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by: Elmira Kunze Jr.


Elmira Kunze Jr.
GPA 3.85


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 38 page Class Notes was uploaded by Elmira Kunze Jr. on Tuesday October 20, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CS696 at San Diego State University taught by T.Xie in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 19 views. For similar materials see /class/225305/cs696-san-diego-state-university in ComputerScienence at San Diego State University.

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Date Created: 10/20/15
Guide for Writing Project Proposals 1 Introduction 1 or 2 paragraphs 0 Motivation Sentence 0 Summarize the problem 1 or 2 sentences 0 Summarize the solution 1 or 2 sentences 0 Describe format of rest of proposal sections etc 2 Motivation 1 to 3 paragraphs 0 What is the history of the problem Why is this problem interesting When and why does the problem occur Is the problem already solved What is done now Are there any similar systems or solutions to the one you propose If so reference and very brie y explain them 0 Are there are possible improvements to current solutions 3 Project Summary 1 paragraph 0 What in general will this project achieve Do not delve into details or timelines 4 Project Details 0 Architecture and Environment 23 paragraphs gures Describe the project environment software hardware languages organizations etc Diagrams and gures are useful here if appropriate What software hardware or tools will you use 0 Implementation Issues and Challenges 23 paragraphs What will be the most difficult issues and challenges in the implementation How are you using or extending current tools systems for your problem What makes your project unique 0 Deliverables 35 paragraphs pointform may be used for some of the description What will the project produce program report etc Describe in relative detail the features of each of the proj ect s products You may wish to separate deliverables into phases and indicate optional components given time Emphasize what your project contributes or achieves 0 Timeline 1 paragraph pointform is suitable Provide an estimated timeline of project deliverables and important dates 5 Conclusion 1 paragraph 0 Summarize the project including the problem motivation and proposed solution and restate important planned contributions 6 References 0 List references used to compile proposal and references that will be used for project if already known 0000 C8696 Research Project 2 The whole process Tao Xie Department of Computer Science 02082010 San Diego State University Content Establishing your goal and timing Identifying a research problem Summarizing existing related work Focusing on one particulartechnique Establish Your Goal Before taking any action ask yourself the following questions I In what areas I have strong backgroun During my previous studies and research in OS l have been good at I What areas interest me System Resource Mana ement scheduling RealTimeEmbedded Systems Database Management igh Performance Computing Parallel and Distributed Computing Information Security Programming Languages etc much time I can put on this research project y hoursweek and totally how many wee s e rkgalone or collaborate with other people Empllabofative research pro39ect I need to make a research schedule which works 3 y partners lfwo Ing alone I have to have a time schedule as well 1 2 3 DeadlineDriven Setup the deadline for your research project Target on a conference where you will submit your research work For class research project your instructor imposes a deadline for you Start your work As Soon As Possible For your thesis it s better to set the deadline one month before your efense How to discover an interesting and achleva e research issue interests in Narrow down your research topic Task Annuaan The ab echve funmm ma memes ystun Resmxce Mmsgemem What are the research issues that I or my group have What I or my group can achieve before the deadline Reading Phase 1 Extensive Reading Search recent years related papers using key words from top resources How many papers are enough 10 20 fora class project Reading these related papers can 1 Educate you about the stateof the art techniques Motivate your own idea Von39ference ranking list 7 quot statioccgatecheduguofeiCSConfRankhtm How To Conduct The Extensive Reading Abstract What is it talking about I Introduction the background and motivation of this work Summarlzmg Existing Related Work After extensive reading write a summary of the existing related work one or two pages This summary will be Related Work in your paper How To Summarize Categorize the current related techniquestron a high level view Then concisely point out their respective cons and Related Work Summary Example 1 I Use a few sentences to give a background message Energy conservation has been an important research topic in storage systems and there have been extensive studies on developing energy saving techniques for hard disk drIves Compared With numero singledisk energy saving schemes 1115202864 energ conservation techniques for parallel disk arrays used b d ta cent d more complicated because the balancing data and access parallelism data availability reliability I scalability and performance into accoun ummary of current related techniques I into four broad categories as shown In Ta e ergy conservation techniques for parallel disk arrays can be bl 1 Related Work Summary Example 2 Category Representative Techniques Power DRPM 18 Multispeed 8 Hibemator 71 Management CMTPM and CMDRPM 55 RAID RAID Tuning I7 PARAID 61 MAID 9 PALRU and PBLRU 72 PDC 37 CBSM 7 PDDL 56 PF54 Related Work Summary Example 3 I Point out the differences between yours and others Our techniques are signi cantly different from the above schemes First we are targeting mobile disk arrays where a medium size from several dozens to several hundreds disk array can provide not only a large capacity but also a hig is lO an width for dataintensive ap lications Second a ractical energycentric reliability model to be built for reliability is at least equally important as energy saving in mobile computing environments ext we propose several novel y er vation echniques such as Energyaware Data 39 ent strategies and Buffered Disk framework which aim at ergy while satisfying other criteria like reliability availability 39 ance Reading Phase 2 Comprehenstve Read 9 Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants