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Digital Studio I

by: Eden Wolff

Digital Studio I GRDS 720

Eden Wolff

GPA 3.67


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 13 page Class Notes was uploaded by Eden Wolff on Tuesday October 20, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GRDS 720 at Savannah College of Art and Design taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 56 views. For similar materials see /class/225345/grds-720-savannah-college-of-art-and-design in Graphic Design at Savannah College of Art and Design.


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Date Created: 10/20/15
Rachele Mchterunk DIGITAL STUDIO 1 GRDS 7m Summa 2m Prufessur Gaun Deshpznde Emrcue ImtmcnamlEdumnaml Webme Rexearch Part www Yale edu mm m a y Ihadtu chuuse Yale Umversxty39 s wabsna m rsvxew up m New Haven CT abuut an huur tram nde 39nm demwn Manhattan Wurld Wide Web we untugenanan alumm un the smallestlaptup streens s 8 s l E 3 mesHWWwyaleadu m Aunlulzzzlv Nw ll 6v Hm may Vnnou AOL Mumail mvsun a Yale University 1 39 ormeus or we lmlvsuuv A2 Upon initial rollover ofthe carefully designed grid di erent site tabs emerge The initial rollover ishighlighted in yellow or gold just as the WELCOME TO on the header panel is 39 thehnttnm com by L quot 39 39 meaie quot 39 39 fmgenips Links to 1 A Link to aText only Version ofthe site 2 An about this website 3 FAQs 4 IT policies and 5 Webmaster Also on the bottom ofthe Homepage is aUniversity Search Engine where you can search The Yale Web or quple Talk about auser smart and friendly site rm Yale L r L ri L L L i i latengreatest splash of infonnation no r39 39 L r 39 r Yale College online tour linlz in a V 39 r 39 the ABOUT V quot L quot r links You L L39 very graphic heavy so far This site so in to be A 39 b din rs YALE they don L quot L 39 nennlework their nti 39 39 quot A L apresti iousUniversityI believe so far this is a sman move 39 A L nonr m Lth 39 I39 H v m Tour This isamuch ashierpan ofthe site it seems to be Flash animation and with avery sman drop down panel This is anice feature perhaps they think the 39 39 quot beenae ptn in L39 39 it 39 39 L sWenI begin the tourl realize it is in QuickTime which 1 can t remember the last timel saw atour in that it seems that r r39 39 39 39 39 VR 39 39 39 39 ite lately1wonderwhy this is endin L 39r analumniwhich is pretty neat L L L i Mn From thereI scroll down to YALE 1N THENEWS also known as the Of ce anubter om This new homepage quot 39 i much L39 L quotalih n l 39 quotitisonethat issughtly nL cii i L i i quot quot L 39 quotquot39 Movieslmslooking for I t phi t quot quot L andPaul 39 lecturesen39es httpwwwyaleeduopamediamultimediahtml Retuming to the initial Homepage to pull down more tabsI realize more and more that this is not just a barebones website which is what I assumed at the beginning Almost each one ofthese tabs has a very large and inclusive site attached to it below is the site that comes up just when clicking on the YALE AND THE WORLD link Talk about information architecture Vale and the World Globalization Yale University l Wl l l 9mm wurld yaleedu Appletlev News lSWV Hnlmail my Yahon39 AOL milieu mySEAD Yale and the World lltKYu Oman xesitw mesmmemnansme Wml Aeginiis nieurimsiwquotunmititiimae lavlnand uiiieaummsetrtiay streamsinnquot sameness mmmauonal Scrvlms or lnmmaklonal Emcmts Em quot 2 Wm39 t Smalars unites Nitmnssumkiwr znaml mi Annini ramming w Vala39s interratimi i an i Aeaeemies a Rusaarm Elahal iiriiversitweaiieeting laadus and advancmg tiie rraiitiers isr knnwledge iiat Simply rarttie United States nutrsrtiie entire warld yaie Evacuaus a miiiates wsrinwiee WWW NM mie Elaballzatmn smie University is iri Dan eri EvalulanEW mm WWW develnpment Yale has drawn Stu unts rarii Hillside tiie United rsr Fleath twa centuries and internetian hcen eweseuted in its tumculum Far ttie vast hundred vears aria mare But trusting the lat l university is alsn a stsitiime Wensues revaiiitisriew evel vmemiilgnallng aistiriet changes iii the i substance af ti i Dbl characteristics