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Intro to Film Studies Chapter One

by: Gillian Gagne

Intro to Film Studies Chapter One Comm 140

Marketplace > University of Massachusetts > Communication Studies > Comm 140 > Intro to Film Studies Chapter One
Gillian Gagne
GPA 3.5
Introduction to Film Studies
Sean Shimpach

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About this Document

Introduction to Film Studies
Sean Shimpach
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Gillian Gagne on Sunday January 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Comm 140 at University of Massachusetts taught by Sean Shimpach in Fall2012. Since its upload, it has received 69 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Film Studies in Communication Studies at University of Massachusetts.

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Date Created: 01/11/15
Film Studies 10302012 Aspects of MiseenScene Setting 0 Costumes amp makeup Staging o Blocking 0 Movement 0 Performance Acting 0 Lighting Lighting 0 Light 0 Shadow 0 Attached on body 0 Cast on oorwalletc Ratio 0 Light to shadow Quality 0 Hard or soft Direction 0 From where in relation to subject Key lighting main source of light from a lamp Fill lighting lls in shadows created by key light source Ratio High key High ll a Bright key light shadows not too dark low contrast Low Key Low ll a Shadowy with sharp contrast high contrast between light and shadow o Highlighting Use of light to emphasize a character or object giving it special signi cance 0 Backlighting Lighting from behind With some key andor ll creates an edge or a rim to make the object or person quotpopquot on screen a Edge lighting glow from behind you outlines your body rim lighting 0 Frontal lighting 0 Side lighting 0 Underlighting spooky effect lighting from underneath 0 Top lighting light coming from top 0 Threepoint lighting Combines key ll and back lighting 0 Quality 0 Soft light Diffuse ltered indirect 0 Hard light Direct harsh clear line between light and shadow Cinematography perspective 0 The lens Focal Length 0 Shortfocallength wide angle lens 0 Middlefocallength medium lens 0 Longfocallength telephoto lens 0 The lens Depth of Field and Focus 0 Deep focus 0 Shallow focus focuses our attention to one thing up close background is blurry o Rack or pull Focus 0 Framing 0 Angle level height and distance of framing Angle frame positions our look at the shots miseen scene Level frame s relation to the horizon Height distance shot is taken from ground in relation to object of the shot Crane shot bird s eye perspective looking down High angle shot looking down directly at subject often makes them seem smallervulnerablein trouble Straighton shot eye level Low angle shot underneath subject looking up often makes subject seem more powerful and intimidating o Implied Distance XLS quotExtreme Long Shotquot makes action look very small and in the distance LS quotLong Shotquot shows whole subject from their feet to their head MLS quotMedium Long Shotquot cuts subject off MS quotMedium Shotquot Upper body waist up MCU quotMedium Close UPquot part of the body but not the whole actor close up but far enough away to still see whats going on in the scene CU quotClose Upquot shoulders and up more detail XCU quotExtreme Close UP see part of the actor ex an eyeball mouth hand etc


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