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by: Constance Conroy


Constance Conroy
GPA 3.94

Jason Kuruzovich

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About this Document

Jason Kuruzovich
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Constance Conroy on Monday October 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MGMT 4965 at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute taught by Jason Kuruzovich in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 45 views. For similar materials see /class/224901/mgmt-4965-rensselaer-polytechnic-institute in Business, management at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

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Date Created: 10/19/15
RENSSELAER POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE Internet Marketing MGMT 49656965 Spring 2011 Lally School of Management and Technology Business 4030 Credit Hours The course begins on 01262011 and ends on 05042011 Meeting Times Lecture Wednesday 600 PM to 850 PM Pittsburgh Building Room 5216 Contact Information Course Leader amp Instructor Professor Jason Kuruzovich Email kuruzngDrpiedu Of ce Pitts 11 10 Phone 5186989910 cell Web site httprpicampusconcoursecom Of ce Hours Tuesday 200 PM to 400 PM Pitts 1110 Description Technology is vital link in how modern corporations identify acquire transact with and keep their customers This course provides an introduction to both the technology infrastructure most relevant to the customer relationship as well marketing issues that result from the application of computers and communication networks Topics include issues related to social media search online advertising blogging customer relationship management online market segmentation and marketing of IT products Students This course is cross listed for undergraduates and graduate NIBAIT students Objectives The objective of this course is to provide students with an understanding of the issues faced by organizations in the interactions customers utilizing information technology This includes four fundamental concepts Social Media Students will understand and be able to apply social media strategies to real business contexts Search Engine Marketing Search engine marketing an online media represent an increasingly important way for organizations to reach customers Students will develop practical understanding of core concepts of a market and gain practical understanding of how to run an online search marketing campaign by competing in the Google Online Marketing Challenge Online Channels Online markets enabled by IT provide organizations with a variety of ways to transact with customers Students will understand key issues in which an organization must consider when making decisions related to online channels Customers Data Management Information technology enables organization to capture detailed information about customer data Students will develop an understanding of how organizations effectively manage and utilized customer information Marketing of IT Products The marketing of IT related products pose their own challenges Students will examine issues related to the marketing of software and the use of IT services as a way of enhancing product experiences N DJ 4 L11 Materials You will be sent a link directing you to the Harvard Business School Press website where you can download the cases and readings In addition readings will be posted on the course website All cases and readings are required httpcbhbspharvardeducbaccess8080067 Deliverables Group Flex Project Creativity is a necessary component of utilizing online channels and technology to reach customers What can you do I encourage you to think creatively Last year teams won a total of 13000 as part of a Price Chopper Innovation competition we had 37 winners from this class our of like 56 entries I d still like to take things up a notch this semester The combinations of the 1 ex project and 2 GOMC provides a framework through which a company could design and business and do market research on relative demand For example you could create a website and use the challenge as a way of market research on the cost of customer acquisition GOMC Group Project We will be competing in the Google Online Marketin quot GOMC as part of the class From the Google website The Challenge is a great opportunity for you to gain practical real world online marketing experience and gain valuable skills that potential employers are looking for It s also a great way to help local businesses and your community by supporting them with your online marketing knowledge As part of the project you ll be given a 200 budget of real ad money from Google to design an online marketing campaign for a local business You 11 compete with other students from around the globe for a chance to receive a trip to the Google Headquarters in Mountain View California with 7 nights accommodation in a 5star hotel in San Francisco Evaluation Criteria Type Weight Topic Notes Class participation 20 homework and in class assignments