nfstudnnlsi the some and breadth nf external ll l t sesier audiencesquot eimrameiirt president ysi Unlversliv 50mm m mum aeseum mus Weuiiesaavi July l2 nur i I lm r 0mm the 52mm mtematlanal stisirs Yale has a warld at appnmmlty Easily atccsslhle thrnugh the links armis 3 site 9 p a asx mm Vale University s nals and Strategies far lntematmnallzalmn are descrlhtd in The n w Havequot a nsszur szsn sn Because Yale is not only a University but also a medical institution and really the cornerstone ofthe small Connecticut City of New Haven the school s website has links to things within the city of New Haven From the Yaleedu site they host the O ce ofNew Haven State A airx which covers things like economic growth and taxes to neighborhood and downtown news The Yale website is very easy to use You can find anything you need very easily and you don t need a Yale degree I think the site strives for complete visual consistency but doesn t completely achieve itI really like the strong look and layout of the homepage and its header bar Iwould have liked to have seen that throughout the entire site and subsites that is not the case Some ofthe bells and whistles they were using weren t working all too well they might not have been completely Safari capable butI didn t get any notices that itwas a browser issue h i 39 link hic l site regarding accessibility which covers the programming for the different sites When we come to that unit 1 will post this page again It looks like avery helpful site The best visually designed pan ofthis website is the page for The Yale Rel12w Its use oftypography is classic and strong It also stays true to the printed version of The Yale Rel12w Vale Review The nation s oldest literary quarterly m c i Yruraivwwyaieeduiyeiereview 1 AOL Vnh irsndor Mysmu azzz Newsissaiv Rnrhelev ADI1n MM rAwdrMai Appieuaziv Trwinhtle Mom Emigu CURRENYiSSUE aAcKlssuis ABOUY MASYHEAD sunscmaz coNYAcY in THE CURRENT ISSUE Chanel used In say to me This is in Life a muqnl zcr Feature P0 Paul Mm39dud On Pmnsland Chauclquot 7 SUBSCRIBE Now twirl iliiii wetIt s strip iliirt39i iiiiili I UIEM iistious cidest 7 Literary Quarterly current issue i back issues i about i masthead i subscribe i contact ezner VA urivrusirv In conclusion the Yale University website has a lotofinforrnation to get across and cover They have a broad target quot 39 39 39 39 39 39 39 39 39 39 39 site Although not 100 effective on all fronts itis a very successful site that achieves extrerne usability Rachele McGintyMock DIGITAL STUDIO I GRDS 720 Summer 2006 professor Gauri Deshpande Exzmzsz A InstrucnunalEducanunal Webszte Research Part II wwwgc s d net The 24k Tuilwn Gets You a Great Websilefaryaur KQ h Grader T huolwuwocdsuerl qil E AOL yannnlrnlendnr Mysmn um Newsmsiv Rachtlcv Apple MM rawehinnu Applnuxztv TrMnhxlc Mam 1 a THE GEEENWICH COUNTRY DAY SCHOOL Emma suemnu Bantams U m PU EanZK nldcltuuhwsad Gve ml lrh EUHHEEUVHIUSB39VELGEH gut Glade sitde shew 2min P smc lulv i2 please dink an read mum to download the 9th Grade slide show mention Upilur School Summer Handing Vnsmnlunn o Draws Summm Can 100 Paste JUNE i Ehnnnk Calendar studentwmamml Employment Cantattus DlrEttl RI My L 39 39 i airman also in nnnec cm a old Greenwzch Culmtry Day Schlitz in Greenwich Connecticut Greenwich Cmmny Day School charges an annual tuition of 24100 dollars for grades Kindergarten through 9 The school b an endowment of 24 million dollars With all that funding available I thought investigation of their website would be u y 39 39 In 20m 39 p 39 39 39 39 the website of L quot p 39 L L ey used their S verpliint Sdtcclsuize Sliftware to create and maintain the site for the school The homepage opens to a shot of the campus L39 L p s ds Aquot 39 39 39 39 39 39 ddress and link to contact information is right at the top of the homepage A panel oftabs is on the left hand side and drops down to review subheads from there The homepage also offers TigerNETLogin a way for students faculty and staff to check their own base of email and servers Wquot 39 39 quot update 39 39 39 39 h L L with