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CLA 322 3/22/16

by: Kenya

CLA 322 3/22/16 CLA 322 P


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About this Document

Notes for CLA 322 3/22/2016
greek Mythology: Monsters
Han Tran
Class Notes
CLA 322, Monsters, beowulf, Dragon, Poetic Edda, Norse Mythology
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This 15 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kenya on Wednesday March 23, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to CLA 322 P at University of Miami taught by Han Tran in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 54 views. For similar materials see greek Mythology: Monsters in Classical Studies at University of Miami.


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Date Created: 03/23/16
CLA 322 Monsters 3/22/16 Beowulf continued: Beowulf vs.the Dragon Remember the all iron shield Beowulf commissioned  “Keen –edged sword” o He does have a sword (an Heirloom) but it is insignificant against the Dragon. Theshield has the greater stress  Shows offense is not an fallible option  Beowulf is well aware of this The shield doesn’t really protect Beowulf for as long as he would have hoped:  THINK: back to Achilles shield.He was fated to die but Thetis still commissionsHephaestusto make this very famous shield. It is aglorious, not a strong, shield. Notice the pattern (and howit will be broken): st  Heirloom sword reminds you of the 1 sword (Hrunting)given to him byUnferth, which also failed him  However, there is no other sword given to him by providence (God) like last time. It is now Beowulf’s time to die. Hero’s don’t last forever. This world is temporary, and youmust die to move on to a more permanent world beyond How do things end forBeowulf?  “No help or backing was to be had then from his high borncomrades: that handpicked troop broke ranks andran for their lives to the safety of the wood.” Wiglaf is the only one who doesn’t run.He will laterbe successorto Beowulf:  Unlike Beowulf at our entrance, Wiglaf is very, very young (like16) He remembersall the good thing Beowulf did for his ppl andgoes to his aid  His sword: “That relic of the Giants” inherited from his father o The other sword Beowulf used was also from the time of the Giants Succession signified by the sword from the time of the giant’s now belongs to this Wiglaf  Wiglaf is also wise  CallsBeowulf, “The Shepherd of our land” o As God isa Shepherd to his people, perhaps o So he is devoted to Beowulf as Christians are to God Dragon’s reaction to Wiglaf and his words:  Similarity toGrendel’s reaction to the talk about creation? o They both get very angryat words of fellowship towardsGod or the King Wiglaf distinguishes himself from Beowulf as the latter did to Hrothgar:  He possesses a wisdom well beyond his years Two generations of these two Anglo-Saxon heroes are fighting side by side o They share something: a veryclose sense of fellowship out of facing a common enemy toward a commongoal Wiglaf’s fighting hand is burned so he hasaid from Beowulf, who lands the fatal blow  “They had killed the enemy…”  The dragon was defeated by their courageand comradeship Larger Message?  Portrays newmodel of hero and passing heroic flame o Requires two heroes to defeat this enemy  Association with communalChristian values, o Wiglaf doesn’t become a heroat the expense of the older hero Enemy  Evil seems to grow bigger and fiercer o Therefore u can’t fight it alone  Beowulf’s story is not just repeating the pattern of heroes. It is the moment that changes the model of the succession of Heroes. Beowulf’s End: He lookstowardsthe barrowwhere the dragon washiding Significant he doesn’t have a son…but there is Wiglaf Why doesn’t Beowulf want to look at the treasure?  This clan of Beowulf and Wiglaf isgoing to enjoy this treasureand it is bought at the expense of Beowulf Beowulf never had a biological son, remember:  Emphasis on spiritualconnection, rather than biological connection Half of the Treasure was to be buried with Beowulf:  He is sharing in the personage of that Dragon NORSE MYTHS: Poetic Edda: Context of Norse monsters is complex. Cold= death Most original form of the Norse Myths, composed around late 10 c BCE (not far from Beowulf). Composed right at the point where old “pagan” Norse culture was starting to be replaced by Christianity. Poetic Edda: collection of poems on various themes IMP to this culture. They seem to revolve around the end of the world. It is not expressed in regards to humans, but as far as the gods are concerned. Day of the Doom: Ragnarok (the twilight of the gods)—99% die Voluspapoem: Prophecy from the Seeress  These gods are obsessed by these prophecies of the end, particularlyOdin who makes it his life’s quest. o These gods are not omniscient Odin will die swallowed by Fenrirthe Wolf Looking at the monsters divided in to the following categories: 1) The Children of Loki: Hel (female, embodiment of the underworld), The wolf Fenrir, and the Midgard Serpent (Jormungandr)—TheWorld Serpent o Midgard Serpent: has the ability to just keep growing, somuch so that he will oneday swallow the entire world Hel Fenrir Midgard Serpent (bottom, left) The Serpent isgoing to bite and poison Thor The end is signified by these children Gods: Two types Aesir (lead byOdin) Vanir  Mother of Loki’s children o Angrboda, the giantess 2) Giants and Giantesses a. Existed before the gods 3) Dwarves a. Created by the Aesir st 1 linesof the Voluspa: “Father of the Slain”-Odin o Refer to warriors, he oversees a Hall (Valhalla) o Hall of the Valr (dead heroes) o Emphasis Death in battle  This Seeress id responding to Odin’s request, she is a Giantess o Giants associated with an earlier stage of the world, therefore they have the ability to access knowledge and wisdom o The Seeress can see far into the past and far into the future, even past the end of the world  Nine worlds, NineGiantesses o One for each world  Measuring Tree o Yggdrasill o “Tree of Fate” Giant race bound with idea of Creation: st  Ymir is the name of the 1 Giant out of whom his physical body the world wasmade  Giant are primeval creaturesassociated to the stuff that makes things come into being o They do not give structure to the world however: Aesir (“sons of Bur”) Whenever something important comes up and have to make decisions, theygo tothe thrones of fate  Out of the blood of giants the create the Dwarves  The gods seem to have human like characteristics (as hey build temples, etc.) “They did not lack for gold at all, “  The Aesir have a need for gold. Gold however, is not alwaysgoing to be abundantor readily available. This “Golden age” isactuallygold being all over the place “Playing Chequers…”  Carefree?


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