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Week 2 Class Notes

by: Brenna Halverson

Week 2 Class Notes 13821

Brenna Halverson
GPA 3.8
Intro to Diff Eq
J. Isenberg

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About this Document

Heres week 2 class notes!
Intro to Diff Eq
J. Isenberg
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 11 page Class Notes was uploaded by Brenna Halverson on Tuesday October 20, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 13821 at University of Oregon taught by J. Isenberg in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 37 views. For similar materials see Intro to Diff Eq in Mathematics (M) at University of Oregon.


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Date Created: 10/20/15
H L N Aw Fa New m 989 W57 db E A M39EL 35 S i 4 r A at 39r 1 quot j 39 s s o a S e 3915 3 quot5 354 ASH m m hf v v v 935796 L4 5 23 55 51 303200 11v SHE W E UQQ 5 1 0 254 4 13 64 5 g F 39 as r T 5752 ampC 5 I 3 396 C V 3149 S 5445 I a r 5 a 3 quot L g A VTL 1 4 1 Q 2097 52 154673 L S 15 v M 5 45 J3 S53 ummhm bnowSGQOJZ OOI Liv 7395 J 39 S 5 st bids 5 g a gt I 56 5a 3e 5 I J 453 Q 6 5 S e 391594155 b g g55 elt5 60 f ae65 5 39 MMQ m 7 L hym 3445230 L quot 3 ee 58 8a 58 5 a ma Zoo 800 a 5 5f 200 5 556 8003 r a a 56 4 Eggin WM 11 r 6600 9 qq 554 H 329 gg cggquot ga 5 quot 655 53 Ie S esC H LMWCQ d g 375 WWa gWPlW 7 1 Nor moog rams UTV 7 1T3 R qmoerousi 0 0 39 V H 3 J LT P63u 4 135 Ion a fp de L 39 r 4 Juggllntl39 urLSPaamp oc Y C 1quot 6 m MesH g w m a J MEquot 5 n w 39x t EQT 61ml v l ijwww E 2 1 cmt NmH quot W m 4MN WKFJ d f 632i r iL N M A gfwm a AWN W G 7 I x di 7 irtWing N wqu we mgr game a a quot p Wv tyali 340 243 H 7 i Huj f Lox J H h i i F 1 f i H agg wma 1 a Juagw i Ji w gk 2223 g A rdAL n 1 3 A A 1311 11 39 LLaz39rrWJy 39QLtJCLC r Ar A 1 z A A dbL ViLAVz YQWWLCH iii lt9 3mce w e v i39wmsm mm Hquot c by V W mo rig p cgt7eagt 3gtws ggwei i I f39ke39gpma e efpcegt jqf 9 f f at E amp MOSOIAW 34 A in TN 4 T H a 1 5 6 a 5 L J 37 19 lb Q3 qu YO QI 3 WM 9mm 35 311 c 3903 34 CleanDZ quotCM mgut aamatc 403 31 keg Po w W 2423 e Mezwam max quotQ39QO39QH Iesmw Wmm mm g L 32 955 M m a 015 3 quot w 5 Twmimm h wed How much B mmhfFLW A3 44 9 39lt39 OHM Sass v H E a lcflmmw 31 11amme W EES fW Q 1M Dl VOJIUHO I71 gig 25 39r wase lilm gfijg a Ei AL q x 13 621 3 v i M at W X se fag roam k a 3 30m93 ui3104amp i9amp4 39 39 C7515 mimg H o 6 39Q2 1dan m 1 1 11 95le 91 M 43 3 77 Mb ffy quot i 39 3quot0 0 w 4 quot De 3242 80 63 d 6 4453 2 34 ok m v F H 4 7 e 39l l 39 J 4quot 3 v re CZ O 1v0 69c e 2 W l 0 Qj 1105 mu h E 3 YQA 3 b g LU quot4 LC Ex gl 3 1T P1fO b Ehmn mbiomgfLm XZZSQHVDC AW 608103 F W W 5ZQ 5fygosSiz n m H PM ha mm 7 hm Wow 141 joy WMZL Il3 1m sm r quot Dyg Lt 3e quot m 6 Z I n W 4 lm 1 jigm M WK 39 6quot EC t5 9 we z a W 3 39bZ39MD izuo e a Lzqo H w h 425556 m mac 39 3911006 tweet quot1 w39cZOOOCL O k Q1on 39a39 C ltL A 0W 5L A39 0IZOOO QL2a 9 i 3 9 I m zaeo RAW 0 Aggmx vw w 314 mm 304m 9quot 300 ZSJOOOEZO My 39 0v LmM quot ka r i f Exgt i H ijo LON n 51539 WW mW J 500 mnq 7 5 14a 4149 o OU 904 ffquot 39W 3 mevw over 101000 39ng 39 l39ulr ll fail I 39hlll QHlt u w b ovn0000 ax W o r u a i 1 m5 55 Runwch l l O o o gt A V k I l l Il 391 I39ll IIIIIIIIIIIJII r A v Yo 6000 n YNSOD L 008 I 705720 m 39 404 490 4 0 in 80 BNbOO mew Kora 41 59 2 00 AJr h 5QT lz fgga tz I f f LgWx butquot N75 Wk 0 5LZ50 f 63m T a New gos s Hr W 7 V z k so 9 M W ovum k S s mmm gmg 50M 439 739 f g W ggm w quotv Mam Qbrumg anof w to UGLle 3 TS Wows r as nm mmm dz 413 13 quot db 4 1 d2 x z Av W m E iLZ Inf 5 V f3 4817 M 3 v WL 948 111539 390 6 A 2 W m e mwamp mw W 21 n m w H 7 V 4e39 qgWA H r m i T 5 039 posz 39 quot quot f 39 m www v LET TQT839W Ttjl h m 1 166 7 Tmmm quotweak 4 7 f 7 k h 3 ngm gquot o Camcgtlve 62190 1amp6 Cages So a r ng a pa 4 26 g y M M e W e V g 2 we f 3 M 5BMasso1n gt You Cam 0036 datain awn of ELQ uiMW 2m 39 k de um i quot wPrWeM F e MD 11167 9 w B w e ifiif P Maw l H M7 4 ahlti My BQMD Wx 35317 z Lq m2 93 9 0 5 I Kw 96 J F051 n EDNMrvl culJm Wing sLn gom mmal m egg 3712M Ex w W at 39 v AV I 3 vquot 39 eL 739 w 5 L 39 a d6 x3466 Hflr 444 2591 a dyebliTOoau 416 V n Y 31 F nga cth L mn WW 2453 k 39yw vc quot LMrmomss zs kB 7 Aquot 1El Welly 37560 39339quot W1 ON uili gdw nHVQ e39L 0 t an1sz kTs ngkrll dwlltt H4 012 Vq39lta H 3a f 39 7 1L 5 k39gb m2Waw hl aphk ifi T Wt A M 7 gfk lll 12mg a H A H t Mull 8 a i w i meum mdwmwum mampggmm g l 9 22608 39 OW bh In 3 0m LAM i 4 immxwm o n FQW Mt Skacu 94qu Jaaampa mon SOIm fh M13 a M11414quot S kmEvm I J


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