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by: Britney Kautzer

EnterpriseSoftwareComponents CMPE275

Marketplace > San Jose State University > Computer Engineering > CMPE275 > EnterpriseSoftwareComponents
Britney Kautzer
GPA 3.99


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Britney Kautzer on Tuesday October 20, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CMPE275 at San Jose State University taught by JohnGash in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see /class/225332/cmpe275-san-jose-state-university in Computer Engineering at San Jose State University.


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Date Created: 10/20/15
CHAT MODULE SPECS The return parameters missing in the HTTPPost Type of request will throw HTTP 204 error No content Hence wherever return is not speci ed send empty ISONObject back to client For chat service implementation we have proposed to implement a small web server implementation on client side also So that clients can receive chat messages from server The URL to access Chat service on web server is htt localhost8080 ikat rest kfl n I quot quotAnn lilyw Irncl Methods 1 Method Name login0 equivalent to addUserO Type HTTPPost URL chat Input Parameters usernameString in ISONObject Description This adds a given user to active users list on server to be made available for chat service 2 Method Name signout 0 Type HTTPDelete URL chat us ername Input Parameters usernameString as json object Description This web service call removes the active user from the available users list on server Note All the chat sessions of this user must be inactivated and corresponding polling operations should be stopped 3 Method Name getAllUsersO Polling 1 Type HTTPGet URL chat Input Parameters Return Parameter ISON object of all active usernames example userlist quotlist of user with separatedquot Description This is a polling mechanism which returns all the active users in the system 4 getMessage polling method 2 Type HTTPGET URL chat us ername Input parameter Return parameter Ison array Example for return type sessionid 1quot userlistquotquotlistofuser comma u u separatedquot messages arrayofmessages in orderquot sessionid 2quot userlistquotquotlistofuser comma separatedquot messagesquot arrayofmessages in orderquot For the messages It will be in the following fomat Example sessionid 1quot userlistquotquotjohncary1iaquot messages am doing goodquot in the above example there are 2 messages The separator is between the message and the name and each message is separated by u u ohnhey how are you doingcary I u u in Method Name startSessionO Type HTTPm URL chatsession Input Parameters usernamel String usernameZ String json object Return Parameter sessionidlStIing Description This method will start a new chat session between 2 users in the chat service 6 Method Name addUserToSessionO Type HTTPPut URL chatsessionsessionIduserusername Input Parameters sessionid username as json object Return Parameter HTTP response code Description This method will add a new user to the active chat session 7 Method Name removeUserFromSessionO Type DELETE URL chatsessionsessionlduserusername input parameter session id and username as json object Return HTTP response code Note When there are less than 2 users in the session object remove session object and all messages for that session We are not maintaining chat history 8 Method Name sendMessage 0 Type HTTPPut URL chatsessionsessionidlmessageusername it is senders username Input Parameters chatmessage json object it is json which contains sessionid and the message Return Parameter HTTP response code Description This method will send a message to the active chat session on the server from the client MGma rm gnpdcuADq was s cm H Sawdanyvum J D sums W i quot quot C39 i Olmalhust 3 E 39 Enter the details below to retrieve a blog Enter the Id 0mg Bing you wanna aria Guam Mammymmopw ampuumrpowsredbyt zam fag mum quota m V I 3 g e 11 39 7 7 7 739 7 g x BLOG Operations AddaE ug Dames 5mg GetaBlng Get 2M9 Ema En g Details of blog requested are H Blng Id Blog Sub a Blog Des I Blog Crealed By Blog Cleats on Spnns AH news my spuns Mun May 919 41 32 20 79W c i CVluialhustJHHH Mg Wm viaWMMWMM 3 g Enter the Details to delete your blog Ema the Idofthe Blog to be agreed i Enteryomusexid n mra Dale s quamammemngpm 39gapdaqr39r awermmca 393 Mm r v 39gsums EL 1 j ca 7 r BLOG Operations Add 3 Eng ne exe 3 Eng 3 End 3 ea 9mg Enmes Dame Em Emrv Your Blog is deleted successfullyHope you enjoyed ur stayWe will miss U H J M am rm gap dawns was s cm Msmwwmh J D sums m C i Olmalhgst 3 E 39 BLOG Operations Add a mug Ge aHEHugs was B ug Enm All the blogs in system are H esmmg Best on Su sm Blog Id Mun May a 19 40 512 ows 5 Mug related m 275 course CMPE 275 sagar 1 W I 0 2m est test M Mun May a 2137 08 2011 b ogiurznss Mug nians ans Mon May 2140 55 2011 asisdf sag 5an 5 Il rI madrxm l nginpvsv 39gapaampmermbca 393 mum r v Hjsums E U C 0 loIalhustz E Enter the details of blog entry Ema the blog it M Ema the suntan afblog testz L39sedd s ar Create g or dear Vcdi lbyec Es anaM Ema ym 7 D Strands mag x 2 E K BLOG Operations Dame mug Enm Blog entry is created successfullyHappy Blogging Il rI madrxm l nginpvsv 39gapaampmermbca 393 mum r C 0 Ioralhustzn u 1 sum pm Enter the details below to retrieve a blog entry Ema the m ofthe Blog ya want to my 1 Get ing Entngs C N C I 47 quot v7 MGma rm gnpecwnqw mysu arcmammm pym D sums E 391 i quot BLOG Operations Add 2 Eng 2 Ga smug De ete B ug Eng All the blogs entries in system are H eslamg Cement Userl Mun May a 19 45 25 2011 1Ms s 3125 mm sagar h 1 w h 2m my entry Sager M 1 2 Mun May a 2m 43 53 2011 test We Mag sag 5 1 W 7 Men M y a 23 43 25 20111512 sagar h 5 May 3 EL 75 E


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