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by: Nathaniel Monahan

PrinciplesPhysicsMechanics PHYS0004A

Marketplace > Sierra College > Physics 2 > PHYS0004A > PrinciplesPhysicsMechanics
Nathaniel Monahan

GPA 3.66


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 72 page Class Notes was uploaded by Nathaniel Monahan on Tuesday October 20, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHYS0004A at Sierra College taught by DominicCalabrese in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 85 views. For similar materials see /class/225387/phys0004a-sierra-college in Physics 2 at Sierra College.


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Date Created: 10/20/15
4A 031809 lead Chapter 10 POW 8 Due Today Lab preclrecks for 1st five labs only We39re on our 6th lab Exam 3 March 23 Chapters 79 Objectives Chapter 9 Example 20 Elastic and Inelastic Collisions iotational Kinematics Moment of Inertia 4A 031809 Example A 3 kg particle traveling south at 2 ms has a perfectly inelastic collision with a 2 kg particle traveling east at 4 ms What is the magnitude and direction of the nal momentum Only problem solving change Conserve momentum along vector components 333 Z 9 2 PH Z l ia Z Pct Sum mw h n Xv si39 E1143 Ra s wkm K 1 Yksmls 39 3 1 T a IS 6 Sum momcmltq in nJv39r akyelmlg rvupuwbv 7 quot31 l5 e Wl imammg 20 V w9 9 awl 1quot 39 51 5 51 Luigi Heals B in rm 7 is He same Mav M J Mn thallium Mnbmgtula is also saw Hau GVJ 4km m g 529mg row 74A 0318419 Mawe cm dusk 3 4 CIWJ Loltw mm x 4A 031809 Example The angular position of a rotating object is given by 0 2t StZ 2tquot rad Find a the angular acceleration at t l s b the average angular acceleration between 1 and 2 s c the average angular speed between 1 and 2 s Qwomls maize L it 823 Si 1cf wag Z39lOE e M 5 111 1 0 CW 3 a QuillL or be 1 a Q 0 we IX Lh oollsi er Ma 33 w E ul tl Lozglmals 3 O 0 evil to Q WWW wet as W 0L TS zqgsw 9 L312 oJE39hl e dbl 91 U Ml N inclht quotDc s m aw 4A 031809 Example A car with tires of radius of 25 cm comes to a stop from a 100 killll 278 ms in 50 111 without any V 39 of the tires Find a the angular acceleration of the wheels b the number of revolutions made in stopping G 0M lb zo A 5 RN 39L 1 Lg V Ra M I Q t I D 1 5 6 150 3 quot777quot5 q 3 1 11139Ys R 915M T 303 1 3 b A R69 New A 5i 51quot JTx ML 3n15 131 9 4A 031809 LE4 11125 gram Vi qyfs qDYO CA quot l Jricbm 3h 4m 1mm Mass 1 ab Mai L ll 4A 041509 Reminders 041509 Read Chapter 12 POW 10 Due Today POW 11 Due Monday Exam 4 Wednesday April 22 Quiz Today Objectives Examples of the 1st and 2nd conditions for equilibrium 4A 041 50 9 Example A ladder of length 10 m and weight 400 N leans against a frictionless wall at an angle of 53 What are the forces exerted by the oor and the wall see example 123 w z o5 39PlenOiMsiusezo k5ma quot M cue 139 3919 co39ke Quoc39oJfSJ L ROM 2 GDU 12 400M 6A M15119 M ZViEf l39wsu T in r w fk rgm L J gt 5 Don Tdei m5hl0 l I LkzL s vvng d Tense mjgd we 1 sl Mu Kg Tame m 2 R 5 Tag Nu m mam m5 ch13 a 3ZIi3 wlquot 4A 041509 R 7 5 V 50 d39fw YIO 36041 9 3ND Quj C m39 Q s uxi 56 f 4 LM 22 gs mamv 2g Nma z mNQ s 0 0 quot A Q JL 5 T o 7 si li i k quotLk f NC SI A Tfquot i 1 rm 3 31 1172 m mw mrm Untitled February 02 2008 Reminders 13008 3rd Homework due Feb 5 Read Ch 19 and Chapters 1amp2 of Understanding Thermodmamics Exam 1 February 13 Outline First Law of Thermodynamics Internal Energy Examples Thermodynamics Processes Md h 4mm wV ons M Livia S3 th k5 1 on Q ix Mn 19 quot 4M sung K 3 Untitled February 2 2008 0 C r39 ante lbcalian ul