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by: Allie Kuphal


Marketplace > San Diego State University > Art > ART259 > INTROTOARTHISTORY
Allie Kuphal
GPA 3.66


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Allie Kuphal on Tuesday October 20, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ART259 at San Diego State University taught by A.Williams in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 25 views. For similar materials see /class/225292/art259-san-diego-state-university in Art at San Diego State University.




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Date Created: 10/20/15
Chapter 15 Northern Europe 1400 1500 Northern Renaissance lesser interest in Roman antiquity lesser interest Byzantine style development of oil paint use of disguised symbolism development of printmaking 1440 s rst printing press France run by king of France and brothers who were dukes dukes of Berry Belgium today Manuscripts written by hand before printing presses written on cat or lambskin with so buttery feel Day divided up into times when you pray morning lunch dinner before bed Different parts of the year read different parts of the Bible For someone likeDuke of Barry needed book of Hourswhat prayer for what time of day First Sidewhole book is tempera paint Limbourg Brother decorated the Dukes prayer book pictures depict what kind of prayers you would say at what time of day and year Left slide Horoscope icons depicted paid attention to astrologyaquarius Capricorn etc Calendar pages have activites of the month January shows Duke feasting Feasting Sidetempera January the duke would have banquet around new years day and would exchange gifts New Years big holiday with feasting eating little birds battle in background Le Flur de li of France Fancy rug to show how rich Rug is symbol of document and power and wealth This slide contains depictions of court life and of the Duke October slidetempera Sewing seeds in northern communities need to get seeds in before winter Calendar scenes divided by court life and peasants going about daily life This slide contains everyday people peasants Man on horse is plowing Scarecrow in the ground with bow and arrow to scare away crows Castle in the background with canal Notes Jan Van Ike is one who developed oil painting oil painting is much like fesco and tempera but oil paint is suspended in oil advantage of oil over tempera is that oil dries slowly can wipe off and repaint it oil can take years to dry another advantage is very luminous colors are available and can become more naturalistic in 1420s start seeing consistent use of oil painting Jan Van EyckGiovanni Amolfini and his wife 1434 visual document of wedding Is it really his wife online assignment if wanted to become painter about 1012 years old beginning with assisting a master apply to become a master by creating a masterpiece town decides if your good enough Robert Campin altar piece worked in Tournoi l4258 The Merode Altarpiece 3 panel altarpiece Triptych 3 panel altarpiece 2 piece is diptych multiple is polytych Merode subject matter is virgin mary and angel angel announcing that mary will bear Christ Right hand panel contains joseph left hand panel is guard Northem painting so has much symbolism Left panel inside walled garden symbol of virgin mary purityclosed garden rosesmary Middle Panel annunciationMary wearing blue in 999 of paintings wearing mostly red in this one sitting on ground bcz humble and reading from bible has cloth between bible and hands bcz its holy Angel is kneeling re with rescreen candle in back just blown out bcz light of God had entered the room Enclose vase is symbol of purity of Virgin Mary Upper le hand corner is gure of infant Christ sailing through window most popular scence in sacred imagery Right Panel with oil painting you can use brushes with only 2 hairs and make very complicated everyday life in background mixed in with diving Joseph the carpenter making things Mousetrap for Satin Rogier Van Der Weyden slide l435St Luke Drawing the Virgin Mary may have been masterpiece work bcz of the subject matter guild of St Luke Christ is nursing from Mary symbolic in a sense of Mary as the church nursing humanity Hem of dress is blue and Gold worth a small fortune Face of painterself portrait of Rogier Van Der Weyden Probably notbut it is sensitive and concentrated drawing with silver point take piece of paper and glue bone fragments to it then scratch it with silver Background detail 2 commons in back river and town incredible detail special depiction Terminology Chapter 16 Italian Art 14001600look on BB Cathedral slideFlorence orentine government building l400 population is rising again and coming out of period of wars many art projects start to ourish Brunelleschi Slide Santo Spirito interior vision and perscpective Photograph not painting Earth is round so things closer are bigger basic visual things vantage point columns geometry etc not accurate depiction of space just guesses before Alberti Perspective Construction Slide make point and then connect all lines to the pointvanishing point take other lines and make diminish little by littletransversals Horizon line with a grid Donatello Slide F east of Herod Baptismal Font Siena Baptistryl425 golden bronze absorbed some lenses of the one point perspective background ppl are smaller than in front horizon line Donatello playing tricks by making different size tiles many oor tiles John the Baptist in background coming around to front and John Baptists head on a plate The girl would only dance for the king if his head was presented on a platter musicians fancy drapery one point perspective Massaccio slide Ugly Tom Holy Trinity fresco Santa Maria Novella Florence in church l4247 Virgin Mary on le Christ on cross Chairo Scuro shadings and how ngers are made round in paintings Christ holy trinity halo father thorn with blood Accurately depicts the measurements of the tomb barrel vault Coffers and columns altar Message at the bottom of altar 1nction of fresco was a funerary monument for the man in red on bottom Patron pays for the work and tells them what to paint Masaccio dies of plague shortly after this is painted


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