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by: Aileen Davis

ElementaryStatistics MATH0013

Marketplace > Sierra College > Mathematics (M) > MATH0013 > ElementaryStatistics
Aileen Davis

GPA 3.77


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 11 page Class Notes was uploaded by Aileen Davis on Tuesday October 20, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MATH0013 at Sierra College taught by JamesSullivan in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 21 views. For similar materials see /class/225375/math0013-sierra-college in Mathematics (M) at Sierra College.

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Date Created: 10/20/15
QuesTion 155 5 There a significant 0 HITTer39ence beTween The o i propor39Tion of womenand The pLomemfmMTusma 7 7 7 seaT beITs Use The followmg sample daTa 7 and aVUTUl ievel of significance 39 To answerLThisquesTion 7 Sample DaTa 21 desmpl f soo woman23 1 sai39dThaTThey l d 9 za 2309 12 q 231 quotnaerandomsamptleeof200menl 35 124 said ThaT They usediseaT V belts E 200 x21 4 2 PhopZTesT jg watPo39p n laT39hin39Prr opor Tion pmpr G c IA E172 131 13iz1 13gt39 7 n2 V i xe V V A42 71712 1 17277 2 and 12 Z I ll 712 nln2 Solution 0 1271 p ithferia i s friod iffer encequot H pl 32 There39is a dif fer39e cequot u Lam 001 ifquot 2 PmPZTest r2 PFOPZTESt 7 x 31 PI 2 39 n13aa i z3621289981 x2 124 p2 932997 4 quot gage lt 2 gt 2 3962 P P P 7 quot Calcu ate Draw 7 571 Since the p mlue 000029 s 001 we r eJecr r Hof Answer FE Ihje39rfe i sGS i39 h ifi h39f 39 39di39fference beTweenThe Followup heresnl r s Wth o rkf s u39 esTim lyj39n dvimtej hatther39e ifhe actual difference in The fpiropgortiion sj swe mus r use nf confidence interval 2 PropZInt onfidence interval for p1 p2 99 Confidence Interval 2PFEFEI 444447 quot x1 1 sieve139 2ProPZInt 39 calculate 34353 25332 4Tlta p lt258 Interpretation ith99 2 cont idencewe est imme theeactuaLdiffenenceJ n the i b t I b n o39tquot females a 39d m dle s bbbbbbbbb bh that usetheIpseat beltVsrto be between 42 and 258 t bbb bobbb39 no S lg i thf tt t for men by as little as 42 or39 as much 057258 Question he college is considering a Othnge i F Wsch39sfq r d39iW if i policy 39ffhe reocher39s seem To be more i n fo39vor of fhe proposei Q 39 newwgr39adi39ng Vpolicyr r hanr rhe quotj39 s139uden rs9 Sample Do39l39o 873f 7 rW100 Teocthi Vb s unveyed39werej nfavor39ofrhe39 39 nmew pgliqcA 7 x1 ni p1 100068 68 5 0401 41 he300sfrJJden rs 3 surveyed wer39eiin favor of The new polic y xynf gal r300 060 180 Solution Realm 5Iudems Ti P1quotgt39PT Te lt1chers39mor e in39favorm 39139 Let a 00 gt2 Pr 0FZTest x 2 PPOPZTESt P 1 2 z1 4273582134 X2 188 PB6383819 n23ae 7 m63 P1P2 P2 z6 Calculate Draw P62 VA Sin ce the prvalue 00767 gt 005 a we fall To reJec r Ho Answer Hence There is not ehOugh quot3 sample evidence To conclude i fha rifrhei regcherseseemi ro be 3 more in f39avor39 of riihe gt35 7 7 pr39oposednewgr39adingp39o39icy r Than The students Question 3 0 re men less likely 1W ftO Thinkifrha r un in rernefr romgncehi heg ng 5 Usecthefol Iowi nge samp leda ra and a 5 level of significance To answer rhTS ques r im bb bba Sample Da39l39a USA Tadan oll fmi r 13938outof menand149 o 9 2m V considered an i r39omanceaschea ring x1 13quot8 x2 1149 n1 23912 112 198 bbptbobbbl bbeb Solution Women 4 Hl pl lt P me 39ur e lesslik39elryquot L8 0155 