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by: Nathaniel Monahan

GeneralPhysics PHYS0002B

Nathaniel Monahan

GPA 3.66


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Nathaniel Monahan on Tuesday October 20, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHYS0002B at Sierra College taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 49 views. For similar materials see /class/225390/phys0002b-sierra-college in Physics 2 at Sierra College.

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Date Created: 10/20/15
Name Rules for Exam 1 Show your work on nonmultiple choice problems NO WORKNO CREDIT 2 Include units with each answer One point deduction per infraction 3 Round offto 2 decimal places and circle your nal answers 4 Circle your nal answers Good Luck Equations Conversion Factors and Constants C30X108ms 04nX10397TIIVA F charge F ILBsina mu sin 9 I a I a N1 9 2 2 3MBM ZLRIBWM 0L uonI k899X10 Nm C 14n80 80885X103912C2Nm2 E rF sin a NAIB sin 9 sin a 1HC106C103HC106PC 7 Q m 167X103927kg me911X103931kg I BACOSBCDGENERATOR NABCOSaJtEMEw d N At P 6160Xl049C EMFMM BL6EMFGENWM NABm sin at leV160X103919J E luF10396F 1nF10399F C fl C IkWh360x106J36MJ B I EmBm E3 32 106J1MJ 2 2n 214 m 2U 2U Acirclenrz Asphere4nr2 Vsphere437Trz pn u w Tpabmp w T Acylinder2an chlinderL7Trz f0 fs1139fu ltltc C F VIR 131 VI12R IAQAt E R F pointcharge kq1q2 r2 g pointcharge APE WFIELD FFIELDd qud quV AV iEd forunifarm elds PE kq1q2 p ointcharge r gassumingPE Oatin nity Axx7x0 vut12axt2vfx vix axt Ax 1 2 2 v v 2anv v J I x x avg At 2 J Ix mv2 F cmpmll 2 v a a T Fma r Period T f 1 27160 f frequency APE AKE 0Conservation of Energy APEAKEWM 102va Power PA Wi At l p omt charge p omt charge 1441 qu P933 2 q APE ELIF1511 FHHDd iquEd quA V A V iEd for uniform elds mem chmge assuming V 0 at in nity PE pom chmge kqlqz assuming PE 0 at in nity 139 7 7 SH 0 CA V qumlm plate 7 qqqqc Energy CVZ OZ ZC QVZ 0 KC 5HA AX X X Vuxt lZaxt2 VIi VIX at AX 1 V2 VIZX ZaXAX V E VC Va a Period T f391 27ra f frequency Emame 7 F ma APE AKE 0 Conservation of Energy APE AKE Wnc lg rFsinB R pLA p p 1 0511 1 R R 1 0511 1 2 V 11 P W ZR 1 AQAt Req1 RZR3 1 1 1 1 RM R1 R2 163 afghan vmwupie Q CVH i Inc RC Qdmmge withing 95 RC mun liql 195 Fucjige quI s ilnB ILBsinB III 1 III I Bm 2 Bwp 6 R 2R M BEGIMmJI GL 0111 IrrFsin6NAIBsin6 sin6 I BAcos 6 IDGENERATOR NABcos wt EM 7N I Induced t IEwdeajzigl EWGEMRAZDR NABa sin wt c 1 2 E c B 15quotan 53m c 2M 2M 2M m 2U Pman T Pampas 7 f0 1 51r I39fultlt c c III III III APE VVHELD 7FFZELDd7and qA V A V iEd for uniform elds PE 1rng point charge s T AX X X0 Vaxt l axt2 assuming PE 0 at infinity VfK VIK aXt AX 1 V24vfx2aXAX VZVEEEV4VIK III D P Fm nutmeg m r r Period T f391 2 a f frequency APE AKE 0 Conservation of Energy 1 APE AKE Wm KE Emv2 Power PA WEFQED ITI39I At SW51 FSPRJNG kx k 2 ma7kxgta7 x7w x m k 2n We Z2quotf7 L 1 2 TPzndquIn27r 7 7 Vg a x A cosatv iAa sin tuna iAmz cosat K mvEUs kxEUg mghZi39 mii EPEKEAPEAKEOWM APEAKE vf v k 27r1 La vk Ip r2 B Y T v PM Fwy VR Wm 3315 0607TC P P M 1010gII I 10 12W m2 fvf vivub39 vv sum 2 1 2 2 1 2 2 P 12 1 P J azA mAI g 2 F 2 quotg 4an I1 v v n n n 123 n n n n 135 fquot f1 2L f f1 4L Ax L2Ax2 PowerP allal k899x109Nm2C214n80 04nX10397Tn A 80885X103912C2Nm2 1 C10396C103nC106pC mp167X103927kg me911X103931kg e160X103919C 1eV160x103919J 1HF10396F 1nF10399F IkWh360x106Js Vsphere437Tr3 Asphere4nr2 Acirclenrz Circumference21tr


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