Summer reading list and summer camp information ay39 d 39s slideshow along The link to th 9 h Grade slideshow takes you to a QuickTime Movie for easy viewing on your screen through your browser of the graduating class of 2005 for Greenwich Cmmny Day Schlitz Lee A m c mug vwwgd nellabout m Am med alumnr MySCAD um an L79V Ramnlav APDIE Maz FAWchMan Apvlnuazlv Temxme MD Hg quotf m About GCDS 1333 Welcome mm added A Menace nan ADAM C OHDIE nmmum rrdrn me Namequot ydd sign and the tampus ydd am sure rd faz re quot 5 the meme EHEVEV er sod students add d t n Enlh ram and Ex u StunWV H razre eerndds wnen ydd g anze med ddr ExpertW quot mw am E WW Eqmpped dassrnams and wnen VDU nhserve ddr Students at wmk and at my m p av v dnnerr Vatnrma rner dream shades ddr demsmns EVEN day ThDSE runners wddxd he knaw that ddr graduates mc ude a Metrapahtan opera edxdrsr an mtematmnaHy knnwn when a Wmte nddse Cmef dr nrdcdedx and a Prismsquot er the Umted States xeneddrade W m wa k urrdddn ddr he and ask m a ddesndns ae sermth re the vmremns dr ereenww SEmEVY Happmess and eddderendn as ydd dd ydd wru See that We medde rd urnwde rdreu ddr students hath academm war and Emdante m the wnen ne wrnte quotEdutatmn 5 nm the Mhng er a pen butthe hghtmg dr 3 nre YlgmNEl Lngm mn Ca end Minnrah rddnnY by em lenmag srddenmedmen Emg ayment r CuntantUS Drreendns mad 2 equot 2 mmen q ne ee 1 HM 2 7 39 quot APOTT39T GCDS rah quot quot 4 u Ir39BbS 39quot L I r r H Calendarquot 39 webmananlnvmemCnmmn mrem39nn TigeyNET39 39quot quotquot quot 39 km Continuing down the ABOUT GCDS Tab one subetab that jumps out at me is FACULTY amp FA CELITES and from there you 39 quot 39 39 1 39 Fluh39quot39 39 39 suchafancy feature it really isn t that descriptive B3 and B4 8 0 8 Greenwich Coum39v Day School im 5 3 8mmwwwgdsnellaboutfamiwasa MyScAD 3 Mn mwehmz Apvlauaziv rennin Mum Em ED MIL Vilma Cikndir 7 i1 m About GCDS Faculty amp Facilities Kainn m animus iiiiiie Faculty m M i quotquot5quotquot quotWWquot degrees seen year aver haif vie reesz attend graduate esiirses cunfereniesi Dr mum Mr r teachi gi family mamhers emii spam SDDHSDV xtrammmiar snimies suvervise A A A quotWEE e reeriWie mi 3 eiim s a e w e arrirrii ee iiie e arac arm e Mama Tris ric thvSi ittd win it a kWh em mmquot m riis w herSEVi where riiimw Dernveates the ampui and where peapi am sermusiy mums srie hanns y seeking m dn crieir best far the next gEnErann awasmmacus Facilmas mum An Demanding thsiiai Diantsu vnds a nun Enmurshensws atadami and extrammmiaf uregrsrii T e ENDUS Ma s as eres and is incated iri entrai quotM39ssm r eriWieri n isuie Sim far three iargei Sevrtunlami amt nuiieirigs wriieri hnuse uie sEvarate DiVisians enrie Semi FatihtiES indude ensmeias a wand sriavi ms quot5 a r r r r mums mamSi a isrge eiriirig haHi a athieti rieies a newgerriis Laurlsi and so units weeuiw hanging Hausmg is pmvidid far saws nf the creeririieri aiirizry Day rseuizyeeri iiriiisiisi AUIMMI mmmm Anamar imumsri campus shaman is th day are eeiirermrrseiiizy eriiiereri mam sier My Eluden Ehmaii mm WEN39 Th eni Jiirii m iieai um E si 3 IlgerEl Lnein EmaH BS V 2 quotWM i 441 AboulGCDS sc39v s Campus Tour mum animus We Wm swam sum DEMER Next is the ADMISSIONS tab which does a very goodjob of organizing a lot ofpaperwork and information and making it very easily available at the user s fingertips Eight tabs down is the LIBARAY tab and possibly the most impressive link This is a wonderful research tool andl think this database and search tool puts to shame that of some Colleges and Universities This page also offers links to some really good resources such as Webster 3 OED and The Greenwich Library As a very smart move the next Tab down for PARENTS is a locked panel This is an elite school that takes the privacy of is studenm and parenm very serious It makes a lot of sense that this kind of information should not be made available to anyone on the web This would be very important to me ifl was sending my child to this school Silverpoint Web Solutionsfor Schools has created a very effective template for their schools