alga mniecuia The ellective willsmn area j l A mlquot u molecules pay will mum of collixion in d nvAvdt 131411 dzvdt 4 rzvdr Av al of collisiom39 5 dz V V time between colliswns i r N47rr v We need to know the average relative velocity forthe molecules not the average velocity of one molecule alone He ndom molecular r5 39 l L VEIOCl les c v v A 3 2 lt JvZ v1ov2 v vzlvl Zvz lv3 2 2vv 9 e 2 VI 2cos 7 2 2 A 2 2 le vll VG lvZ v1 2vzvlcossAVG v2v but V v v2 GIIAVG VJ IVZ V time between colliszons 2 t N 75d xEv V 1 V Z VI xENA xENn39dz xEnv dz xEnv 4m2 Untitled February 02 2008 39 A gas undergoes the cyclic process shown What is W What is W A What is Wong N L 133003 sm L39 0 9 39 3 quot Li USO3 W 50 w um wwmwa 39 04 Q T Nua h 3 39100398 405039 395 Hoo S 4A 020208 4A 020209 Reminders 020209 In Class Quiz Start Reading Chapter 5 POW 3 Due Monday February 9 by SF POW 4 Due Wednesday February 11 by 5quot EXAM 1 February 4 Chapters 24 Objectives Reference Frames lntroduction to Newton39s Laws Free Body Analysis a gtrnf MW W AMHO F n E r9 Own9 4A 11409 Reminders 01 1409 W Lecture 9301030AM MW ALL SECTIOllS Section 63358 2305PM MIlecitationWlab Section 63246 9301035AM TliecitationWlab Section 54750 11001205PM TRecitation Th lab Section 55803 12451z50PM TIlecitationThlab Conceptual Quiz Wednesday Read Syllabus Log onto Webassign ASAP sierracollege 1649 2830 ll Log onto Computers Lab software can be obtained from desktop of computers in lab Check course web page once a week Sign prerequisite certificate form High School Physics amp Math 30 Visit Physics Tutoring Center LRC Log in when entering Physics Tutoring Center Log in when entering lab S107 Read Chapters 1 amp 2 Write the last four digits of your Sierra College ID in textbook Homework and problem solving will be discussed in Recitation u 1A J QWLA a Hem we Md q 3 waxk m a 33 LE Kw Ll 393 I 6 30 313 quotCL 139 K AK quotLY uh 52m E mo 6 34 0 4A 11409 Example A particle moves along the x axis according to the equation x300400t200t2 where x is in meters and t is in seconds What are the position velocity and acceleration at t3005 Plot their corresponding graphs mag 5 Luz 40 27 V J K a VL3Qz39 433 9 CALE L 39t r ES Con l a l V q ltu A 4A 11409 F x 1 i err 1 4A 11409 4A 11409 substitute into top equation v 9v vx x 1 simplin multiply by 23 ZaxCXt x vi vxvx l vxz 2 vxo vx vx a The owucug 14 010 Jn m g we gigg mm s ki quot it S wn k 4A 041309 Reminders 041309 liead Chapter 11 POW 10 Due Wednesday POW 11 Due Monday Exam 4 Wednesday April 22 Quiz Wednesday Objectives Relationship between Torque and Angular Momentum Conservation of Angular Momentum Examples 4A 041309 4A 041 309 Example A 100 kg man runs at 2 ms tangent to and then jumps onto the perimeter of a stationary merry goround that has a radius of 2 m and a mass of 50 kg Treat the merrygoround as a uniform disk I 12MR2 and nd the angular speed of the merrygo roundman system 7V3 7x m7 La quotFHMVM9 7 L1 mKV LC Iquot K39bew MRV I T a 391M magma n 3 lt 4A 041309 A 1 kg ball traveling at 1 ms perpendicular to a 1 kg thin rod 2 min length that is at rest undergoes an elastic collision with the end of the rod What are the linear velocities of the ball and the rod and the angular speed of the rod after the collision Hint the ball s path is unchanged after the collision Cows vb QMV i mv JiMVl val Id s vmlb quot 39 quotW aquot 1quot SM1Q g V u klh 1 SM9 1 cXN8lW 3 Solve A to wwlquotw w I SUL51ve v39 Z 1 in m 4 lune l l mt my 11quot M 04013 MIRml 39L quot m Hquot W13va 4 M31 mxtsmvz x ya WVVALJ setwcvd V1quot V L11 vat L 1 H L