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Physics II

by: Jalon Willms

Physics II PH 112

Jalon Willms
GPA 3.69


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jalon Willms on Monday October 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PH 112 at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 10 views. For similar materials see /class/225117/ph-112-rose-hulman-institute-of-technology in Physics 2 at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.


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Date Created: 10/19/15
PH 112 Review Examples arm Torque force X arm p 1 Find the tension T in the cord supporting the uniform bar which T is pinned but free to 300 rotate at R The weight R ofthe bar is 150 N lt l6 m gt Hint the torques mus sum to zero What point do you lt 21 m pick 2 What horizontal force F is needed to lift the lOON wheel over the step The wheel radius is 05 m and the step height is 025 m 3 A grinding wheel has a tangential l 56 N force of 56 N applied to slow it 045 m down The wheel radius is 045 m and the wheel mass is 40 kg wheel pivoted at p a Determine the angular acceleration of the wheel b Determine the tangential acceleration of the wheel c If the wheel is turning at an initial rate of 80 radsec through how many radians will it turn until it is slowed down Hint get the time to slow down then get the angle d Could you do the problem above if the 56 N force was angled 200 to the horizontal 4 Calculate the moment of inertia of the wheel with respect to a point on its aXis 5 A 10kg block rests on a frictionless 10 k 35 kg horizontal surface A light cord connects it Via a pulley of mass 35 kg and radius 07 m to a 45kg mass The system is released from rest and the 45kg mass descends a distance 45 kg of 04 In What is the speed ofthe 10kg block at this point 7 A l5kg disc whose radius is 035 m is rotating at 67 radsec pivoted at its center A second disc of mass 12 kg and radius 028 m is dropped on top of the rst one At what rate do the two rotate together What has to be conserved here if anything Could you do this problem if the second disc was dropped 005 m offcenter and stuck to the other one 8 A bullet ofmass 0015 kg and velocity V is red into pivot a door hinged at the top as shown in the sketch The door has mass 28 kg and its width is 075 m Hint see p 314 in the book 1mm ML212 The bullet embeds in the door and O I then the door and bullet swing together at 062 rads Determine the initial velocity V of the bullet What has to be conserved here if anything 9 a Find the electric eld at point p due to the r p two electric charges shown in the sketch I Electric eld is a vector so you need to nd 060 m its X and y components 1 11uc 40 uC 4 12m gt b Calculate the electric potential at point p c Calculate the electric potential energy of the two charges the work needed to place them where they are d Sketch 3 or 4 electric eld lines on the diagram above 10 A proton m 167 X 103927 kg q 16 X 103919 C is released from rest at a potential of 5000 V It will move on its own to which potential a 2000 V b 8000 V Hint its PE had better decrease so that its KE can increase A proton released from rest at a potential of 10000 V traVels on its own to a point where its Velocity is 48 X 106 ms Find the electric potential at this point 11 A resistor is cylindrically shaped of length L and radius R The Value of this resistor is 80 ohms A resistor of the same material same radius but double the length will haVe a resistance of i 2 ohms ii 4 ohms iii 8 ohms iV 16 ohms V 32 ohms A resistor of the same material same length but double the radius will haVe a resistance of i 2 ohms ii 4 ohms iii 8 ohms iV 16 ohms V 32 ohms R1 12 a the resistance of the combination shown is greater than R1 or R2 in between R1 and R2 less than R1 or R2 R2 b the resistance of the combination shown is greater than R1 or R2 in between R1 and R2 less than R1 or R2 R2 R1 c Repeat part a but with capacitors rather than resistors 13 In the equation q CE leXptRC we are i charging a capacitor ii discharging a capacitor In this equation what does E stand for Rewrite the equation above so that we have the voltage across a capacitor rather than the charge q on the capacitor 14 In the sketch the electric eld to the left is 50 Vm and to the right is 20 Vm Is the net charge in the 50 Vm 20 Vm middle positive or negative Hint do electric eld lines end on positive charges or on negative charges Suppose the block is a metal so the electric eld is zero inside How much charge area will be on the left end How much charge area will be on the right end 20 A gt 15 In the circuit at the left what is the current I I through the lOohm resistor 12 v T 2 Q 10 Q What is the battery voltage V 40 Q V At what rate is the 12 v battery delivering energy to the rest of the circuit At what rate is the 4ohm resistor dissipating energy


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