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by: Nathaniel Monahan

GeneralPhysics PHYS0002A

Nathaniel Monahan

GPA 3.66


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 11 page Class Notes was uploaded by Nathaniel Monahan on Tuesday October 20, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHYS0002A at Sierra College taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 62 views. For similar materials see /class/225393/phys0002a-sierra-college in Physics 2 at Sierra College.

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Date Created: 10/20/15
071008 Reminders 39 1st Webassign due Tonight 1159PM 39 Turn in Problems 9 and 12 Monday 39 2nd Webassign Ch 2amp3 due Monday 1159PM 39 Exam 1 Chapters 13 Tuesday July 15 39 hinLQaLSamplejxams m uL Kebsite focus on problems 14 Exam 1 F01 problems 13amp4 Exam 2 F01 problem 16 Exam 1 S00 problems 13 amp 4 Exam 2 S00 39 Purchase quotAMPADquot paper 39 Need Scienti c Calculator for Exams 39 Answers to Standardized Test p29 CCBAA 6a is Fm6b is 0001 6c is F 001m 270001350 A motorcycle accelerates to the right from rest to 600 mph in 385 What is the magnitude of the average acceleration of the motorcycle a 5 vgi39a bets 5 c E GDA C quot 35 unit a I 3951qu 1 a 43 hi 3600 s 071013 A car is traveling to the right at 200 mph It then accelerates at a rate of 50 mphs to the right in 1005 What is the speed of the car after 1003 ll 739 30 9 a Q quot39 S 0 quot911 6 517 vVC ht TL VLquot QL 139 V 200 quotWquot b0quot loo 20 u 503 quot Avquot moscm MY X 0WSDU wax 7 oooooo no numm 0 v SgEVSQArED Ag Ion vs Tlme 7 3 E 8 JW E 1 2 t1 8 o o 39 lt O 3 6 9 12 Time s The area of the indicated region Length x Width is equal to change in velocity from ti3s to tf9s 071005 03h GD Velocity m N D D a Velocity vs Time MN c tf 5 1D 15 20 Times The area of the indicated region yields the displacement from t1 s to t155 If the initial time is equal to zero then the area is a triangle A05bh which yields the position ofthe object M mugks attftbgi AX cullingt5 3 uft defh w Amst h 7 2 u L 00 W y s va 63POJQ 5 EH UH a 2 S no 071008 An object is dropped from rest off a 441m platform v How long will it take to hit the ground What is its average velocity when it hits the ground rWhat is its final velocity when it hits the ground IQVS EL tu4alm 395 3005 I I mJC Owequot a t n mow g v 00531793 7147 5 w gays 3 4Kquot lS Ws Physics 2A Name Newton s Laws Worksheet Three blocks that are connected by cables that don t stretch are pulled across a frictionless surface as shown below Turn this problem in at the beginninq of the next lecture T T 18N 40kg 1 30kg 2 20kg a Draw a freebody diagram treating the three objects as one large object 039 Sum the forces on this large object to obtain the acceleration ofthe system c What would happen if the acceleration of each object were different d Draw a freebody diagram for each object e Sum the forces in the Xdirection for each object Physics 2A f Using the equations from the previous part determine the T1 and T2 9 Sum the forces in the ydirection for each object h Determine the normal force acting on each object


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