Vb 391 L i 39 Nb V DIEQLVSVQ 39 V0413 J 4A 030209 Reminders 030209 Exam 2 Average 79 Short Pop Quiz Today There are Several People That Have Not Turned in a Lab this Semester You M Pass this Course if Your Lab Average is Less Than 50 Read Chapter 78 POW 6 Due Wednesday Objectives Povver Conservative Forces Potential Energy Conservation of Energy 4A 030209 What is the most general expression for work It is the one that works in all cases Wcjf l Mathematically speaking the dot product is the projection of one vector onto another vector In our case it is the projection of F onto the axis de ned by the displacement vector In the expression for work the quantity S is the displacement of the point of application of the force It is not necessarily the displacement of the object So what does this means if we deal with friction To nd the work done by the net force we can add up the work done by each force on an object or we can calculate the work done by the net force and quotdotquot it with the displacement vector Positive work done by a force on an object means that the force wants to accelerate the object while negative work done by a force on an object means that the force wants to accelerate the object The de nition of work is valid for point particles only Extended objects are deformable ie they consist of other forms of energy that cannot be accounted for from our de nition of work When you jump the ground does no work on you but your kinetic energy comes from the conversion of internal energy into kinetic energy Search Fevnman Six Easv Pieces Energv httpb00ksg00glecomb00ks hlenampidBP6thsxFYQCampdqfeynman6easypieces cuc1 5y amppi illtauu f A n W cbtauta SXGGJCCthchlg P2973KnR39uTlihOP9 Ilhf0U7kampsaXamp0ib0okiresultampresnuml 1ampctresultPPA69 M l 1 A ball is dlmppedl from rest what is its speed after it falls 1 m WWLT L 4 M QOcosoHs 3W2 w 530 I 5 250 5 5 LUer 4A 030209 2 A 1 kg block slides down an incline 30 3 distance of 1 m where it slams into a spring k 100 Mm If pk 02 what is the maximum compression of the spring wk M NSAVVt ws AV 3N 4 NS 1 O W t 39 vx1 N 39h39 ma W WWW WA xi rLL Mm M MSQQ 5MB Maj me In 31 p1 0 suubsm 30 rsusw a U a xz O W van rel 2 Pam ale 395quot 4 31K 50 5 X 395 4A 030209 A 10 N horizontal force is applied to a 10 kg block resting on a frictionless horizontal surface The block starts from rest What is the average power supplied by the force fromt0tot3 5 What is the instantaneous power due to the force at t 3 s g 15 incl lc lnQ Q 3ili J frLl 5 LS I 2 1409 15 MW 5 vmaslmllsnalf iquot 3 quot 2 L 4 31 M 8115 V gtL lH39DS 1 s 15 N V gamble ar Sven V37 25 39 1 lmhsg s 353 4A 030209 A we me L Lamas Lch 940 A quot Lie osB L 98M6 39Lampbcosb c quot91 WQJA39 A m x L b wetsuueb CDN 8 m3Ls 9J5 N 5 SB m LSMBiB 5 e e 5 Lme C0565 6 5 0 w M 3 mgLCl 056 m3 L 0950 DEW V 1 a C989 9 Ion ml umi new Sil accrginccr W A v Vg A J Ts PosionsrakQ CWQYOCI Co MMABN SMLJ QM Who 1 wmk ov mm s quDd we M x WC 1 I39 393T a W621 239 M 4A 012809 Reminders 01 2809 Take Home Quiz due at beginning of class today Quizzes turned in late during class time will lose a minimum of 3 points Quizzes turned in after lecture WILL MOT BE ACCEPTED Quiz 3 Monday in Class iead Chapter 4 POW 2 Due Monday by 5PM EllAM 1 February 4 Chapters 24 Graded Quizzes in Box Outside My Office Objectives Projectile Motion Example Describing Circular Motion ieference Frames 4A 012809 S Re 0 T409 9 h 1 39 an395 o T 39 Conbt39olm HM WAWJ Q n my a must 9 0 V A vano AV tn wJ tun y 9L vump 33 wt 1quot w 3 s V m9 39 t L x szuwsE H 21gt 9 W ma X X 39L 3 