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10-06-15 Notes

by: Jessica Torres

10-06-15 Notes 206.0

Jessica Torres
GPA 3.6
Survey of Asian Art
Linda S Pierini (P)

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About this Document

Shang and Zhou cultures as well as State of Chu
Survey of Asian Art
Linda S Pierini (P)
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jessica Torres on Monday October 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 206.0 at University of Alabama at Birmingham taught by Linda S Pierini (P) in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 23 views. For similar materials see Survey of Asian Art in Architecture at University of Alabama at Birmingham.


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Date Created: 10/19/15
ARH 206 Unit 2 China 100615 NOTES 1 Neolithic Period 50001700 BCE pg 2326 A Bronze Age Xia and Shang Cultures Anyang last capital of Shang Dynasty 1250 BCE a Fung Hao tomb 1 56 meters by 4 meters Skeletons of dogs and humans He played a political and military role 468 bronze objects 62 stone objects etc this shows that she39s very importantwealthy Dead buried into 2 coffinsinner and outer Sculptural Not meant to be seen by human eyes 8 Related to earlier pottery b Square Ding ritual food vessel 1 Bulging eyes piece mold technique 2 Owl shape zun hollow wine handle fire animal head decorative 3 Tripod bronze 66 cm inscribed very important 4 1 band of decor the more decorated means the more developed into the time and culture 5 Desire to completecover all with elaborated designs 6 Owning bronze means the elite and wealthy can afford it c Gu white drinking vessel 1 Found with crickets and grasshoppers 2 Only for the elite the state controlled on who can get the bronze P93 gt19 and choose 3 Bilateral symmetry 1 You H 1 Vessel evidence of power e Jade gurine 1 Looks like a key funeral context kneeling cloud formation Daoism 11 Western Zhou 1066771 BCE China is not united a Guang ritual food vessel 1 lid head of an animal b Guang ritual wine vessel sacrifice c Fangyi ritual wine PP N Sculptural and depicting something strong architectural art Grainery grain and rice Focus of Shinto SquareRectangular in section 111 Eastern Zhou 770256 BCE a Tomb of Marquis Yi of Zheng 433 BCE 1 2 3 U IV State of Chu Discovered in 1977 13 meters clay stone slabs Mirror his palace along with 8 young women concubines musicians dogs act as guardiansleading to the next world Bronze bells largest intact set of bells from Ancient China ceremonial and welcome guests EllipticalBianzhong chime of bells Exceptional casting skills a Lady with Phoenix and Dragon 1 9593 gt19 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 Wood carvings silk found in a tomb Significant you see a full length woman No nudity always cover up Ink on silk 3rd century BCE Beginning of brush painting late Zhou period exploring the ability of brush painting Flexible brush and ink which represents movement through lines Important one of the 2 oldest painting in silk in China that39s still intact Bearing her soul to heaven May used in ceremonies Accompanied by mythical creatures Banner Phoenixmythical bird of the South connected to death and rebirth Serpentanother representation of dragon connected to water travel through heaven and earth Outline of the figure thick to thin No settingbackground typical of Chinese art No sense of body under the clothing Simplicity uidity b Man and Dragon 1 9593 Drawn in outline The man is driving and holding reins which suggests motion He39s leaning slightly forward Aristocratic dress tomb Body of dragon resembles a Viking ship vehicle of heavenly travel 99 89 Crane bird is the symbol of immortality Canopy in water because of fish DaoismTaoism belief that a perfected human could go to heaven Magical elixirs magic mushroom


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