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Senior Thesis I

by: Miss Terry Reichel
Miss Terry Reichel
GPA 3.52

Michael Wollowski

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About this Document

Michael Wollowski
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Miss Terry Reichel on Monday October 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CSSE 494 at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology taught by Michael Wollowski in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 18 views. For similar materials see /class/225098/csse-494-rose-hulman-institute-of-technology in Computer Science and Engineering at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.

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Date Created: 10/19/15
TDPoker User s Guide 1 Opening Screen Lass Game 7 Playanz a several gameslaca yan39hemachmemnmng39hepmgam Ths apnm allvws me use us mew me games asthzypmgess Newark came 7 Play me game aemss a newark wnh ane player an eaeh maehme The games v a a paan athe uaemng games have been sampleted 11 km Con glration menu Lucal ame Enquot ma 7 layer Cnn uurzunn tyne Name m paw payers quotme v Wen payers quotme v Pwaveva ways quotme v We mews quotme v P avev Playar P aveve Playw quotme v quotme v p Mliupzm sameomms Memse gammaquot rsrmstuu m Figure 1 Game Cunfgunl39nn Mean ohse the use has sexesteaxaeaT mtwm39k a kmmng games the ahaye aeasag appears F1st agametypemusthesexeetsa Atthestame the avmlable games are FweStuaL Sempxemes twt um numt ARM nu39nbexsandlypesafplayers Eaeh gametype mawsmmahanaham players SxmpleRu esxs the my game type that sumehuy has ache agentswmttehrm 139 The SxmpleRu es agents are mt tt t t t twt tmm t Agem hets The an y Mfume hawzen SxmpleTDAgem aha MyTDAgeht ts she af eheaahg SxmpleTDAgem uses a net wah A sutput haaes whue MyTDAgeht uses a net wah an y am A TDAgentplayu eah amyhe sexeetsa as the secandplayex As afmw than are ms heuas het a p hasheeh sexeetea Thar ts a1sa a check bax ta tang wnung game xesu tsta alag le The game games The game aphansquot are far debuggng purpases and they masuy eahtm what cams the ram mm mm ataah ah thes 111 Player Con guration Eachplayex type has 115 awn assacuud can gunumme hsmenu eahhe accessedby sexeetahg a player and chckmg ah 521w Mast mehas are very sempxe anawmg the use ta ehahge hase thehgs hke the name arthe player maths amaamtthe player star39s wah mma y pmbabxhty wah wheh the player Wm het check ax ram Thns feature was useful m same The mast unpananl can gunhan menu 15 the she m a TDAgeht player The menu eahtams several apnms that must he cansxdexed befaxe canununng wah a game ushg thes agent The twa suhsets afxmpanml aphans are xeahmhg semngs and agent semngs D Sm weluhls Figure 2 TDAgenI Learning Settings The lummg sethngs menu xets the use sneeery vsnshTes cans1mg the neural net xtself the squashmg ncan used by each ennmaus mumn D eesy hate 5 the t m the Tm ugsnthm Leinmh Sen nhs Accent thzthaen Inn Cancel Neurzluelwnrk 5 35 1 7 D it anmrlles The agent semngs he the masumpaxunt ah Here the me can change the can gunum af the neual net ax ma wexgh39s mm a pxmwusly unnea net Nate thet anly the t t n useats encade mpul and menus expect a serum nuran afxnpul ax nutputnsaes Mast xmpmunt af 5115 the selecum uf pmbabxhty mples NOTE The game Wm nst set afmplesfmm wheeh m ehssse xhtteng the Land Tnpxes39 hutten Wm present the use wah a create sne ufhns awn A pmbabxhty Lab sanssts af 5 set afpzababdnyhsts There 15 a afferent h m t a r h m A the hst player bet and the aLhzx hst 15 tseaerthe mhexplayex checked The pmbahxhtyhst esnssts af 511L112 mplesfmm wheeh the agent can ehssse There 15 a entered manually Llsl Name Heneer neimnmrIe v New Hezeer Header Delzlls EadEY Tme1 Tme 2 Tme 3 AciiunTnme check bei um Generate Randnm LISI 0 Generate MnnVRzndnm IISI Wynne Lei new bet Yum new bet in ine ine ine in In In Mumhermelemems TNT nix licenermellst Genermedllst Esme bet in z i Exn Figure thzhilny Lisl cenenmi IV Running Games Ami me piiyei swings have iii beenmade me usei miyiun me ai many games The i a h h i m i 61 clicking an m x in me inpei iigiunnie camei if an gin e windww Ey shaking an an bar gipn iean an an taprleft mini fth screen an usei my have i standard minim aswe is iiine gipn Druinnings mi km you no a 1 Players earns mum Wms count crsnlts Eammos we 232 92 n 713 n A m ma 7 Figlre 4 Statistical View V Log Files 39 39 39 AT agenti to view some of the log les automatically created by the TDPoker program The most important les to View an in me 39 39 39 directory 39 39 39 a np nauhlt mp u 39 how well the player is able to learn over time VI Adding a Player to nuu a pm er t pe to me TDPoker program A ny new arru an pm er 39 from the TDAgent class pra e directory First 39 L l Then adolthe name ofyour player to the list In front of the player name are letters specifying which game type while two L Human and Random


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