I sme We 43 L 2 xL 9 0 no G V LCO IQ W quot 460w Linen QAqesul is t Vow 9 L aTcua g 3 L L LAquot A 3amp1 case L s k L ag cusie Z 3 XLGHB 39 33 x ch v1 c0519 50 39 rascd UL VGAquot 3 on nuns gymwa m 73 W M g im Q72 12 U hw w a W quot P 01r 4A 01 mos 7 6 3 w 5 Z v w T we a 1 T Ml Two addltlonal de nmons 2 T v Period T 39me for complete cycle 1 Co 53H th Frequency f number of cycles per unit time M or Hertz Hz Q l T L T 7 ltDamp C Vu t 7 s v 1 Ma aquot LAquot L L F 4A 012809 stt g 9 Re ne gamequot 1 Eggs 043 RSHWL3E Rcws u o tesmukquot 5 Rwam tRwLoswk39 239 Rwan d Qosmilagt 0 El 3 Rw cosk m5b quot 39 W 1 P 0 quot39 u R if Cosdthmw q U1quot CCos chf k J SWAN 1 JL 393 TU 1 V at 4A 012809 Examples A merrygo round 2 In in diameter rotates at 10 rpm What is the acceleration of a child who is riding on the perimeter 4A 012809 A conical pendulum has a string of length 10 m and When the pendulum is rotating with a period of 2 s the string makes an angle with the vertical of 68 What is the acceleration of the pendulum 4A 012809 Problem 431 See gure in book At an instant in time an object traveling in a circular path of radius 25 m has an acceleration of 15 ms2 at an angle of 30quot with respect to a line drawn radially to the object At this instant of time what is the speed of the particle and its tangential acceleration 1T 73 45 1 Ram r5 5v 1 i Vzax mum SJHII 4A 020909 Reminders 020909 Chapter 5 Quiz Next this Wednesday Read Chapter 5 POW 4 Due Wednesday February 11 by 5PM POW 5 Due Wednesday February 18 by 5PM Objectives Review of Newton39s Three laws Free Body Analysis Applications of Newton39s Law39s 4A 020909 What force causes you to walk What force causes your car to move forward The 26th car of a railroad train has an acceleration of 10ms2 How do you determine the acting net force on it Remember that actionreaction pairs are forces that one object exerts on the other While they interact With each other Mbks39u qEE CfM 9 9TUL db i LLm M akin Ararat oLiwl39 m but 5 Rub germ 46M 0quot om c 012453quot Mail0 wafo law 6V4VJCGIUIA 4A 020909 Example see textbook Example 57 Two blocks are resting on a frictionless table Block A has mass of 1 kg and block B has mass 2 kg A 3 N force is applied to block A as shown What are the forces that are acting What is the acceleration of the system What s the displacement after 2 s What is the force of A on B gt Fapplied Cara a Surfa MA N 39 2m quot 1 AIWA I J cm om rm WM gigs PEG IWIL aN AX HMW v n 1 4A 020909 A sign of mass 100 kg is supported by two cables one is horizontal and the other makes an angle of 30 with the vertical What are the tensions in each cable see textbook Example 54 ZC C39 39TllTtmst7O E Y M339Isinloo m T En w S mtb NON ncos o moment 565 4A 020909 dynamic A 10 kg mass is at rest on a table When a 10 N force i applied at an angle of 45 the mass moves at a constan 1 ms What is the frictional force and the normal force exerted by the table If V 0115mm Fygt98N what is the normal force Eric 1 v 994530 f lONcOsQS am 22 Esmuswmaw N mra ESquot 4339 1 10019 05m 3 103m 4A 020909 Elevators Tommy the turtle sits on a scale in an elevator on the ground floor and takes a trip to the 2ml floor Tommy s mass is 50 kg see Example 58 What does the scale in Newtons read when a the elevator is at rest 4A 020909 name 55 msstg c n W Qassm Q QE IQ 2 Nmcoseo N 139 macoS BO QJUQCSH 0392 05 3o 5 QSN I l39 lux J 2mm QC awa BANE 4A 042009 Reminders 042009 Read Chapter 13 POW 11 Due Today Go over the derivations for the Moment of Inertia Lab Exam 4 Wednesday April 22 Objectives Gravitational