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by: Miss Gladys Lubowitz


Miss Gladys Lubowitz
GPA 3.64


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Miss Gladys Lubowitz on Tuesday October 20, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MATH245 at San Diego State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 39 views. For similar materials see /class/225273/math245-san-diego-state-university in Mathematics (M) at San Diego State University.

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Date Created: 10/20/15
Math 245 Discrete Discrete Mathematics Initial Meeting Fall 2006 Lecture 1 Peter Blomgreri Department of Mathematics and Statistics San Diego State University San Diego CA 921823720 blomgrenf terminus t SDSU t EDU httpEeminustSDSUtEDU 31a 1ecturetexv 13 2ooaoa2a 20A929 blomgren mp s stzntzmukzmuk rm Meeting an am 7 xu Math 245 Add Codes Crashers Class Capacity Capaciw 40 stvdents Enrolled 40 stvdents Available Add Code 0quot Dee to fire regulations 40 stvdents is the hard limit a See Peter beforeafter class to get add codes or get on a waitelist for addcodes naaxaamaimma rm Meeting N am 7 212 Math 245 Note Taking Class notes the slides will be posted on the class web site 7 That way the class does not become a noteetaking contest It is recommended that you take additional notes regarding additional explanations discussions and examples done in class on the board stzntzmukzmuk rm Meeting an am 7 au Basic Information The Professor UCLA 5353 0 August 2002 Present39 Assistant Professor San Diego State University De partment of Mathematics and Statistics 0 1998 4 200 rch As matics Main Focus39 Time Re Papanicolaou e 3 0 1994 lt 199839 PhD UCLA Department of Mathematics Adviser39 Tony F Chan PDE Ra Methods for Image Processing Thesis title39 Tolsl Vsi s on Melhods For Rayealien of Veclo Valued Images quot 0 1989 lt 199439 MSc Engineering Physics Royal Institute of Technology KTH Stockholm Sweden Thrxis Advisers Michael Renedicks Department of Math ematics K an Erik Aurell Stockholm University Department of Mathe matics Thesis Topic39 A Renoms zsli39on Technique For Families MW Fls39 Maxims quot 1of2 ciate Stanford University Department of Mathe versal and Imaging in Random Media with George we knew what it was we were doing it would not be called research would itquot Albert Einstein naaxaamaimma rm Meeting N am 7 a The Profeg The Book We vmm Marmara Wm Appfutiws 3rd moon bbmgrer mm SDSU ECU mp Hmmmm dweduy39SUSUy fampMlM mow MW yomwwmv gumms app 00 Menu 3 3a 5 V5 More TBA mm mm mm W smksm mm lean mg hm Wm mm mm m m r m hm Wm mm mm m m r m Syllabus Grading Chapter 1110 v 091 0 Compound summm 091 a OwnMm Smwmems 091 a Hememury NmuberTheory mmquot age and Methods 0 mm mm quot m6 sequenm and mnmm Indmm Th mmquot 39 1v mul a Wham n gt WNW WWW my be WWW OntMW One yobuosueeery mm a Moon m Gracmm Way39s mm r m See w mam Mum WWW marr m2 WWW MM mum W ExpectationsProcedures i Some but not all class attendance 5 OPTlONA Homework proects tets and announcements wlII be posted on the class web page Unfortunately the exams are REQUlRED Any lequlled atr tendance beyond the exam wlll be posted on theclass web page is you choose to attend optronal classce Please be on trme Please pay attentlon Please turn 0quot mobile phones Please be courteous to other students and the rnstructor Ablde hy unwelslty statute and all appllmble local state and Federal laws awe new ma mm N was a 5m Math 245 Goals coal 1 To teach the essentlal language and reasonrng 0F mathematrcs clarrty and precsron rn dehmtrons and statements of Fact and rrgorous methods For estahlshrng that a statement s true coal 2 To teach the hasrcs of set theory bglce comhrnatorrcs and graph theory a way ths s a language class Pv rathematlcmns use ltnglrsh mathematrcal propertres he co o39 te s o behave drsserently rn mathematrcs Do you want vanllla or chowhte a r statement of pIeFelence lStatement ortruth am new ma we ch are a ndz ExpectationsProcedures ii Tum rn aasrgnments on trme The rnstructor reserves the rrght not to accept late assrgnments specral arrangements Fol students It es and wlll try to make atrons or other unforeseen crrcumstanccs 7 rllness t at rs ran to all students lease contact the nstructor regardlng specla cmcumatanceat You are expects and encouragedto ask ouestrons rn class tudents are expected and encouraged to to make use of omce houls is you cannot make rt to the scheduled omce hours contact the rnstructor to schedule an appolmment Academlc honesty submlt your own wolk but Feel Flee to dscuas rdeas wnh other students rn the cla 5 Questions Comments Administrative Stuf Erma Prerequisit Math m or Math 150 September 13 tast day to add classe drop claase or change gradrng hasrs No schedule adustments allowed a cr 600 pm onthrsdate December 12 Flnal Exam Tuesday lpm 3pm Questions aanauma rmcawaster aasa nn


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