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by: Emmett Gislason


Emmett Gislason
GPA 3.76

Sara Alvaro

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About this Document

Sara Alvaro
Class Notes
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This 28 page Class Notes was uploaded by Emmett Gislason on Monday October 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHEM 1100 at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute taught by Sara Alvaro in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 133 views. For similar materials see /class/224898/chem-1100-rensselaer-polytechnic-institute in Chemistry at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.


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Date Created: 10/19/15
Exam Room Assignments These are also posted on our LMS site 111001 DCC 318 111004 DCC 330 110009 Sage 3303 110011 DCC 308 Extra Time Students Walker 3221 Reminder quotHigh School Knowledge Exam is on Wednesday September 9th at 8am Make sure that you bring a 2 pencil and a scientific calculator NO Graphing Calculators Allowed New SI Supplemental Instruction Session Information Tuesday September 8th Review for HSK Exam 8 10pm in DCC 337 Starting on September 15th SI sessions will be Tuesdays and Thursdays 630 830pm in DCC 239 Note that the information I posted in my first lecture has changed Chapter 3 Lecture 2 September 4 2009 Empirical and Molecular Formulas How to find an unknown compounds chemical formula or confirm the formula of something we think we know find substances empirical formula Two main ways to determine empirical formula 1 Elemental Analysis gives us information about the mass percent of elements in a compound 4 AH l39 I 39 39 o1n Example 39 39 0 1532 Si 4976ZI The molar mass ofzircon is known to be lesslhan 200 gmol Determine the molecularformula of Zircon Example ofEIementaIAnaIysisp Gwmrdeman muk Dmmerdsurmn hm 2 Combustion Analysis burn a sample in excess 02 gas sample will typically contain Carbon Hydrogen and sometimes Oxygen Example 1000 g sample of caproic acid Also known as hexanoic acid contains C H and O and has a molar mass between 100 120 gmol is burned in excess 02 2275 g of CO2 and 0929 g of H20 are collected after combustion is complete What are the empirical and molecular formulas of caproic acid Example of Combustion Analysis Hydroxylamine nitrate contains 2917 mass N 420 mass H and 6663 mass 0 Determine its empirical formula A HNO B HZNO2 C HN6016 D HN1607 E HZNO3 Terephthalic acid used in the production of polyester bers and lms is composed of carbon hydrogen and oxygen When 06943 g of terephthalic acid was subjected to combustion analysis it produced 1471 g CO2 and 0226 g H20 What is its empirical formula A C2H3O4 B C3H402 C C5H1204 D C4H302 E CZHZO Terephthalic acid used in the production of polyester bers and lms is composed of carbon hydrogen and oxygen When 06943 g of terephthalic acid was subjected to combustion analysis it produced 1471 g CO2 and 0226 g H20 If its molar mass is between 158 and 167 gmol what is its molecular formula A C4H607 B C6H905 C C7H1204 D C4H302 E CgH o4 Limiting Reagents What happens if we don t have enough of one reactant to react completely with all ofthe other reactant Example When 243 g of magnesium is burned in 320 g of oxygen which reactant if any will be in excess muowgt Aluminum reacts with oxygen to produce aluminum oxide which can be used as an adsorbent desiccant or catalyst for organic reactions 4Als 302 g 9 2A1203 s A mixture of 8249 g of aluminum Molar Mass 2698 gmol and 11765 g of oxygen Molar Mass 3200 gmol is allowed to react Identify the limiting reactant and determine the mass of the excess reactant present in the vessel when the reaction is complete Oxygen is the limiting reactant 1981 g of aluminum remain Oxygen is the limiting reactant 3516g of aluminum remain Aluminum is the limiting reactant 1670 g of oxygen remain Aluminum is the limiting reactant 3516 g of oxygen remain Aluminum is the limiting reactant 4424 g of oxygen remain Check out this online interactive quotmoviequot about limiting reagents wwwmhhecomphysscilchemistrvessentiaIchemistrvflashlimitr15swf Theoretical Actual and Percent Yield Limiting reagent calculations assume that 100 of what is available to react will react according to the reaction stoichiometry Example Barium sulfate BaSO4 is made by the following reaction BaN032 aq NaZSO4 aq 9 BaSO4 s 2NaNO3 aq An experiment was begun with 7500 g of BaN032 and an excess of Na2504 After collecting and drying the product 6445 g of BaSO4 was obtained Calculate the theoretical yield and percent yield of BaSO4 Methanol CH4O is converted to bromomethane CH3Br as follows CH4O HBr 9 CH3Br H20 If 1223 g of bromomethane are produced when 500 g of methanol is reacted with excess HBr what is the percentage yield 826 100 409 245 121 WUOWgt Solutions wwwfotosearchcom www michigangov Example Hydrogen peroxide H202 typically contains 3 H202 by mass Assuming the rest of the contents is water what is the molality of this solution Partpme mummmbb Equika39 ogrgatltom g m 10me Example How many grams of NaCI are in 740 mL of 0520 M NaCI Dowgt A solution containing 700 HF by mass has a density of 125 gmL Its 355M 280M 843 M 438M molarity with respect to HF Molar Mass 200 gmol is


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