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by: Ardith Hauck DDS


Ardith Hauck DDS
GPA 3.69


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ardith Hauck DDS on Tuesday October 20, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to EDTEC700 at San Diego State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 8 views. For similar materials see /class/225251/edtec700-san-diego-state-university in Education, Science at San Diego State University.




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Date Created: 10/20/15
Instructional Materials Printbased Criteria to Consider Many of you are will be working on studies that call for assessment of print based materials content analyses perhaps Following are elements that evaluators commonly consider when tasked with such an assignment For those of you who ve taken EdTec 572 be sure to review 1 N MJBober 1998 rev 2000 Anderson L W amp Krathwohl D R Eds 2001 A taxonomy for learning teaching and assessing A revision of Bloom s taxonomy of educational objectives New York Longman Arter J amp McTighe J 2001 Scoring rubrics in the classroom Using performance criteria for assessing and improving student performance Thousand Oaks CA Corwin Press inc Marzano R J 2001 Designing a new taxonomy of educational objectives Thousand Oaks CA Corwin Press Inc Objectives Does the program have them Are they well written Are they worthwhile Comments Content Does the content relate directly to the objectives If not how does the extraancillary material add to g detract from the program Comments Presentational style flow Are learners given the information they need to attain each objective How is the information written eg is it clear and to the point Are examples provided Do the examples provide a range of possibilities Do they reflect a spectrum of instances Comments 4 Practice Is practice or review provided for each objective What form does it take eg written or oral Does it seem to be sufficient quality scope etc Is practicereview matched to the objectives Are the practice items and directions to learnersteachers well written Is constructive feedback relative to skill understanding or progress provided or made available Comments 5 Assessment How is learner performance assessed Are the objectives the content and the assessment aligned What is the quality of the writing of the test items How are the objectives weighted Are the directions for administering assessment clear How is the assessment scored How difficult a task is scoring Is scoring subjective norm referenced or objective criterion referenced Comments MJBober 1998 rev 2000 6 l Appeal Is there variety in the types of activities How are learners motivated to complete the tasks before them What hooks them In what ways if any is the product appealing eg representative of good design principles Is the format easy to follow Is it consistent Do graphicsiconssymbols enhance or detract from comprehensibility Does the format seem to t the content Comments Efficiency Do the objectives justify the length amount of time of the program unitlesson Are there opportunities for enrichment g remediation Comments MJBober 1998 rev 2000 8 Ease of use Instructorfacilitator If not self paced can instructorsfacilitators learn to use the program easily If the program unitlesson is not self contained are the set up notes clearly delineated Learner Whether or not self paced are directionsinstructions for how to proceed clear and unambiguous Are outcomesperformance criteria for activities explained Are instructor and learner materials well aligned Do they complement one another Comments 9 What are three to five positives about the product 10What are three to five negatives about the product Other issues you might want to consider I MJBober 1998 rev 2000 Appropriate for multiple ways learners might be grouped individually teams whole class etc Mix of instructional strategies Promoting higher ordering thinking complex skills problem solving Underlying instructional philosophy Adaptable for different learning styles andor ability levels Scalable for learners with differing prerequisite skillscompetencies Instructional Materials Printbased Criteria to Consider By now you ve realized that the criteria list above has limited utility First its qualitative nature could translate into hours of laborious analysis As important its structure doesn t well attend to potential rater biassubjectivity Following then are some ways to transform it into a scaled tool easily used after brief training by multiple raters 1 Objectives Evident 6 Yes 6 No Wellwritten 6 Yes 6 No Worthwhile 6 Yes 6 No Deficient Adequate Good Excellent Overall rating 6 e e 6 Comments 2 Content Deficient Adequate Good Excellent Extent to which content 6 e e 6 relates directly to the objectives Comments MJBober 1998 rev 2000 3 Presentational styleflow Deficient Adequate Good Excellent Learners given the e e e 6 information they need to attain each objective Information clear and to the Deficient Adequate Good Excellent point e e e 6 Quality of the examples Deficient Adequate Good Excellent 39 7 prOVIded e e e 6 Examples provide a range Deficient Adequate Good Excellent of possibilities OR reflect a spectrum of instances 6 e e 6 Comments 4 Practice Practice or review provided 6 Yes 6 No for each objective Form of the practice 6 Oral 6 Written MJBober 1998 rev 2000 Sufficiency quality scope Extent to which practicereview matches objectives Quality of the directions Comments MJBober 1998 rev 2000 Deficient e Deficient e Deficient e Adequate e Adequate e Adequate 6 Good Good Good Excellent 6 Excellent 6 Excellent 6


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