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Chapter 4: Consciousness

by: BrittanyElizabeth

Chapter 4: Consciousness PSY 1410

General Psychology
Mary Ellen Fromuth

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About this Document

Here is the fourth chapter of notes over Consciousness.
General Psychology
Mary Ellen Fromuth
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by BrittanyElizabeth on Tuesday October 20, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSY 1410 at Middle Tennessee State University taught by Mary Ellen Fromuth in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 10 views. For similar materials see General Psychology in Psychlogy at Middle Tennessee State University.


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Date Created: 10/20/15
Chapter 4 Sleep Introduction History 1937 Discovered that there were systematic changes in the brain during sleep 195039s Sleep Labs Stages of Sleep 1 Stage N1 Drowsiness NnonREM 0 Hypnic Jerk Nocturnal Jerk 2 Stage N2 Light Sleep 0 Sleep Spindles burst of fast waves 3 Stage N3 Deep Sleep quotslow wave sleepquot 0 Delta Waves High amplitude slow waves 4 REM Sleep 0 quotParadoxical Sleepquot Dreaming I Order 0 123REM23REM23REM etc 0 46 Cycles per night 90 minute intervals Sleep Disorders 1 Insomnia 0 Types I Situational Insomnias triggered by being stressed about something I Benign quotHarmlessquot Mind says your awake but your actually asleep I Circadian Rhythm Sleep Wake Disorders quotJet lagquot Change in schedule I DrugRelated quotIatogenicquot 2 REM Behavior Disorder Tend to act out dreams 0 Problem during REM 0 Sleep paralysis does not occur 39 This is common in older men and people With strokes 3 Sleep Apnea BreathingRelates Sleep Disorder 0 Snoring then silence and a sudden gasp multiple times per night 4 Narcolepsy quotSleep Attacksquot 0 Cataplexy Sudden loss of muscle tone While awake cataplexy usually comes With Narcolepsy 39 Sleep Paralysis 0 Causes of Narcolepsy 39 Doesn t tend to run in families 39 Deficiency in OreXin Hypocretin 5 Nightmare Disorder 0 Occurs during REM 0 Memory of the Dream 6 Sleepwalking Disorder Somnambulism 0 Happens during Stage N3 Not REM 0 No memory of it 7 Sleep Night Terrors 0 Not awake 0 Happens during Stage N3 0 no memory of What happened 0 not a dream 0 Most common between the ages of 3 and 8 years old Dreams Content of Dreams Factors that In uence Dreams 1 Culture 2 Issues Important to YOU 3 Environmental Events 4 Internal Events 0 Lucid Dreams 0 realizing you are dreaming While you sre dreams Dreams Why do we Dream 1 Freud39s Theory Wish Fulfillment Resolve unconscious con ict 0 Manifest Content Obvious the dreams that you remember 0 Latent Content Psychological meaning of a dream 2 Re ections of Current Concerns Issues 3 Activation Synthesis Theory 0 Meaningless random byproduct of REM sleep 39 Random firing of Pons tries to figure it out resulting in a quotdreamquot Hypnosis History 0 Very Early in History 0 Franz Anton Mesmer France 0 quotAnimal Magnesiumquot Unbalanced harmony in the body 0 Modern interest in hyprosis began With Mesmer 0 James Braid Named it Hypnosis 0 Focused attention 0 Heightened stage of suggestibility 0 Deabte over What it is What is involved trance state altered state of consciousness 0 Susceptibility 0 Absorption Ability to concentrate on material outside yourself 0 Characteristics Changes With Hypnosis 0 Heightened State of Suggestibility 0 Suspension of Reality Testing 39 Trance Logic uncritical acceptance of illogical events 39 Positive Hallucinations Example seeing things that are not there 39 Negative Hallucinations Examples not seeing things that are there 0 Posthypnotic Suggestibility 39 Suggestion for behavior after you leave hypnotic state 0 Memory May remember things that didn39t happen 0 Age Regression 0 Increased Pain Tolerance 2 Theories of Hypnosis 0 Trance Theories 39 Hilgard Neodissociation Theory 0 Sociocognitive Theories 39 Barber39s Social Role Theory 39 Acting out social role of hypnotized person


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