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by: Mario Kirlin


Mario Kirlin
GPA 3.89


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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mario Kirlin on Tuesday October 20, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to EDTEC700 at San Diego State University taught by C.Arreguin in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 18 views. For similar materials see /class/225250/edtec700-san-diego-state-university in Education, Science at San Diego State University.




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Date Created: 10/20/15
EDTEC 700 Second Life Anthropology Sites This list of sites was developed by Mari Asturias Cathy Arreguin As a way to get a fresh look at Second Life you are to visit at least three different places from the list below lfthere s no one at a particular spot move on to the next one For each visit 1 First just observe what you see What kind of place is it What kinds of people do you see How do they interact with each other 2 Then dive in and interact Join a conversation Ask a few questions How are you treated 3 Summarize your experience Would you return to this place Places to go observe folks in SL Note There are many different subcultures in SL Some locations are rated M for strong language sexuality allowed Although not necessarily practiced Ahern Welcome Area Ahern 13 6 PG New folks and crazy old folks People say anything Do anything Fart a lot Excessive Lag A wild place very crowded I think most just turned 18 yesterday Serenity Woods Serenity Woods 170 128 31 A friendly furry community Furries are kind oflike peopleanimals It39s a de nite subculture Tarnburg Woods Tarnburg Woods 97 249 23 One ofthe many Gorean themed sims in SL Roleplay based on a series of books Panache Island Panache 125 48 37 A nicer SL shopping area Yes you will see many folks discussing and buying the latest styles for their AVs Just sit there for a minute or ve and estimate how much real life dough these folks are making Dublin in SL Dublin 147 104 25 A recreation of Dublin Ireland by actual Dubliners Depending on the time of day this place might be jumping or empty time zone thing The pub39s supposed to be good Arreguin amp Ward November 2006 1 The Matrix Shinda 14 56 39 PG A club devoted to games mild gambling and all that jazz Crowded Lot39s of new folks New Citizens Plaza Kuula 84 138 A nice place for new folks to get free stuff and advice Usually fairly crowded Public Sandbox Mauve 116 95 35 PG Full of folks building testing discussing 6 hour autoreturn on anything you build there Yard Sales SEARCH gt EVENTS gt Category All gt NameDesc yard sale Yard sales are VERY popular Pick a few to go to and watch folks snap up those bargains Peggy loves them Education Classes SEARCH gt EVENTS gt Category Education You can go to numerous free classes inside SL daily to build and improve SL skills I go to them learn and nd myself critiquing their instructional design But they are extremely popular Note This is in contrast to most academic islands which Cathy fondly calls quotdesert islandsquot They are usually empty of both people and asynchronous learning activities There was one corporation that had wonderful empty learning facilities They also had chairs you could sit in and listen to podcasts Yep you could sit there tethered to your desk watch a cartoon screen and listen to a podcast hmmmm I don t believe that could be de ned as an elegant solution Arreguin amp Ward November 2006 2


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