info tutorials code resources WWWsoagwareorg tutorias code resources WWWW3org SOAP speci cation quotmama Saw a XML RPc


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