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by: Herbert Murphy


Herbert Murphy
GPA 3.84


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 13 page Class Notes was uploaded by Herbert Murphy on Tuesday October 20, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CS696 at San Diego State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 23 views. For similar materials see /class/225307/cs696-san-diego-state-university in ComputerScienence at San Diego State University.




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Date Created: 10/20/15
CS 696 Introduction to Cybennfrastructure and Grid Computing Lecture 1 Mary Thomas San Diego State Tuesday 18Jan07 WARNINGS This will be a very tough class a We will cover extreme and new technologies including Advanced web and IT web services portals distributed and grid computing highperformance computing HPC High speed networking Large datadatabases Security Rapidly emerging standards Not for students who are NonCS majors converting to CS Just learning Java you will fail I New to English language and writing scientific reports Please wait until next year I This course is a graduate course and is only for 2nd year grads 1 There will be no creditno credit registration allowed Feb710707 Expectations I expect all students to perform at a graduate student level a Research the problem learn about it and find an answer on your own develop a solution You can expect to go out and qualify for a job in this field if you survive 1 IBM projects a 1 Billion industry in 2005 a Hardly anyone can do this stuff so you will be very useful Feb710707 3 Announcements cont In the next week or so you need to decide what tools you wish to work with a Languages Python or Java I will primarily use Python examples a Operating Systems I Much of the software is based on Apache so Linux is best for deployment a You can work with an IDE integrated development environment httpwwweclibseord is free Any tool OK as long as I can read the software you can explain and you can debug it a Toolkits and programs begin with I JDK and Ant compiler Feb710707 Lecture Material httpwwwrohansdsuedufacultvmthomascs696 I Course Links a Course Information policies prerequisites crashing grading expectations u Assignments Homeworks class and semester projects a Lecture Notes El Feb710707 Why do We Have Grid Computing I The term was coined ca 1996 by Ian Foster and Carl Kesselman Used to describe software that was needed by the rapidly growing highly advanced community of highperformance Computing HPC Resources that scale with technologies a Supercomputers MFlops in96 but now using TFlops I Big and not portable a Large data sets GB in 96 but now peta bytes i Need fast networks to move data around to resources i Need security NSF and other gov agencies spend money to build infrastructure so it is hard to get access Feb710707 SDSU Computational Sciences and Cyberinfraslructure Research CSCR Grid WW x ifs t EMMMW mmmmgs E2972 P mm P JF m2 5mm me my Ivch am 1 New Fa y 7 mm mm TeraGrid 15 mng Pans mm no per each 4 ans Cnmyutn nnal Sclmce mnmaanu swz so so m cmst In EAMJDS as c Mummwr K sus Single Mode Fmev SGRGrid ACEL ln niBand cluster in GMcsAzs om Cala ysl ma mum 1m FC sun ANS Servers mm mnmmun uvhhr P 3001 mm m TeraGrid and the Alliance u m ulmcsoza r slon U n C Gm ar B mm mu UT Auslin Rizfu nusmn TeraGrid Partners Alli nce G rid fesuaed 39 Abilene Backbone Febdl thealobmniance Use of CoG Kits emrx g I what mg Frameworks suopeonddv PHD he globus aylnce wewmzmghnc COGAbstraction Layer 5 Febl rm What is Grid Computing I Is it a new unique idea or the next generation of distibuted or metacomputing a See Ian Foster Paper What is the Grid A Three point Checklist I htt www fp mcsandovfosterArticlesWhatsTheGrid pdf Is it sufficient a After many years of RampD the NSF has expanded the concept to define Cyberinfrastructure Feb710707 11 Cybcrinfrastructure The Office of Cyberinfrastructure coordinates and supports stateoftheart cyberinfrastructure resources tools and services in Currently seeking proposals for a 1015 opssec system If giga 109 Cl resources tools and related services such as supercomputers high capacity massstorage systems system software suites and programming environments scalable interactive visualization tools productivity software libraries and tools largescale data repositories and digitized scientific data management systems networks of various reach and granularity and an array of software tools and services that hide the complexities and heterogeneity of contemporary cyberinfrastructure while seeking to provide ubiquitous access and enhanced usability OCI supports the preparation and training of current and future generations of researchers and educators to use cyberinfrastructure to further their research and education goals while also supporting the scientific and engineering professionals who create and maintain these lTbased resources and systems and who provide essential customer services to the I I V Feb710707 12 C1 Tour The TeraGrid httowwwteragridorg Monitoring information a httpaloinetaccutexasedu8080tqmaohtml a httpgridportalhepphicacukrtmapplethtml Feb710707 13


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