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Week 1 Class Notes

by: Brenna Halverson

Week 1 Class Notes 13821

Brenna Halverson
GPA 3.8
Intro to Diff Eq
J. Isenberg

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About this Document

First weeks class notes.
Intro to Diff Eq
J. Isenberg
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 11 page Class Notes was uploaded by Brenna Halverson on Tuesday October 20, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 13821 at University of Oregon taught by J. Isenberg in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see Intro to Diff Eq in Mathematics (M) at University of Oregon.

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Date Created: 10/20/15
x a j 39 3 sg m aaaaa a aa agggi A AA u sARAAAW AAAAAAAAAAAAAMAAA mAAAAAA AAA EAIMAJ A A IAEAAs AA 1 Aw A AAALAA AAAu AAAA A J AA 5AA m AaAA A A A A A A JLAAAE AAAJ l ALA A A A AAA in 5 AA A raw UAW AArAAAAAAAAA A AAAAAAAA AA AEAAA A A 9 a A A i nb k A A p A m in i A A A w AKA FLA A AAAAAmAAA Am A7 A 4A AH ASA a i p 4 r A AAAAA AAAAAAAA Am AA AIIIL AAA A W AAAAAAA Aw AAAAAAADAAAAMAAAAHAAAAAAHAA LEAAAAAAAU F In A A A AAAuAAuA A A A A A AAAAI A AA A A A AAA mkgTDAb AAAAA FAAEAAAAAAPAWAAAA AA AAAAA AAA AWL A AAAAAAAAAA M AA A A u h A A Ip A An A A A A A AA LA AA A A A A A AAAA AAAA A AMA A A A A hr it lintA J r A gr uAAA AAAA AA AA A AA A A x A quotA a AAA ha 5 all A u A A A A A AA A A i A a A A A AKA AA A AAAAA rAAAAAAAAAAAA AAA AAA AW q AU A AA A In AT A A A A A A AA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAA A A AA A A A A A AA AAFAA PA A L AA A AAAAAAAA A A A 1 A A A AA EAGAAU A 2AA AAA A A AA LAMARLAJVJH IAAA It A A rmmsz A A u A A A A A A AA AA A A A1 A A A a A JAA AA AA AA A A A AA A A A AA A A A AA r A A A a AA AAAA A A A m A A A A A A AAA A AqIA r AAAI AA AA A AAAAA A V mAeAq A AABAAnA A A A AA A quotAv AJ w A A A AA A I Am AA a A A r 1 A A AA A p A A AA A A An A A C A firth LA AAA ANAL A A A A ALA A1 A ran A MAJ A A A All AA A A k A AA AA A A rim A 1 A A194 r A A Au AI A m A A AA A A AAA fun A A A A m A a A 1 p A A A A AALA A i6 AA A A A A A A AA AA A AAAAHH my in Lh hAt A A hu Am AAA AAA u A A A A A A a A A d 11 AHA A A A lulr A IAIJA A nAlA AAAs aw AAAAnAA EulA A A A A A 11 AIAAA A A quotI A A A An A A hli A A AI1 AINA A u N u u uln A r A AAIIAA l A A1A aA AAANUA A nAAnA II AAA p A A Ar Ali J AA nA A 1A AIwAIA A AA AAAA A AA A AHA A A A A A A AA A AA A AAAAAAAAAAEAAAAS AAmAAAAAAAAAA AAAAA A A AA AAAAAWAAA AAA AAAAAAAAAA A AA a H x EA A A AAi AAmAA I quotA nu AA A A Al A a A r AAA Fifi AALA A A v3 FAA A A AA A AAAA A AA A AAAAAAAAAAAAtAA II A 1 Ar AIAAALA AIAA AA AA wIAA A A AAlA A Alli A All A I A A MALAWI117A J Halli1Athle AAA AA A A AA A A I AIAAAAAA Illil A fi ilahnA Ayrl Llin A A AAJ A AA AL u AA A NA AA 1 A A AAAAAA A AA A AA v AA An A rmANAAAArAhA r AAAAA ANA W AAAmAAAF A AA AAHAAAAAAAA A A L A AAA A A AAA 3 A A A Amt A A2 mu AAA A A AA A A A AIAAA A A 2 AA 4 A A Aq A A A1 A AAAA A A A A f AA A A H a A A AAAAA E A u A rm H A m b MA A I A A A J A AT A A AA AA A AA A AA I U jr 5 m LL VI MECLVC n I f V 3 39 quot39 R 7 1 krs w 3kg 3C fa Ex v MEALQDE y Rug mas 4 H LL i H Li A is Feu g D 393 Park wad fim i quot v M4E J U 35g j BEW39T Q39 E Af m 4 4 39IIFHWPV f gagEM N j I if N m 39 4 7 1 g ti H T 39 Wiutflfmf m 1 E m admm wk Mew r 7 A 7 v if in a m m V I 1 hg g Gag12 mu Q j 5 r 4 3 aw r d r mw 3 r zrr r AH 7 7A 7 m m Ax L i Wr r P L fa 39 quot339 J j I 7 VW 7 i 139L quot 1 a k f i E 3 7 V u 1 5 5773 EX Rf E r 1 r quotx quot439 quot b Liar1 I 39 r iquot 5 v m Traym gmlugj w mm 1 l ULLL viii DOT quotmnmr Ham Dahl Smgm39 f g 9 f eo h 111 T gm F 5 nix 413 Q s14 1 l 2 39 1 I I 1 HI l 4 I a v I I ll quotaw J v a quotJ r h I H I a R L a I I A 3h V E V 1 gt bf If M42 39E Jr effbfhgi i Aquot J a I Hquot C i3 II D 3391T FA C 1391 L at J r 1 Isia39ski kgt I A I n I 1 1quot r yr 1 l g ukmr rfhh h Ju39qilfI39 quot a i 39I i E 5quot u 39T is 4 5 Jr J a LI sow e M QrdchDE 95 g l 53 7 v v ku MQ39Kfu ik5 L1 A f iajd mg ii leV39 tEL 1 D m LA A T n hr m 39 7 7 ri 7 r r 4L Q 7 quotBE an an 3 WW f j 4 agm 15am 3th Q quot r 7 r t g r 7 7 A 1 39 r 4 1 Ah w i 139 391 Hquot 39 39 gnaw i 3k kWhJuana r H71 R a 4 hi I 7 V j 939 5 33 333 KXSSXEB v 4 A 39 v E 052 No ices J 5 J L U QC quotE i Minn 93 X era l quotIIi Em 39Je k 39 4 a ir gFg ykr i39wr quot quot 111 gt e 5quotquot r 1 A r g F if r 1 d4 Tm quot I LEA L Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa


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