Force lnertial Mass vs Gravitational Mass Gravitational Field Gravitational Potential Energy 4A 042009 What s the force at the origin due masses Zrquot 1 If Z ga 9 EMAquot 48 aka Xaxu The space shuttle orbits at an altitude of 100 mi 160 km What would be the weight of a 100 kg astronaut at this position E quot 5H m9 Q2 n L W Nwluaisw vwm 31qu Mbub ni 135M 5 133 MWCFC 3504 95UM aw 39 roeKI Mosan has p 95 Khang nlsP N n airbnib mint m 903927 5 9 a asog d WOLF 0ltrlt 93 98 4A 042009 L Skmsw 414 010 is 199 4L1 WumLui vb Qwic l m Tm new me his 2339 Yvfnl39f 2 MN lung 1 Wk cl A M 5 Q ysmakp 5 scum A 242 Jo Ind 0955 5 waa 1M 13 LWBQJVL i D Quid Qua TR nvmlm 1 Lyle Punk s L 0 ml aurku Surroundan M mass is r PILunJ it 9 mass Clix midk K 5quot r4LJ 1 T1 Mal 51 pastth L L EMM 3quot 4 1 Hal Hl Flux 4A 042009 4A 042009 86 m long bridge truss extends across a alculate the force of tension or compression structural component when a 1295 kg car is enter of the bridge Assume that the structure 0 slide horizontally to permit thermal on and contraction that the structural tents are connected by pin joints and that the of the structur al components are small 4A 042009 T s 9430 In W TA 7050 I W THE 9480 I N Tm m TED L 14100 n W TDE 9430 lu 3W TEE 7050 I WI 4A 012109 Reminders 01 21 09 Conceptual Quiz Today Read Syllabus liead Chapters 3amp4 Write the last four digits of your Sierra College ID in textbook Homework and problem solving will be discussed in Recitation Exam 1 February 4 Chapters 24 Objectives Finish Last Week39s Example Free Fall ExamplesModel Rocket Problem ieview Dealing with Acceleration That is lot Constant 4A 012109 Example A car covers 400m in 800s while smoothly slowing down to 300ms Calculate its acceleration 1 300 5 39 Vi 39 V300 e 603 Ff h an H LHDDM Kan 5X QDnJlODS V6300 IEE Vijv b Al 1 139 k i V lox 2 VK 2 34 n 110 I3 thqquot x Vo ux sag11 5 39t 1 39 S 11 0x 0 1 4A 012109 A test rocket is red vertically upward with an initial velocity of 800ms at ground level The acceleration due to its engines is 400ms The engines maintain this acceleration until they fail at an altitude of 1000m At that point the test rocket begins freefall motion How long is the test rocket in motion What is its maximum altitud What is its velocity just before it collides with the Earth quot 502 100W my a a 10 s 393 v 4250 5 05 Dlm my bolw 21 mil 6R5 396 an tn WMm quot 000 m t H230 qat 1otlooo o 3920 i 90m 2quot 1cm 1m 31063 Lucas 3V11Q A 6 o Vt 34 bkbai gs A a U a 330 2 4m quot I 1 SM 3 gt C OODM SIM 4A012109 5 Yle M W LqxoWss 3 iWs J 34quot 2 m mi Z 4A 012109 QUIZ 1 SPRING 2009 1 George drives from town Ato town B and back to town A in 2 hours The distance between town A and town B is 60 miles What is the average velocity for the entire trip A 0 mph B 30 mph C 60mph D 120mph 2 An object moves with velocity in xdirection with constant acceleration a After 3 seconds its acceleration changes to a constant value a Which of the following statements is true regarding the motion of the object upon this sudden change in acceleration A lts velocity and displacement become negative B lts velocity is positive but its displacement is negative C lts position and velocity decrease D lts position increases but its velocity decreases E lts position and velocity increase 3 What mathematical function describes the position vs time graph of an object moving in a straight line with constant negative acceleration 4 Give an example of an object slowing down and undergoing a positive acceleration


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