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Artificial Intelligence

by: Miss Terry Reichel

Artificial Intelligence CSSE 413

Miss Terry Reichel
GPA 3.52


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Miss Terry Reichel on Monday October 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CSSE 413 at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 9 views. For similar materials see /class/225102/csse-413-rose-hulman-institute-of-technology in Computer Science and Engineering at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.

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Date Created: 10/19/15
M dogFido quotbarksFido wagstailFido meowsMyrte wags tailx1v quotdogx1 v friendlyx1 quotfriendlyx2 v barksx2 v afraidy2x2 dogx3 v animalx3 quotcatx4 v animalx4 meowsxS v catx5 M Esmca x quot Dogv A quotafraidxv 0NBC 0NAB 7 CLEAR B 0NCA 0NTABLEA CLEAR C HANDEMPTY ONTA BLE B Fig 71 A con guration of blocks 5 pickup x Precondition 0N TABLE x HANDEMPT Y 39 CLEARx Delete list 0N TABLE x HA NDEMP Add formula HOLDINGx TY CLEARx 1 2 3 4 pickupx P amp D 0NTABLEx CLEARx HANDEMPTY A HOLDINGx putdownx P amp D HOLDINGx A 0NTABLEx CLEAR x HANDEMPTY stackxy P amp D HOLDINGx CLEARy A HANDEMPTY 0Nxy CLEARx unstackxy P amp D HANDEMPTY CLEARx 0Nxy A HOLDINGx CLEARy am at w MW WW 7 C GOAL 0NBC 0NAB Fig 72 Goal for a robot problem CLEAR A ONTABLE A CLEAR 8 0NTABLEB CLEAR C 0NTABLEC HANDEMPTY putdownB pickupB pickupA putdownA pickupC putdownC CLEAR A CLEAR A CLEAR 3 CLEAR C CLEARB CLEARC HOLDING B HOLDING C HOLDING A ONTA BLEA 0NTABLEA 0NTABLEB 0NTABLEC 0NTABLEB 0NTABLEC stackB A unstackBA stackCA unstackCA stackAB unstackAB stackB C unstackB C stackCB unstackCB stackA C unstackA C CLEAR A CLEAR C CLEAR A CLEAR B CLEAR B CLEAR C 0NBC ONBA ONCB ONCA ONAC 0NAB CLEAR 3 CLEAR B CLEAR C SO CLEAR C CLEAR A CLEAR A 0NTABLEA 0NTABLEA 0NTABLEA 0NTABLEA 0NTABLEB 0NTABLEB 0NTABLEC 0NTABLEC 0NTABLEB 0NTABLEB 0NTABLEC 0NTABLEC HANDEMPTY HANDEMPTY HANDEMPT Y HANDEMPTY HANDEMPT Y HANDEMPTY A L A l A A pickupC putdownC pickupB putdownB pickup C putdownC picku pA quot pu tdownA pickupA putdownA pickupB putdownB l V r v v 0NBC ONBA ONCB ONCA ONAC 0NAB CLEARB CLEARB CLEARC CLEARC CLEARA CLEARA HOLDINGA HOLDINGC HOLDINGA HOLDINGB HOLDINGB HOLDINGC 0NTABLEC 0NTABLEA 0NTABLEB 0NTABLEA 0NTABLEC 0NTABLEB A x p n x A stackCB unstackCB stackBC unstackBC stackCA unstackCA stackA B unstackA B stackAC quotunstackAC stackBA unstack BA 7 v y r CLEARA CLEARC CLEARA CLEARB CLEARB CLEARC ONAB ONCB ONAC 0NBC ONBA ONCA 0NBC ONBA ONCB ONCA ONAC ONAB 0NTABLEC 0NTABLEA 0NTABLEB 0NTABLEA 0NTABLEC 0NTABLEB HA NDEMPT Y HANDEMPT Y HANDEMPTY HANDEMPTY HANDEMPTY HANDEMPTY Fig 73 The statespace for a robot problem 344fo WW go 6 WA WM Recursive Procedure STRIPS G 1 until S matches G do the main loop of STRIPS is iterative 2 begin 3 g a component of G that does not match S a nondeterministic selection and therefore a backtracking point 4 f an Frule whose add list contains a literal that matches g another backtracking point 5 p precondition formula of appropriate instance of f 6 STRIPS p a recursive call to solve the subproblem 7 S 4 result of applying appropriate instance of f to S 8 end STATE DESCRIPTION GOAL STACK CLEARB 0NCB A 0NAC CLEARC rL39 0NCA ONTABLEM ONTABLHB A HANDEMPTY STATE DESCRIPTION GOAL STACK STATE DESCRIPTION GOAL STACK CLEARB 0NAC CLEARB 0NCB CLEARC 0NCB CLEARC 0NAC FL 0NCA 0NCB A 0NAC 39I 0NCA 0NCB A 0NAC 0NTABLEA ONTABLEM ONTABLEUB 0NTABLEB H HANDEMPTY E HANDEMPTY r I STATE DESCRIPTION GOAL STACK STATE DESCRIPTION GOAL STACK CLEARB CLEARC A HOLDINGA CLEARB CLEARB A HOLDNGC CLEARC stackAC CLEARC39 stackCB FL 0NCA was FL 0NCA 0NAC ONTABLEM 0NCB A 0NAC ONTABLEM 0NCB A 0NAC39 0NTABLEB 0NTABLEB B HANDEMPTY 393 HANDEMPTY Not a promising I l solution path 1 STATE DESCRIPTION GOAL STACK CLEARB HOLDNGC CLEARC CLEARB r1 0NCA 39 CLEARB HOLDNGC39 ONTABLEM stackCB 0NTABLEB 0NAC a HANDEMPTY 0NCB A 0NAC Not S promising I I 1 Fig 79 A search graph produced by STRIPS 50mmquot path Next page lUt From previous page STATE DESCRIPTION GOAL STACK CLEARB HANDEMPTY CLEARC I CLEARC 0NCy 39 0NCA unstackC y 0NTABLEA CLEARB r L39 0NTABLEB CLEARB HOLDINGC HANDEMPT Y stackCB ONAC l3 0NCB ONAC With A the top subgoal matches the current state description We can then apply unstackCA Now the next two goals match also so we can W apply stackCB STATE DESCRIPTION GOAL STACK CLEARC ONAC CLEARA 0NCB ONAC r 0NCB I gAngM TY N A L A ONTABLEUE my STATE DESCRIPTION GOAL STACK CLEARA CLEARC HOLDINGA CLEARC stackAC rLl 0NCB 0NCB A ONAC 0NTABLEA I ONT ABLEB HANDEMPTY l V STATE DESCRIPTION GOAL STACK CLEARA 0NTABLEA CLEARA CLEARC HANDEMPT Y FL 0NCB pickupA ONTABLEA CLEARC HOLDINGM 0NTABLEB stackAC HANDEMPTY 0NCB ONAC Now we can apply pickupA and then the next goal will be matched so We can apply stackAC Now the last remaining goal on the stack quot is matched STATE DESCRIPTION GOAL STACK ONAC NIL I1 0NCB HANDEMPTY CLEARA ONTABLEUB


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