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12 October Notes

by: Ashley Kiple

12 October Notes MATH 1110

Marketplace > Tulane University > Math > MATH 1110 > 12 October Notes
Ashley Kiple
Intro to Probability and Statistics
Maurice Dupre

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About this Document

Week of Fall Break - no class Friday
Intro to Probability and Statistics
Maurice Dupre
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ashley Kiple on Tuesday October 20, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MATH 1110 at Tulane University taught by Maurice Dupre in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 42 views. For similar materials see Intro to Probability and Statistics in Math at Tulane University.


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Date Created: 10/20/15
12 OCT COUMT39NC 43 W MDdQ O EW LYLM Dammit S 3 Smpm 3900 Gigom 903be OMJVCGNS AC3 cavdfm ng 393 gf mh sgt Card S on A Camws N mu Zoh cg M wsz possibLL omlccomeS 2 3 ESQ o 398 0 1 ll lSCO 236 B bSibo bS b ij B OZ b 13 3 9 S H 3 30 AWSEC Ho S A Z Q w QW3 3 39h l 39 POSSX OUVHQS w Of 7quot 3923 456 K I A 3 owe d33301n 5248 l W Cowd AUB 339 CWO 43 de 83 Ituur o 39v r u39 tr s H x quot quot l v1 J p In was jln V A 17 395 5 5 ong 09 S Carol 3939 quot39 quot 2 39IH I u N quotLig how WVW W39WXS aVQ cJQUL 1 PCnnr39 P 51 P 32 S 2 5 31 S 39h r 7 04C N933 Jro MKANGE 63m533 0 QV va 0x 32 a Q WEASS 3 539 SO MW 1 L Jn39ovW 7M1 Comm agt 35281 1342141wa Cachmw r t 1 33 0 CHOOSE JC W Wss gram 9 NwrQ Wm jm oM vxc40n Wm SQch 0 WW oocLS vwaH Q 4 iwaol pg Q W ooC1lt v 3 Wong awn3W mouse rl 49mm va t h b CCQ Gym O p our 5 quot 92 NO 5 00 la V H Mow S vaik M ILn Hf l 2 Carol U83 quotfl qur d CWd quot39 Chm i Cht r H ma a CCmr mewm mt PASCAL S Tram NGLE PH V Q pkg i39 obox w m mng mso Coogt 1 a box w bNoCK WONook M oats Co ADMK H OUOVUL wNh wooi4 0011 a PASC A L 3 D C09 L TRUXNGLEi a 39 Col coma C10 CLDZZ Cle co39gt c339339gt3 C3 3 C313quot x H an H I 3 0 ID 5 i l I l I ll CTHHZBS 33 1 cm 1301031 LOISZDISGl 1394 9 55 352W n3 nm m34 403 aw 39 PM r 4mm 3 as m m I 1 w 0944 cytan MASKP l zv I i U 3399 1 1 m JON g 1 r WM woos2 A Pm r3 34902 WW 0 W Per WV 1 In 4h a it quot V4 l m L h l Ln F Vquot 45quot ygs 23935 933 344 PHI Cvxm PVg gt PCsMr 393 3 1 1 V 1251 COLH yr 39 WED I OCT M0 NDAH QE C AP A dqu om 3 Cand Aug 3 gourd A Con 63 E A 6 jam W m quot y7amp3 Vim 90 M39STEP PROCESS WW 3429 K Ms g was 41 badDM iWWm OF pour WS hD Aj y F Mums mm 49H Waujg n F PYr 3 4 Ma a 0 Mrwg r HVw sS 4am Qowm SAM quoto4 cm 4443585 Cm l 339 I WOS Q quot39 DO 139 3 W39 WA hf LB 32 I 3 V La quotm 0C Drf0v ext 3 S quot39S2o 20 j CONNWW Cmr CWj g v CSB2 CSZKZOB CS 2Z PVRAMPU O C PCNSCL AVS TVhloUtXLQ 92 NEW MPrTEQMltL f I LL 190th 10Ikr5 V39 V W3 DOkm WW 190mm COM WWW3 Mr H 1 CitMr POAMFU WE 5v wAs EMCTW MONDM 8 LESSON 5


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