and it is down to an exact science The Greenwich CountryDay School website is notjust a plugged in template it is a site that has applied the brand of the school to the site from start to finish Rachele McGintyMock DIGITAL STUDIO I GRDS 720 Summer 2006 Professor Gauri Deshpande Exercise 4 InstructionalEducational Website Research PartIII ht 0wwwurdversigio hoenixrom The King ofPop ups Present their qucation Website a 8 a l 4 x E El Qmmwwwuntvarsnyarpmenrxum quot v 13 Act unwound Mysw am anstnllv delcluv Annlu MM FAWdzMail Appluuaziv TiMnHlIE Mum Ennisquot grgylersityrof JV oenlx Wherever you are University of Phoenix m r mm m ENInumnm mm m 1onalten la3cat0 ati and truyu rYuuleamrmmwol wlv mammha mum min team u at mam Diwale mm m or wtuuasxxl Nunath Voraducaunrgl L XLL HUKE a trtszrvirc mu aka Mammy or u minimum iglevant wmezotfmm mm Qrccv mu l mum mm l h t quot L l lea m alnm 3mm C at Pmcmx lieuth well we ted gmimmm M We mmmm mm 702 mme 93995 WWW NW mecmwzard pvnlaloral r mm mmquot mm W wl at Mama mm39 manage 3 SEN manulanuvea prawn mm 39 mm 3 MW am m cm P m mam mum unlursl Mummy mumquot 5mm mm mm mmm may cnllmLumlmi cummmamlm Wing Fang Commutation mummy MW t u u m w r m C1 Originally the third site I chose was going to beNYU s website but sometime when I was surfing the web today came across most likely the 1000mpopup in my life for the University ofPhoenix Have you not heard of the University of Phoenix s radio ads seen one of their Highway Billboards or experienced one of their obnoxious pop ups Ireallyuun 39 39 quot i i 39 39 39 39 39 research in ode to find out peihaps why to begin wich hey ae a DOT COM and not aDOT EDU This is what 1 found mic Umversxty afPhaemx is actually awmca by a farrpra t campamy cattca which last year repartednet mcamc af277 mittiam againsttatal revenue af17 bittiam Total emailed student body 107497 Students am physxml campuses M13270 through th anlme program The Homepage offers a few hihgs To start on che cop ae two main links one is ltEuio11 Today and che second is lt ea More Below these is a blurb about the sehoo1aud their philosophy he1ow chis iuidal paragraph you can 39 A ou T r 39 39 r 39 cn tled 39 Below mes oph39ohs ae Find a piogiaml Learn More and a Have More Ques ons panel This lastpanel is a tab n u a u n It i oi andtheUniversity one h All 39 39 39 39 39 39 L c Starting che site I decide to go to ltEhio11 Today to see ifI really can I decide from heie to select Graduate ograms and encei my zip Code from heie I decide to choose to go fo an MBA in Marketing From heie 1 a given a form to ll out c1 vw see EEHZ E W m ADl Yahcn39calnndar MVSCAD azzz Newmasz Radmlcv Annlu Mae FchbMail Appiuuaziv Hamil mamwauwaamWMm fquot universiyofvhoemx mmummammumumu 391 N L 4 quot K ummammmwwsimumuasmehmmmm mammmm Mum gt h u hmurdnfyl quot my comm P iM Ummd 5mm Mush imam aremuuak m wan MR 0 usuiue Fm harer Hzn39e War1 Last Nama ma humus Manda Were E mad Au A39aaLm Numn EusirJss Phorc MAme EA u mum None v Sm m Territow Edna a sum or drowned v3 mam mm oa alwuwmwmMrarna cpliar cu mama ir you w m m Slaluamm 393ch ho huuamm W John hoseumsd up w Wu Deciding thatI don t want to be contacted by the University of Phoenix I decide to go back to the Homepage and try another one of the many options I was given By choosing HOME on the bottom of the page I am directed to a different default Homepage i i iii i e o r Q universiw ctphoemx a 0L Ynhonlczkndar MySCAD Izzz News iziv Ramziev Annie Mee rawebMeii Auvlzuszlv rennmie Mum mag e mnmnancnmiimem mumelarlodavl w UnivirsLtyLolehfenix Downing his Wherever you are University or Phoenix Online Eurywanmm i39 addummu vmllog mummyM iNIDLLW IVI men we r menmuces Howrrwonxs nisnzz mus ABDU HHE ummsm mmcr us w warmarm agre W in medium nune Earn your degree in just 2 m 4 years wlthont lmzrrup ng your life A allege eegree mntimxs to mean amatcv eeree Nveeintiremastmmemenand r Possible mm imam ukmmxalz mm rmererrr ntdcnlseamtbeii degree injisltwu gtl cchnolugx Management me ha lemme vs W u Numnsurvims ieerr were new Unilmigun hnmix nime r r Crimimilunice