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Survey of Info Technology

by: Lincoln Miller II

Survey of Info Technology CSIS 116

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Lincoln Miller II
Siena College
GPA 3.73


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About this Document

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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Lincoln Miller II on Tuesday October 20, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CSIS 116 at Siena College taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 27 views. For similar materials see /class/225357/csis-116-siena-college in ComputerScienence at Siena College.


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Date Created: 10/20/15
CSIS116 Lab 1 Internet and WWW Crash Course Fall 2005 Names Introduction In this lab you will work with a partner This lab is a mixture of research activities discussions and lectures to help build a functional understanding of the Internet and WWW so that you can create and deploy websites WWW vs Internet The World Wide Web WWW is not a synonym for the Internet One is part of the other One is physical while the other is abstract Question 1 Do a Google search and try to nd some descriptive de nitions for both the Internet and the WWW Discuss you ndings with your partner write down concise de nitions for the two terms and brie y outline the differences between the Internet and the WWW Internet Map Now that you might have a better understanding of the Internet it important to have a picture in your head of what the Internet really is Question 2 Using the WWW try to nd a picture diagram or map of the Internet Print it and share it with the class We ll take a moment to examine and discuss all the maps we were able to nd Question 3 Do you think there exists an accurate and complete map of all the Internet hosts URLs Type in the following URL into your web browser httpwww cs siena edn 39 39 39 ll6f05 labs lab ing Examine the picture Challenge Questions Try to quickly answer the following question with your partner Afterwards we will discuss the answers with the class If you are totally clueless just skip the question but as we discuss the answers write down some notes so you remember the answers 1 What do you think the connections in the picture represent Physical network links or Virtual hyperlinks Circle one 2 Is this a picture of the WWW or the Internet or Neither 3 What does URL stand for 4 What is a URL 5 In the URL above what does http stand for 6 Why do most URLs have www in them 7 What is the difference between cssienaedu and sienaedu Why do we need the es in front of sienaedu 8 For that matter why do we need siena before edu 9 Why is there a tilde before ebreimer O What is the difference between using a dot ie sienaedu vs a slash ie ebreimer courses 11 What is the difference between jpg and edu Web Servers Internet Hosts Web Servers are computers that serve up web pages We also call them Internet Hosts Analogy When you have a party you host guests in your house Essentially your guest reside in your house and you provide your guests with resources so that they can have fun Similarly A web server hosts web pages images and other content and provides resources so that this content can be accessed over the WWW In the web server world the party is not fun unless you are on the WWW There are four essential components needed to run a web server on the WWW l A computer with the resource to host web pages These resources include space to store les RAM and a network card 2 Web server software that runs perpetually and waits for web page requests Question 4 Who makes these web page request What do they use to make the request How do they make the request The answers are simpler than you think Who What How 3 A connection to the Internet otherwise the party will be very private 4 Registering a domain name with a designated authority so your physical Internet address can be access via a virtual WWW address Question 5 What do we call that virtual WWW address How are hosts connected On your desktop nd the putty icon Open the putty program Type turingcssienaedu as the host name and connect to the host When prompted type your user name and password Type traceroute wwwpiedu Wait about 4 minutes Question 6 What is twtelecomnet In the putty window type traceroute wwwstanfordedu Wait about 4 minutes Question 7 Notice that we hop from albytwtelecomnet to nycltwtelecomnet to chcgtwtelecomnet What does alby nycl and chcg stand for Do a traceroute on a couple of different URLs Question 8 How are hosts located Do you think there is a central authority that knows the location of every host on the Internet Who provides the information to help you nd hosts Discuss your thoughts with your partner and then we ll talk about it as a group Question 9 How do URLs help with the process of nding hosts and web pages Who is responsible for hosts and domains Go to wwwdnsstuffcom Do a WhoIS lookup on sienaedu Do a WhoIS lookup on several other domains that you like yahoocom cnn com etc Get Domain Info on wwwsienaedu Get Domain Infor on several other domains that you like Do a trace route on wwwsienaedu Compare the results of this trace route to the one you did using putty Question 10 Why are the results different Putting it all together Now we will take a tour and I will show you how the CS department web server is connected to the Internet Later I will draw a picture of our web server and show you how it is connected to the WWW and how you can add content to the WWW Use this space and the back page to take copious notes


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