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Statics & Mechanics of Matls I

by: Guido Adams

Statics & Mechanics of Matls I EM 121

Guido Adams
GPA 3.54

April Bryan

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About this Document

April Bryan
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 16 page Class Notes was uploaded by Guido Adams on Monday October 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to EM 121 at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology taught by April Bryan in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 96 views. For similar materials see /class/225069/em-121-rose-hulman-institute-of-technology in Engineering Mechanics at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.

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Date Created: 10/19/15
SM 0 EN 2quot O7 2 L4 5 LI LPQ EM 121 07 145 F 5501b QM M lt3 n Figure m E 5501b 91 7501b 5 QS W QQ l mmp m mnb ampampf 380 s Ff 5501f Ft3951 0 F r 5 34quot 9 w fit4 2 i700 Ki Qfa ggt VWltQHL W emmoov we imam7 27 F89 Rd E 2 7 D E xzvm W1 Von 37 ab L bdggh gagg0 P m P m LL24 Figure P47 l 21E 0 a 1 a F ght 11 L7 p L r I EM m 07 M W0 W7 F iii0 f P tang 1 O OJCTZ31 L43 3 L T A O Td27 Ll KOO 0 w 3 TTMMv W a Mom E M DJ 07 577 Pm WCK g39E xQn W PH J I L I gtP2 T 1 i gtP2 25mm 10mm 13mm Figure P4 8 althpr 3 0th 5 7 PQ Can 1 311325 fag 91 gm 7410 HPOL CW CL EGG Fin 913 can QWQB ngmm az 51 F 1 9 L03 E FTDUI r 03 Pm 515207 leLm Pri 03 gm 15493 quotfj gldn F517 pm uv gwmz mm EM 121 o7 HJK 97 KM 20 mm 0 O 0 1 r if N I quotZ i 39 KL 03 g nm azo39 Beam y A A M f u p f E K u 2quot y w a E 1 R 1 Saw m mayd E 3 EEONLOtQ wovbko msm 0125 2 BEFORE P 26 1253le L03 1 27 Ta2t n m a gin 93 233 DQ2 1mr pr 7 a lt33 Pm 6amp4me F920 03 911 I g ltltltlt MgJL L y WWT K Hf ZEF m o 025 0 a r WHY 0 Ol rn 94va MS W 77 RA kiwi a AD ElL 3 5m amid F1 oxxob 00253 530 gig crop ngn5wo F 51 gtt7514Q Tha momde P Wei be 49 Him P who mm 9m Wm debnthth 0124599 mu ixxgxgm P4 g ml LC QM Vamu a I 33 qt F80 l 2 2 X gr 2 V w f iifz 733 k M 7 W 1291 EN 122 0L9 H arch 20 296 Ema 85 7 8 qu Elm 21 0 23gt V7 Figure P323 R d Fgm w m m an 3980 3 439 FED E 3 Dir 391 quot CEQLKgjg j I OOgtOgt Pr 2gtOgt r 77g z 222 V W WW tr 4 pi 7 QC 42 V 3 W 4 V E my MAMmm JzZlH w F mr r2 Fm 57 92cm 3 PVC LWQWDQ 414 I ll 11 5 EW u mow 6 0x3 x W3 a m up w m 4 u a w gw my w 5 33 g 15 i Q J a k3 9 p A 9 s m 0 mootfiatg mg vXSCEAMRKVQ gag x b w I K v 111434 25 I Romq 712K 3 lt62qu 1 my H I 33 s39 E 1 523 A Fifi k k 22i3 646114 1 7 L 1 I xx 39 W K K 1 5 EKtEQMMA I w 3 1 IN Tag W 2 3 392 quotquot7 HEB Vi quoti3i3fa 0 ngq rm W 22 n 17 W 22 1 2 K a 224 i H BC E mf M ia EV Wa d b quot 597 Or 5 4 LXBUJ Figure P340 2 If A EL quotquot7 I 3912 u UJC k M AN 5 A J r A W 3 x x m v 5 1 E REXf 1 4 M W E 9 C M L 3 F380 0 0303 lt at 9 tb O m M E w Q MW may no 4 a Ax S Q b I g 8 wwmH W p quotwx M 3quot my 5 v i s P y FA V F W WW I a K J Jk 7 N gm 3 c i A L F 4 F 1 Jf W 2 337 3 0 ngl w WQJMEWW m quot M V Biff 1 T i y E 3 60 7 w I 3 a I v 7 1 2 75 hwamy 50 3 51 757 2 viii 3 3 x 32 91395351 EMI LLLI39E gf p u 53 quot W 1 m Ff J i 2 Fm m Q3 F O E W quot a m 3 a M23391 r r MNWW H1 a A 5 WK 2 0 0mg Alt 557 3amp3 V i E g g F v 11m I p Uao VFD i E xm r lt25 F D 57 2 3K x y 925 4 375 44 5 xxx V F swift 2 J v W 2 2 7 ML AU 23 f v szw W 2 r u p M KN x zwgbgg 22 g dd z kg at 7 0 U H3


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