Identify one or two papers 39om the extensive reading Reread ii and gain a thorough understanding Askthe following questions 1 Is this a good work representing the new trend 2 What are the future work pointed by the authors sin a new Environment With some mudmeauun Terrme but rarely happens in class research a new idea motivated by theirvvurk n Reading Phase 2 Comprehensive Reading Implementing Their Algorithms Make sure that you completely understand the paper You can even reproduce its results Find the drawbacks of their methods In conclusion part Onstruct your algorithm to either overcome iawbacks or add new functions t d per Designing Your Strategy There are normally two ways Develop a new one which can be a peer of the existing idea m omplement the existing one and make it better in runew performance metric 5m 3 5miqu m umulwr r mm n n39 quotM at lm 1 mm m 4 n m M Inle I un u 11 F wwml F M m Jm ulupu39v an 4 39 m lurn gt L 2 rd ofthm vac a m nquot 1 m at h mu 4 H mm um mm A mu mm M um n n 4 gum u 1 an 1 had mm Wm xuwx m In 1 r m m m um I I 9 mm g 3 n nr 4 n In rd r r V v mm mu f m am 4 mm wg n 1 1 1 wmmdu u M a Conducting Experiments 1 Implement your algorithm gt Implementing a prototype gt Using simulator 1 wellknown existing 2 your ow gt Using any languages appropriate to construct your simulator Collect data 39 Snthetically generate data by using some data generators httpiottasniaorgtracescookiesenabedtesting Wrimental results data drive your simulator Conducting Experiments 2 Make an experiment plan gtDetermine the objective metrics eg mean response time overall energy consumption Determine the parameters to be evaluated request arrival rate workload request skew quot ree number ofdisks in a disk array Make Your Experimental Results Convincing Use traces to validate your synthetic results Validate your simulator C8696 Research Project Preparation1 How to Conduct Research in CS Tao Xie Modified from A Letter to Research Students Duane A Bailey Department of Computer Science Williams College Department of Computer Science 02032010 San Diego State University Key Elements I Reading Writing Working with others I Talking teps for a project Reading Is Fundamental Finding and reading related work is the foundation of good research Two critical resources ACM Guide to Computing Literature and Computing Reviews Identify resources that are important to your field a Read the top and recent journals and proceedings quotr39example lEEE Digital Library ACM Digital r and USENIX SDSU has lEEEACM digital Top Conferences AC 39 39 39 39 on High Distributed Computing HPDC This year is 19th The International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems ICDCS This year is 30m ACM Symposium on Principles of Distributed Computing PODC This year is 29m The IEEE International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium lPDPS This year is 24rd 39r fo rmance Computing HiPC This year is 17m kte vrnational Conference on Parallel Processing ICPP x ear isgz39m Top Journals IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems TPDS Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing JPDC ACM Transactions on Computer Systems TOCS Reading Method A broad reading for many related papers Focusing on Abstract Introduction and Conclusion Concentrate on papers on your short list What is the contribution ofthis research How does this contribution relate to work previously complished hat are the important references cited in this paper a summary for papers on your short list fch career summarizing work yours as well as that aicommon task doing it concisely is an art Considering these after reading What makes this paper easy to read What level of detail is provided What examples are used to demonstrate important concepts What questions are left unanswered n the results be generalized Reading Consequences Unfortunately technical literature is often obscurer written The pace may be slow but in the end the potential of ell written article will have been realized rcomprehension of the article will be improved Writing ls Fundamental Too Good writing is the only lasting medium of the scientific process Reread a paper you enjoyed with an eye to integrating stylistic qualities into your writing Keep a journal as the journal is a simple tool for organizing your research and it is a valuable record of progress you make pa Summary of results encountered in related readings A Good Paper to Read Atdelzater TF Atkins EM Shin KG Qo S negotiation in realtime systems and its application to automated flight control lEEE Transactions on Computers Volume 49 Issue 11 Nov 2000 Pages1170 1183 can find it from SDSU Library online Work with Others For many success comes from work with others Talk Isn t Cheap In any serious research you will find yourself giving a talk Good talks require considerable preparation Jshould contain illustrative examples with the tail that is appropriate for your audience The Research Project Research in computer science often leads to a quotprojectquot involving programming 9 rogramming is not computer science research Project Steps 1 Establish goals gt Ifyou cannot formulate concise goals you should stop and reconsider the motivations for the project gt Develop a list of milestones which demonstrate progress and strive to accomplish them 39 Think simple Design your projects so that they may be completed Within 39areasonable period of tim prototypes or simulators aw onsidered prototype validates assumptions tests e fabstractions and motivates reconsideration of Project Steps 2 Use tools gt Such as matlab mathematica bison etc Document results gt Finished projects should be documented Er The document should describe the problem assumptions your approach and an honest evaluation of ur results Useful Links Hints for research students httpwwwvirtospher quot quotquot39 earchtipshtml Guidelines on Research Practice in Computer Science httn39lnnanna rs rmit 9le 39 39 html 4 duate Research Writing and Careers in Computer 1 I I I A hfml Acknowledgment The content of this lecture comes from A Letter to Research Students Dr Duane A Bailey Department of Computer Science V lliams College aquot Project Proposal Guide and Sample httpwwwrohansdsuedutaoxiecs696projectshtm Email me one paragraphs or two describing your proposed project Due Wednesday Feb 10 at midnight In the email please specify the following Which topic you choose Within that topic What is your rough idea


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