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Gen Physics IA Lab

by: Alyce Abshire

Gen Physics IA Lab PHYS 110

Marketplace > Siena College > Physics 2 > PHYS 110 > Gen Physics IA Lab
Alyce Abshire
Siena College
GPA 3.6

Rose Finn

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About this Document

Rose Finn
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alyce Abshire on Tuesday October 20, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHYS 110 at Siena College taught by Rose Finn in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 31 views. For similar materials see /class/225359/phys-110-siena-college in Physics 2 at Siena College.


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Date Created: 10/20/15
Chapter 6 Work and Energy Units of Chapter 6 Work Done by a Constant Force Kinetic Energy and the WorkEnergy Principle Potential Energy Conservative and Nonconservative Forces Mechanical Energy and Its Conservation Problem Solving Using Conservation of Mechanical Energy Other Forms of Energy Energy Transformations and the Law of Conservation of Energy Energy Conservation with Dissipative Forces Solving Problems Powe r 61 Work Done by a Constant Force The work done by a constant force is de ned as the distance moved multiplied by the component of the force in the direction of displacement W Pol 0036 61 gt Fcos fFH Prentice HalL Inc 61 Work Done by a Constant Force In the SI system the units of work are joules 1J 1N m As long as this person does not lift or lower the bag of groceries he is doing no work on it The force he exerts has no component in the direction of motion WW1 w 2mm muw w Hum Hm m 61 Work Done by a Constant Force Solving work problems 1 Draw a freebody diagram 2 Choose a coordinate system 3 Apply Newton s laws to determine any unknown forces 4 Find the work done by a speci c force 5 To nd the net work either nd the net force and then nd the work it does or nd the work done by each force and add 61 Work Done by a Constant Force Work done by forces that oppose the direction of motion such as friction will be negative V Moon In Centripetal forces do no work as they are always perpendicular to the w direction of motion ThinkPair Share Question 3 Can the normal force on an object ever do work Explain ThinkPair Share Problem 3 A 1300N crate rests on the oor How much work is required to move it at constant speed a 40 m along the oor against a friction force of 230 N and b 40 m vertically ThinkPair Share ThinkPair Share Problem 5 A 1300N crate rests on the Problem 9 a Find the force required to oor How much work is required to move give a helicopter of mass M an it at constant speed a 40 m along the acceleration of010g upward b Find the oor against a friction force of 230 N and work done by this force ifthe helicopter b 40 m vertically moves a distance h upward 63 Kinetic Energy and the WorkEnergy 63 Kinetic Energy and the WorkEnergy Principle Principle Wm F d 1089 of 2ad Energy is traditionally de ned as the ability to do work yield Not all forces are able to do work Wnet m b i 62 Ex centripetal force We de ne the kinetic energy We Will deal mostly With mechanical energy H which does follow this de nition KE mv2 kinetic energy potential energy ii Copyright 2005 Pearson Prentice Hall lnc 63 Kinetic Energy and the WorkEnergy Principle This means that the work done is equal to the change in the kinetic energy Wnet AKE 64 If the net work is positive the kinetic energy increases If the net work is negative the kinetic energy decreases 63 Kinetic Energy and the WorkEnergy Principle Because work and kinetic energy can be equated they must have the same units kinetic energy is measured in joules V 1 l L H m39L AAL 7 Simml nunkw mm 2 FIIWIKQ r 4quot s a E l 39 on hammer on nail q ThinkPair Share Problem16 a Ifthe kinetic energy of an arrow is doubled by what factor has the speed increased b If its speed is doubled by what factor is its KE inreased 64 Potential Energy An object can have potential energy by virtue of its surroundings Familiar examples of potential energy A woundup spring A stretched elastic band An object at some height above the ground 64 Potential Energy L39 In raising a mass m to a height exerted h the work done by the by hand external force is ext Wext Fwd cos 0quot mgh mgy2 yl 65a I We therefore de ne the gravitational potential energy PEgrav mgy 66 64 Potential Energy This potential energy can become kinetic energy if the object is dropped Potential energy is a property of a system as a whole notjust of the object because it depends on external forces If PEgmv mgy where do we measure y from It turns out not to matter as long as we are consistent about where we choose y 0 Only changes in potential energy can be measured ThinkPair Share Problem 27 A 70kg monkey swings from one branch to another 12 m higher What is the change in PE 64 Potential Energy Potential energy can also be stored in a spring when it is compressed the gure below shows potential energy yielding kinetic energy W a e K V a b x l c Copyrighl 2005 Pearson Prentice Hall in 64 Potential Energy 64 Potential Energy The force increases as the spring is stretched or The force reQUired to compressed further We nd that the potential compr sf or StretCh a energy of the compressed or stretched spring Spr39m l 395 measured from its equilibrium position can be 7 68 written F5 I elastlc PE kx2 6399 ThinkPair Share Problem 29 A 1200kg car rolling on a horizontal surface has a speed of 65 kmh when it strikes a horizontal coiled spring and is brought to rest in a distance of22 m What is the spring stiffness constant of the spring


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