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by: Herbert Murphy


Herbert Murphy
GPA 3.84


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 19 page Class Notes was uploaded by Herbert Murphy on Tuesday October 20, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CS696 at San Diego State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see /class/225307/cs696-san-diego-state-university in ComputerScienence at San Diego State University.




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Date Created: 10/20/15
CS 696 Introduction to Grid Computing Lecture 18 Mary Thomas San Diego State Thursday 26Apr07 Teragrid Globus Servers I httpwwwteragridorguserinfojobsgIobusD hogatekeepers NCSA I GRAMI a gridhgncsateragridorg CTSS 3 GridFTP a gridftphgncsateragridorg2811 CTSS 3 May72707 Globus CTSS3 vs CTSSZ Globus is pretty much the same I Authorization is now different using mproxy ogin to obtain credential Names of hosts have changedso don t hard copy into your codes May72707 Globus Programming I You can program to Globus using either Unix commands a eg gridproxyinit globusjobsubmit globusrun etc OR using a programming API o C Java API s exist int globusgramclientjobrequest const char resourcemanagercontact const char description int jobstatemask const char callbackcontact char jobcontact May72707 I Globus Components Compunents currently planned Or Globus Too klk 40 ws Cumpnnems Nonrws Compnnems 1mm I Globus Pro W8 Component Interaction Diagram GRAM Imam Qmekeeuer s m s i GASS Global Acce to Secondary Storal e ram 72 MDS Monitoring and Discovery Service GRIS Grid Resource Information Service 6115 Grid Index Information Service Mil72707 me iBM Redbnnk 56246895012003 mm in Grid Computing GRAM Service that provides remote execution and status management of the request When a job is submitted by a client the request is sent to the remote host and handled by the gatekeeper daemon located in the remote host I Then the gatekeeper creates a job manager to start and monitor the job I When the job is finished the job manager sends the status information back to the client and terminates May72707 GRAM Architecture GRAM Sewer p request Gatekeeper GRAM Client 1 SL w 4 WW W fork m Job Manager w JOB smmsrsanoe RSL Parse REL A me yse optonal Tomi b Fem npl We ransfer GASS GASS output uansier orlt qsub bsub 33 Chen PBS Job LSF Job Local Resource Manager Frum EM Redbuuk SGZAVBEBEVEHZEIEIS ntrutu 3nd Cumputmg szrzrm GRAM Elements I Clients I Gatekeeper daemon I Job Manager I Global Access to Secondary Storage GASS I DynamicallyUpdated Request Online Coallocator DUROC I User Resource Specification Language RSL May72707 GRAM Clients I Three clients El globusrun CI globus job run El globus job submit May72707 10 I GRAM globusrun I Executable that uses Resource Specification Language see later in lecture o RSL is powerful o GRAM knows what to do with RSLdepending on context which machine what queues is this job or file lO etc The other 2 clients are script wrappers around globusrun May72707 GRAMz globus job run Command line interface tojob submission Features staging of data and executables using Global Access to Secondary Storage GASS The basic syntax is a globusjobrun 39contact string39 command The contact string specifies a machine port and service to send the request to a syntax of contact string is machineportjobmanager name a default port is 2119 the default name is quotjobmanagerquot If you wanted to contact a jobmanager named quotjobmanagerpbs on port 2345 you would run a globusjobrun localhost2345jobmanager pbs bindate May72707 12 globus job runRunning Jobs Step 1 login onto the grid run globus proxy init command Proxies lasts 12 hours by default The simplest way to run a program to the grid is the globus j ob run command The syntax is globus job run lthostnamegt ltprogramgt ltargumentsgt The program parameter must refer to the absolute path of the program You can avoid this using the s option before the program name V th s globus automatically transfers the program to the host that it will be executed You can start a multirequest using the delimiter If you want all programs to have common parameters use the args option globus job run args 1 1024 machinel s foo machine2 s bar El El May72707 GRAM globus job run staging les I globus job run s flag a Stages file lO For example if you have a script called helloshquot which is the following lbinsh bindate Stage the script to be run globus job run localhost s myprog u causes GASS server to be started local machine a when job reaches the job manager it will contact your GASS server and read in the staged file then submit the job to the local scheduler You also have the ability to stage in stdin and stage out stdout using the same mechanism globus job run localhost stdin myintxt stdout myouttxt s myprog May72707 14 GRAMz globus job submit basic syntax is globusjobsubmit 39contact string39 command batch interface Similar to jobrun but does not support automatic staging of files returns immediately with a contact string a use to query the status ofjob u Commands globusjobstatus globusjobgetoutput once the job is done collect the output with this command globusjobclean May72707 15 GRAM globus j ob submit I Used to submit batch jobs use globusj ob submit I Syntax globus job submit lthostnamegtjobmanager ltprogramgt ltargumentsgt I Batch jobs are executed in the background typically to queuing systems I You can remotely submit a job logout come back later to collect results I The program must refer to an absolute path You cannot use the s option With globus j ob submit I After a successful submission a job handle is returned Store this handle I Operations note handle is parameter El Check the status of a job globus job status lthandlegt El Retrieve the output of a job globus j ob get output lthandlegt El Cancel ajob globus job cancel lthandlegt o Clearthe files produced by ajob globus job clear lthandlegt May72707 16 Globus jOb submit tgIogin1 aCthomasmgt globusjobsubmit gridhgncsateragridorg s heosh httpszlltgIoginsncsateragridorgz50007181491177637784 tgIogin1 aCthomasmgt globusjobstatus httpszlltg login3ncsateragridorgz50007181491177637784 DONE May72707 GRAM Gatekeeper gatekeeper daemon builds secure communication between clients and servers gatekeeper daemon is similar to inetd daemon in terms of functionality provides a secure communication GSI communicates with GRAM client globusrun and authenticates the right to submit jobs after authentication gatekeeper forks and creates a job manager delegating the authority to communicate with clients May72707 18


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