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by: Lyda Yost


Lyda Yost
GPA 3.95


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 18 page Class Notes was uploaded by Lyda Yost on Tuesday October 20, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to LING100 at San Diego State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 52 views. For similar materials see /class/225286/ling100-san-diego-state-university in Linguistics at San Diego State University.

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Date Created: 10/20/15
A Writing Placement Assessmenf When do I take the WPA gt W students must take the WPA in the semester they are completing 60 units or the semester immediately following gt m students must take the exam by the end of their rst semester at SDSU gt Not taking the WPA not being able to register for classes in future semesters kg Format of the WPA gt 2 hour writing exam gt You will be asked to a Read short text in the form of an argument Write an essay that responds to a series of questions about the roadan You will be asked to ANALYZE THE ARGUMENT presented in the reading 0 DO NOT WRITE A PERSONAL RESPONSE AM k Analyze the Argument This means 1 Assess the argument s structure 2 Explain how the author uses rhetorical strategies to persuade an audhnce 3 Evaluate using evidence from the reading how convincing the argument iff kg How is the test graded gt 2 radars will score your paper on a scale of 0 to 6 gt The combined totals will be your score on the WPA Mat does my grade on the WPA mean gt 10 11 or 12 ful lls upper division writing requirement do not need to take any more writing classes unless required by your major gt 8I9 Must enroll in appropriate 39W class usually RWS 305W 5 7 and below Must enroll in RWS 280 or RWS 281 Having received a 39C39 or above in 280 or 281 must enroll in appropriate W course Km k Prompts for Personal Response to Isolated by the Internet Clifford Stoll o How do the ideas in the text connect with my own life What associations can I make 0 What experiences do I recall 9 What images does the text create in my mind 9 Am I drawn to particular words phrases or sentences 9 Is there anything in the text that I agree with reject or wonder about 0 Does the text contain ideas that lead me to speculate reflect or make predictions 9 What else in the text do I relate to P39arap hras inig Summarizing and Quoting Paraphrasing translating a part of a reading into your own words Summarizing writing the main idea and major points of a text in your own words significantly shorter than original reading Paraphrase vs Summary A paraphrase restates ALL the content of the original sentence or sentences A summary includes only the most important concepts andideas When you want to recordv the fullyr detailed meaning of a passage paraphrase it lfiyou are only interested in the gist write a Summary Kennedy39 2008 p 42 Quoting recording a section of text word for word should be used sparingly on ly quote if something is particularly wellWritten ALWAYS use quotation marks explain your quotes For paraphrases summaries and quotes ALWAYS CITE YOU R SOURCES Paraphrasing Example Original Text Of the more than 1000 bicycling deaths each year three fourths are caused by head injuries Half of those killed are schoolage children One study concluded that wearing a bike helmet can reduce the risk of head injury by 85 percent In an accident a bike helmet absorbs the shock and cushions the head From quotBike Helmets Unused Lifesaversquot Consumer Reports May 1990 348 Paraphrase of Text The use of a helmet is the key to reducing bicycling fatalities which are due to head injuries 75 of the time By cushioning the head upon impact a helmet can reduce accidental injury by as much as 85 saving the lives of hundreds of victims annually half of whom are school children quotBike Helmetsquot 348 2 3 4 5 6 Simplified Paraphrasing Procedure Read the passage two or three times Ask yourself What is the main idea and what are the details that support the idea Looks away from the text and restate the main idea and details in your own words Reread the original to check the accuracy of your paraphrase Weave the paraphrase into your essay Provide documentation Paraphrase the following examples from Isolated by the Internet quotIt39s true that many online relationships developed as well but most represented weak social ties rather than deep onesquot Stoll 2008 p 393 quotParadoxically the Internet is a social technology used for communication yet it results in declining social involvement and psychological wellbeing Stoll 2008 p 394 quotIt39s a medium for creating friendships and to stay in touch with family membersquot Stoll 2008 p 394 quotNow that many family members have separate televisions watching TV is no longer a communal experience but rather an isolated nonsocial nonencounterquot Stoll 2008 p 395 LOOKING FOR SYNONYMS 9 quotIt39s true that many online relationships developed as well but most represented weak social ties rather than deep onesquot Stoll 2008 p 393 Paraphrase While people did form new relationships via their online interactions they mostly made superficial connections with others rather than genuine ones Stoll 2008 9 quotParadoxically the Internet is a social technology used for communication yet it results in declining social involvement and psychological wellbeingquot Stoll 2008 p 394 Paraphrase The Internet is supposed to facilitate communication but instead it leads to a number of problems including an increase in social isolation and a decline in mental health Stoll 2008 Paraph nagse the fallowling examples from Isolated the Ll nte rnet cont quotvWith moreyirtu39al reality bvgrtaking real reality We39re using social ordinary skills and common social situations are becoming more awkwardquot Stall 2008 p 3295 quotThe notion thatpeo ple can become addicted to the Internet was scoffed at by professional psychologistsquot Stoll 2008 p 395 quotThis isn39t just the fault of technology so many people want hightech careers and professions that they willingly latch onto jobs which demand twentyfour hour availabilityquot Stoll 2008 p 396 quotan Internet link is a license to goof of 39quot Stoll 2008 p 397 quotToday it39s natural enough to look to the Internet for a community since our real neighborhoods have been relentlessly undercut by television automobiles and urban renewalquot Stoll 2008 p 397 APA Citation InText Citation see pp 254261 in Keys for Writers for sample APA paper a For paraphrases and summaries of text you need a Last name of author a Year of publication Examples 1 Most of the relationships people form online are superficial and can t be considered true friendships Stoll 2008 2 Stoll suggests that most of the relationships people form online are superficial and can t be considered true friendships 2008 APA Citation InText Citation a For direct quotes from the text you need a Last name of author a Year of publication 1 Page number 1 And of course quotation marks Examples Disguised as efficiency machines digital time bandits steal our lives and undermine our communitiesquot Stoll 2008 p 398 As Stoll explains the only way to learn how to get along with others is to spend plenty of time interacting with people 2008 p 395 See pp 291 in far Writes for exa mp lie APA Citation o For an article or a chapter in a book Last name Initials Year Title of article In Last name Initial Ed Name of Book pp Publication city and state Publisher For example Stoll C 2008 Isolated by the internet In Kennedy M amp Kennedy W Eds Writing in the Disciplines 6th ed pp 392398 Upper Saddle River NJ Pearson


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