2 PY DPZTESL 2 PF DPZTESt x1133 P1P quot n1212 z392242926 2 7 x2149 39 E1124SB29 n2193 916589433962 P gt 2 I527525252525 3 39r Answer 1 Menrarlerlesf il39ikelyi rhanrwomeni r o rh i hktha ra39nfi mer39hefr romance is cheating Followup o d rerimine how much e S sg a con dencein rer39vashoud be g ggngulgTed D 2 PPDPZI t 2 PPDPZInt 1138 39189539813 n1212 16589433962 x2149 v P2525252525 n2198 r n1212 H CLeuel95 nz198 Calculate 19D5oltp1 p2lt14 Confidence Interval 19 07 p1 p 44 0 eniar39eless likely Than women T Toi rhink tha ran in rer39ne r rQmanceischea ringlhjs dif39f erente fses ma ted 0 56 1 ianywher39efro mgaswl Irfr Tle as 7 f 3914 o to as muchas13990 with 95 confidence Example bo gir39l3 hm be er j fvocabular y rhan39boys 7 0 help anfsfwe39r r39hisiqruesfion d T votcabularLy res rwasgiyen3ro 5 4 grader39sluden rsa r a local Walmfmthml39 V 7 Sample Data 55 he 32 4 gradeboys That raok r Jhevocabuar y3resthadameani 75 s tb a of M5 Wih a fah da d 0 fd vm mfzme 7 n2 32 x2 745 s2 243 he 38 4 grade girls that Took The vocabular39er esT39ha d a mean i scoreof wiTh a sTandar d i 39 deviation of39 192 n1 Jag Z 61 SI 192 Question l 5 There sufficien l39 sample 39 evidence ro conclude That on 7 qyerager4 grad girls hows be r f rer39 vocclbuIClrty rhcm 4 rh gradehoysLUseuoc45 2 5ampTTas1m wo Popula rion Means lm fr Egg 4amp2 1 m m v Ill 2 39 f39 hfdf L smanmf gnj 51Vo nd gr 391 Solu39l39ion Gils Bogsg YES ZESSEPETESt 44444444444 nP a a H EE4 i185 11 2 gt z 4 g138 2116889352 4 x2745 6195331689 Sx2243 5859429567 n232 85 r u1u2 ltu2 45 Pooled es r Calcula e Draw Sin ce the pwaluei 001952 0054 We nejec rrHoy Answer O lte39s i0 Th r39e is suffi ieh39f sample j 39 ev39rdehfc e39tOTwhtlude fha r o n qxenaggjl gmdeyLnlsjcme i a be er vocdbulary fhan 7415 gt graderboysr Fol low up E f imf fh e aefml dTff e cz fmf rh i zm Nb cabuldry stsccj es g befween A gmde girls and fboysggusinga95 quot confidenceiin rer39val 2 5ampTInT C i onfiden ce intertva l forflm La G 42 7 O C I v2 v2 X1 X51V 1 141 112 i rhdf smaller of m 1 and n2 1 0 9 4239 2 o 4 4 o 70 o 185 Sx119 2 5 5 A i x V 5x2243 06lt u1 uz lt218 232 ELeuel95 2 SaMPTInL Pooled Yes 53114g21819 Calcula e g58 942956 r 1 5r X2745 Sx1192 sz 43 Confidence Interval Wi rh 95W dm rhe 39 meanwoea bular y res r 7 scores ofAigr adegir Isii 7 ea n cL boys i 6311 maTedig be q anywhere from 06 To 218 EinTs 0 fat fualrdii fei e te i39hihefi 39 Question 8 55 l 1 here ad iffere39n c e39 be rwe39enif h39e if imean GPAirovf s vrudentsv rha r r39a rei jr he39i Lmafr hab i ityasab9ye lacy average and below average 9quot Use0uLs tudentsurveyrdatCLandea r 5 level df Significance 0 answer 39 This ques rion Sample Da39l39a 0 PAsin sT U den T s rha r ria r ed r heir39 0 r bma rh abili ry as above average 2973 7736733 r3757 25quot Ah 3R an 27 in quotPAs of s ruden rs Tha r r a red Their W F blll ry as b low average 39 33 away 39731292A827o Solution 1 ng Below C THEH1 H1 HOAQiI Ier me 2 SamPTTest 39 31 71 1214469 2553357993 t P133267576 Lana1 a 5 gf 99676872 gtlt1345 Egggfglfz 2295142357 we Sx1358396681 a a sz23888613 H1 042 gtM2 13 Poo e HIE Yes m 7 Sin cie thepwalue 01333 005 We fail To rejec r Ho Answer i Th V Ti39siquotn 6 ffi i h tsamp l eviden39cejoxoncude r ha r 39 i rhe meanGPA of sTuden rs T ha afref rheir ma rabi l i Ty as aboveravemgeandr belowi


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