mmmugumummqunrmumunenqmmm mmwue earmerer Leamlmm were hammers wm education errurre work in me quotnix tMy rem r Eduulien Anem cius errurre when an mrearme hum M urges eeereeiree were you want universilv in errrerree Eamvewdwiminjmmow FimMiaiuNumnvniiahie mreeyeers 7 r i r rr WMMW MM Amthmmthnu twunsdnvmdgr rriiiemurerrrnigrmerrrerre ereeiimnigmzzs Ham Kn an C3 Truly interested I click on Key Advantages I m completely interested about what they have to offer and why This new Homepage is actually very usable I assume this has to be one of the userfriendliest sites out there because ultimately University ofPhoenix is selling you an interface that you need to be able to work with if you choose to go to their Online University The writing of this website is a bit salesy and vague It seems that to get the nitty gritty information you really need to fill out one of their forms and give them YOUR information first I have notbeen able to find anywhere tuition information or schedule for the school year This is making me very curious so I search for articles on this I have found one article in the Chronicle which list Undergraduate credit hour 410 master s credit hour 505 doctorate credit hour 550 Online tuition rate on average is 20percent higher than ratefor courses taught in classrooms 39 quot 39 l I am sold now that this is a sales site and so far lacks the education I7m assuming when you enroll in the University of Phoenix you are directedto another site like our BlackBoard that takes care of the education portion of the Corporation This site lacks a lot of things most of the education sites I ve visited have like Faculty descriptions Very interesting In conclusion the following is the biggesttell regarding this being a sales site What39s the question WE ask most frequently What39s keeping you from getting started NOW and completing your degree To take the next steg click here Digital 0 Professor Adams 0 Summer 07 Exercise 6 Good and Bad Web Typography Good veercom Veer is a good example of a site that is able to maintain integrity through typography and hierarchy while still displaying a lot of content They have appropriately styled and saved imagery and type for quick loading and easy navigation There is nothing worse than waiting for sites to load bulky backgrounds or large photographs Navigation through this site is controlled through a series of tabs up top which control a larger window frame below for rotating content Regardless of section photography or illustration the user can find content easily below It is good that they keep this larger window consistent Typography is consistent in font Various weights sizes and colors within a sans serif type family are able to establish a strong visual aesthetic The Veer logo is prominently displayed in the top left and established the highest level of hierarchy To the right are a set of tab directing the user to various sections of their web presence Directly below this is a convenient search button I really appreciate their sans serif face Veer39s presence would be changed drastically if they used a script or serif Their choice speaks to modern creative and up to date creatives The color pallet is very modern and calm Grey black white and orange create a dynamic environment that allows the user to find photography illustration or type the main thing veer is trying to market The quotmerchandisequot is able to shine through consistent surroundings Tab buttons are a great system to achieve organization for easy navigation They are clean and change color according to what section you are in This is great and helps the user confirm that they are indeed in the type section Because of Veer39s simplistic yet functional design find myself becoming a repeat Visitor I check back for updates or new content Their nofuss approach is very appealing and helps visitors want to come back I cannot say this of all sites but Veer is one that I keep coming back to HOLLY ANN SCHMIDT httpwwwveercom SCHMIDTZ Home l Swimwear Photos Films Bio Contact


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