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by: Aileen Davis

ElementaryStatistics MATH0013

Marketplace > Sierra College > Mathematics (M) > MATH0013 > ElementaryStatistics
Aileen Davis

GPA 3.77


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Aileen Davis on Tuesday October 20, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MATH0013 at Sierra College taught by JohnBurke in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see /class/225377/math0013-sierra-college in Mathematics (M) at Sierra College.

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Date Created: 10/20/15
Sierra College Math 13 Spring 2009 Class 2332 nstmetbr ann Burk Erma juhniburkemmdsprmg cum Web Page nttb matn stenaebHege EduSta Juhn urke Tetebnbne am 33741425 omee huurs mam MW 2 3575 m M 2 4573 45 Meat Tuday Serums 971972 Asstgnment9721 3 5 8 15 17 18 21 25 Next Seettbns 973974 9 1 Overview Sm There are many nnbbrtantane meamngfm sttuatbn we data Wnten tt ts destrabte tb cumpare th sets uf samp e Raetat brutan questmns e Dbubte bhnd drug tnats e cbrnbansetns between men and Wumen ete Chapter 9 Inferences from Two Samples Problem 1 Amunglhe vanuuslvealmemsluv eaybet tunnet syndmmE Mu ave 39 ameken and web teas expenswe amtbe veal questbn tstbe yetatwe eweetweness tn bne vandumtzed cummHed tnaHbetbubwtng yesmtsweye ublamed n a beambat suvgev a b y ts benevlvealmem because y b We sphnmeatment but ts n signi canw belle Chapter 9 Inferences from Two mples Problem 2 Racial pro ling l5 the controverstal practtce of targetmg someone for ehmthat behavtor on the stepped fortraf cvtolattons thah Whttes or More blacks are stopped dtSpropomonately more people ofMtddle percentage w se Eastern Orlgll lS are stopped forextenstve Wht searches at atrports Constder the table below Clearlyt ere l5 a 339 m 2 significant 92 Inferences about Two Proportions Assumptions 1 We have proportions from two simple random samples that are independent 2 For both samples the conditions np 2 5 and nq 2 5 are satis ed p2 0 Because we assumet at p1 p2 0 it is not necessaryto specify the particularvalue that p1 and p2 have in common 5 Notation for Two Proportions For population 1 we let population proportion ize ofthe sample number ofsuccesses in the sample x1an the sample proportion A The corresponding meanings are attached to p2 n x 32 and q2 which come from population 2 7xlx2 p quot1quot2 1717 Pooled Estimate of p1 and p2 The pooled estimate ofp1and p2 is denoted by E For Hnp1p2 Hnp1p2 Hnp1p2 H1p1 p2 H1p1ltp2 H1p1gtp2 where p1 p 2 0 assumed in the null hypothesis gimme r11 VI ixlxz quot1quot VI and 17p7 Test Statistic for Two Proportions Problem 1 Consider the table below I Surgery ISuccess after one yeartreatrn em 67 Total nurn bertreated 73 Success Rate Splint 83 These are the results from a clinical study in which patients were treated for carpel tunnel syndrome using two different treatments It appears that surgery is much more successful but is it significantly better Test the claim that the success rate with surgery is better than the success rate with splintin a Problem 2 Consider the table below Black White IDrivers stopped by poiice 24 M7 ITotai numberofobserved drivers 200 1400 IPercent Stopped by Police 120 105 It could be argued that many more whites were stopped than blac s H wever the population includes many ites than blacks so it doesn t make sense to compare the 147 stopped white drivers to the 24 stopped black drivers Any comparison should involve rates It could be claimed that the 120 rate for blacks is not significanW greaterthan the 105 rate for whit Test the claim that based upon the samples the proportion of blacks stopped is greater than the proportion of whites in


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