Exam I 15 Group Flex Project 25 Team Final Project 25 GOMC Exam II 1 5 Course Policies Session Preparation This course uses case studies as its primary pedagological approach Students are expected to read all cases and assignments come prepared to every class and participate fully to the learning environment Class participation and contribution make up a significant part of your final grade Therefore it is expected that you attend every class and participate fully Discussionbased learning relies upon a partnership a collegial sharing of power accountability and tasks between you and us Our role is to be planner host moderator devil s advocate and judge Yours is to be profoundly and actively involved in your own learning in order to discover for yourself rather to accept our pronouncements The assignment for most sessions will consist of a case and other readings The case should be the primary focus of your session preparation but you also must read and study the additional readings We will also on occasion hand out supplementary readings from books or the popular press that will enhance your understanding of the topic assigned for a particular day Our discussions will put you in the shoes of the key decision makers in the case Standing there you will be asked to deal with critical issues related to growing an entrepreneurial venture and leading the strategic renewal in a mature firm You will be asked to propose and defend in the low risk environment of our classroom answers to two bottomline questions As the principal in the case what would you do Why Institutional Policies Academic Integrity Cheating and academic dishonesty will not be tolerated All students should provide an honest effort in solving the assigned problem by hisherself and group partners if applicable Each student is encouraged to discuss course material and problems with other students but the studentgroup s solution must be its own with no copying or sharing of software code written materials etc If a student is inspired by another s work or if a student is extending an existing approach the student should explicitly cite this work Any student found to have participated in academic dishonesty will receive an F and may be subject to further disciplinary action The university code of Academic Integrity prohibits a student from committing the following acts of academic dishonesty academic fraud ie changing solutions to appeal a grade copying from others or allowing one s work to be copied collaboration except as permitted on team assignments including reusing previous project reports fabricationfalsification plagiarism sabotage of others works or substitution For more details see the Student Handbook Grade Integrity and Grade Negotiation Students have the right to clarify expectations about graded material the process used for grading and any mathematical errors The Lally School of Management and Technology does however strictly forbid grade negotiation between students and professors Please see the note below from the Lally lVlBA Student Handbook The MBA program is a highly competitive program and students work very hard to be successful It is not uncommon for a student to be disappointed with an assessment at some point in the two years of the program If a grading error has been made a change of grade can be submitted However it is n0t appropriate for a student to petition a faculty member for a higher grade which they did not earn Schedule Note There is a chance the re will need to be J A done during the semester When Topic Notes Lecture 01262011 600 PM 850 PM Pittsburg 5216 Introduction Course Overview Marketing Strategy and IT Learning Objectives 14 Reading 1 Strategy and the New Economics of Information HBR 2 UnME Jeans Branding in Web 20 3 What s Your Personal Social Media Assignment 1 Entrepreneurship pitch 2 Create 5 questions related to the UnMe jeans case to generate class discussion 3 Identify a blog from someone who best represents the career you would like Write one paragraph describing the blog and how it may help this person s career Files Week 1 Presentation Seminar Social Media and Readings 02022011 Facebook I 1 Community Relations 20 HBR 600 PM 850 PM Pittsburgh 5216 2 Can you Measure the ROI of Your Social Media Strategy SMR 3 Facebook Platforms HBS Case Assignment 1 Create 5 questions for discussion related to the Facebook Platforms case Seminar 02092011 600 PM 850 PM Pittsburgh 5216 Seminar 02162011 600 PM 850 PM Pittsburgh 5216 Seminar 02232011 600 PM 850 PM Pittsburgh 5216 Seminar 03022011 600 PM 850 PM Pittsburgh 5216 Seminar 03092011 600 PM 850 PM Pittsburgh 5216 Seminar 03162011 600 PM 850 PM Pittsburgh 5216 Seminar 03232011 600 PM 850 PM Pittsburgh 5216 Seminar 03302011 600 PM 850 PM Pittsburgh 5216 Seminar 04062011 600 PM 850 PM Pittsburgh 5216 Seminar 04132011 600 PM 850 PM Pittsburgh 5216 Seminar 04202011 600 PM 850 PM Pittsburgh 5216 Seminar 04272011 600 PM 850 PM Pittsburgh 5216 Seminar 05042011 600 PM 850 PM Pittsburgh 5216


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