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Lower Extremity Muscles and Bones

by: Kasandra Strunk

Lower Extremity Muscles and Bones BIOL 103 - 07

Marketplace > University of Indianapolis > Biology > BIOL 103 - 07 > Lower Extremity Muscles and Bones
Kasandra Strunk
Principles of Human Anatomy
Nelson H. Kraus

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About this Document

Principles of Human Anatomy
Nelson H. Kraus
Class Notes
Legs, femur, foot, tarsals, Calf, Muscles, bones, pelvic girdle
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kasandra Strunk on Tuesday October 20, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BIOL 103 - 07 at University of Indianapolis taught by Nelson H. Kraus in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 25 views. For similar materials see Principles of Human Anatomy in Biology at University of Indianapolis.


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Date Created: 10/20/15
Lower Extremity Muscles Tuesday October 20 2015 406 PM Muscles fhof Move HipThigh Fascia lata encircles thigh puts muscles into compartments o Anterior compartment 39 Extend knee 39 Flex thigh 0 Lateral compartment 39 Abducts thigh o Posteriorcompartment 39 Knee flexors 39 Extensors of thigh Psoas Major amp Iliacus inserts on lesser trochanter on femur 39 Merge to form iliosoas 39 Works syngeristically to flex thihg Medial Compartment 39 6 muscles 39 Adductthigh and other functions Adductorlongus Adductorbrevis Gracilies Pectinius Add uctor magnusextend and laterally rotates thigh Obturatorexternusdoes not adduct thigh Laterally rotates thigh llllllllllll Lateral Thigh Tensor fasciae latae attaches to lateral thickening of fascia lata iliotibial tract III Abducts and medially rotates Iliotibial tract extends from iliac crest to lateral condyle oftibia Posterior compartment 3 gluteal muscles and hamstrings Gluteus maximus chief extensor ofthigh 39 Laterally rotates thigh Gluteus medius deep to maximus 39 Abducts and medially rotates Gluteus minimus abducts and medially rotates o Piriformis 0 Superior gemellus o Obturatorinternus o Inferior gemellus o Quadratusfemoris Hamstrings Origin ischial tuberosity ofos coxae Insertion leg 0 Moves thigh and knww Extension 0 Biceps femoris o Semimembranosus o Semitendinosus Thigh Muscles that move knee jointleg Thigh anterior compartment 0 Quad riceps femoris knee extension 0 Rectus femoris o Vastus lateralis o Vastus medialis o Vastus intermedius Quadriceps tendon extends to patella and continues as patellar ligament and inserts on tibial tuberosity Sartorius tailors muscle acts on hip and kneejoints o Flexes and laterally rotates thigh o Flexes and medially rotates leg Medial compartment Gracilis adducts thigh and flexes leg Posterior compartment 3 hamstrings also flex leg Muscles thot move the onlltle ond toes Anterior Compartment 0 Extensor digitorum longus dorsiflexes the foot and extends toes 25 0 Extensor hallucis longus extends great toe and dorsiflexes foot 0 Fibularis tertius dorsiflexes and weakly everts foot 0 Tibialis anterior primary dorsiflexor and inverts foot 0 On medial side 0 Extensor retinaculum tendons tightened around nerve Lateral Compartment 0 2 synergistic muscles 0 Fibularis longus inserts on plantar side 0 Fibularis brevis lies deep to longus inserts into 5th metatarsal Posterior Compartment 0 7muscles 0 2groups o Superficial 0 Deep 0 Gastrocnemius two thick muscle bellies form calf o Flexes leg 0 Plantarflexes foot 0 Soleus plantarflexes foot 0 Triceps surae is formed when gastrocnemius and soleus merge 0 Most powerful plantar flexor 0 Calcaneal tendonzachilles tendon o Insertion forgastrocnemius and soleus 0 Flexor digitorum longus attaches to distal phalanges o Flexes MPPPDPjoints 0 Flexor hallucis longus plantarflexes foot and flexes great toe 0 Tibialis posterior deepest muscle 0 Plantarflexes o Inverts foot 0 Popliteus flexes leg 0 Medially rotates tibia Intrinsic FOOT Muscles 0 Extensor hallucis brevis extends MP joint ofgreat toe 0 Extensor digitorum brevis extends MP amp PIP of toes 24 Pelvic Girdle Bones Tuesday October 20 2015 405 PM Lower Extremity is composed of 39 Sacrum 39 Coccyx 39 Left and Right Ossa Coxae Os Coxae 0 Os coxae hip bone 0 Formed from III Ilium III Ischium III Pubis 0 Sacroiliac joint 05 coxae articulates with the sacrum 0 Acetabulum femur articulates with 05 coxae It is a curved depression on the lateral surface shallow cup 0 Lu nate surface surface on acetabulum D Cshaped III Articulates with femoral head Ilium Ischium and Pubis Ilium ischium and pubis make up portion of acetabulum Ililll11 0 Ilium superior region ofos coxae and part of acetabulum surface 0 Ala wide fan shaped terminats inferiorly at arcuate line 0 Arcuate line medial surface ofilium ridge 0 Iliac fossa depression on medial ala 0 Attachtment sites for gluteal muscles III Anterior gluteal line III Posterior gluteal line III Inferior gluteal line Auricular surface posteromedial side ofilium III Large and roughed III Articulates with ilium and sacrum 0 Iliac Crest superior most ridge 0 Anterior superior iliac spine rises anteriorly 0 Posterior superior iliac spine projection on ilium 0 Anterior inferior iliac spine inferior to ala of ilium 0 Posterior inferior iliac spine inferior to ala of ilium III Adjacent to greater sciatic notch ltgt Sciatic nerve extends to lower limbs Ischium Ischium fuses to ilium near superior and posterior margins of acetabulum Ischial spine posterior to acetabulum triangular projects medially Body superior to ischial spine Lesser sciatic notch semicircular depression inferior to spine Pubis Pubic crest anterosuperior surface of superior pubic ramus and ends at pubic tubercle Symphysialsurface roughened area of pubis body Pectineal line originates and extends diagonally across pubis to merge with arcuate line True v False Pevles True pelvis lesser pelvis inferior to pelvic brim deep bowl False pelvis greater pelvis superior to pelvic brim Pelvic inlet space enclosed by pelvic brim Pelvic outlet enclosed by sacrum ischial spines pubic symphysis Subpubic angle angle formed when the left and right pubic bones align at their symphysialsurfaces Femur and Palella Intertrochanteric crest greater and lesser trochanters connect on the posterior surface ofthe femur ridge of bone Intertrochanteric line extends between both trochanters III Marks distal edge of hip capsule Pectineal line attachments to pectineus muscle Gluteal tuberosity attachment of gluteus maximus muscle Tibia and Fibula Connected byinterosseous membrane like ulna and radius Medial malleolus medial border oftibia prominent process Fibular notch distal posterolateral side of tibia o Fibula articulates forming the inferior tibiofibularjoint Inferior articular surface inferior distal surface oftibia o Articular surfacefortalus Lateral malleolus extends laterally to ankle joint Tarsals Melatorsals and Phalanges 7 tarsals in ankle Talus superior most and 2nd largest tarsal bone articulates with tibia Calcaneus largest tarsal bone forms heel Navicular bone medial side of ankle Distal row of ta rsals o Medial cuneiform 0 Intermediate cuneiform 0 Lateral cuneiform o Cuboid bone Medial longitudinal arch highest arch extends to form heel to great toe 39 Prevents medial side from touching the ground Lateral longitudinal arch extends between little toe and heel Transverse arch perpendicular to longitudinal arches


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