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by: Roberto Bernier

[LC003Epidemic! SPCH001

Roberto Bernier
Solano Community College
GPA 3.99


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Roberto Bernier on Tuesday October 20, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SPCH001 at Solano Community College taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 7 views. For similar materials see /class/225400/spch001-solano-community-college in Speech at Solano Community College.


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Date Created: 10/20/15
S For Cinematography See Film amp Television Fine 9 Applied ArtsBehavioral Sciences Division PROGRAM DESCRIPTION This program is a broad based program concerned with the reparation and delivery of messages in in terpersonal public and mediated situations This program ocuses on understanding the communication process and improving communication skills The program pre ares the students to ursue professional goals in a variety of career possibilities including Community ollege Teacher Speec Writer Communicar tions Consultant Lawyer Minister Personnel Director Television Director or Producer Broadcast Iournalist Public Relations Political Campaign Aide Sales Counselor ASSOCIATE IN ARTS DEGREE The Associate in Arts degree can be obtained upon completion of 60 units including the 187unit major gen eral education requirements and electives All courses in the major must be completed with a grade of C or better or a P if the course is taken on a passeno pass basis REQUIRED COURSES Units SPCH 001 Public Speaking 3 Rewmmende l E39ect39Ves SPCH 006 Argumentation and Debate 3 ENGL 004 SPCH 010 Interpersonal Communication 3 JOUR 001v 011 SPCH 015 Oral Interpretation 3 PH39L 001 SPCH 060 Business and Professional PSYC 001 Communication 3 SPCH 00239 050 TV 050 Survey of Broadcasting 3 THEA 001 18 TV 055 SPCH 001 3 Units SPCH 002 3 Units Introduction to Public Speaking Fundamentals of Persuasive Speaking CourseA dvisory S C C minimum English standards Public CourseA dvisory Eligibility for EN GL 001 A persuasive S eaking course which includes instruction and practice in Speaking course which includes instruction and practice t e various forms of ublic address and the techniques for in the various forms of persuasive Speakin includin orally presenting ideas clearly concisely and coherently but not limited to sales resentations Speeches of praise Students are required to outline Speeches requently to lame propaganda an opposing Viewpoints Students are read a collegeilevel public Speaking textbook and apply its required to outline persuasive Speeches frequently to read principles in the preparation of their Speeches and to critii a collegeilevel persuasive Speaking textboo and appl its cally analyze public Speeches of various types Three hours princi leS in the preparation of their persuasive Speec es to lecture critica ly analyze persuasive Speeches and to deliver persuai Sive Speeches of various types Three hours lecture SPCH 001H 3 Units Honors Introduction to Public Speaking SPCH 006 3 Umts Prerequisites Eligibility for the Honors Program Completion Argumentation amp Debate of EN 1 39 a grade of B or higher An honors course CourseAdvisory Eligibility for EN GL 001 Public Speaking in public Speaking which includes instruction and practice course which includes instruction and practice in the pun in the various forms of ublic address and the techniques ci leS of ar umentation and in the various forms of debate for orally presenting ideas clearly conciseiy and coherently includingt e analysis of propositions research evidence Students are require to outline Speeches requently to read and reasoning Students are required to ractice various foe a collegeilevel public Speaking textbook and a ply its prine rensic debating techniques through the presentation of their cipleS 1n the reparation of their Speeches an to critically outlined affirmative and negative cases after investigating analyze pub ic Speeches of various types Three hours lecture major contempora issues to read a colle e level argumenr tation and debate textbook and apply its princi leS in the preparation of their cases and to critically ana yze debate cases Three hours lecture Communication Studies SPCH 008 3 Units Group Communication CourseA dvisory S C C minimum English standards This course is designed to increase students understanding 0 group communication behaviors related to problemesolvin decisionemaking ea ershi group roles n formity and to prepare stu ents to function more effectively in groups This course is designed for students ma39or39 in speech communication business international business education nursing and all fields of study and certifications that require group and teamebuilding skills Three hours lecture SPCH 010 3 Units Interpersonal Communication CourseAdvisory Eligibility for ENGL 001 Communication principles as applied to different interpersonal communica tion situations including verbal and nonverbal communica tion listening overcoming barriers to communication and con ict resolution Three hours lecture SPCH 012 3 Units Intercultural Communication ourseA dvisory S C C minimum English standards This course introduces students to the challenges and promises o intercultural communication with ap lication to American culture subcultures and different culiures of the world Specific focus will be development of the ability to acknowle ed e and understand the unique voice of peop e from the African Asian Latina Middle Eastern and Pacific Island cultures as well as coecultures within the United States Through lectures readings films group discussions written and oral assignments students wi learn the skills necessary to achieve positive outcomes when communicating with oth ers that are perceived as different Three hours lecture SPCH 015 3 Units Oral Interpretation of Literature CourseA dvisory S C C minimum English standards Study of literature through oral performance which includes devele opment of skills in the analysis and interpretation of prose poetry and dramatic literature Emphasis on vocal and ph sicaltechniques to orall communicate understanding of the literature performed T ree hours lecture SPCH 049 23 Units Speech Honors Prerequisites Completion of 24 units of college credit with a minimum GP 0 3 aminimum of 5 units in the discipline with a grade of B or better an ability to work independently permission of the division Dean based on instructor availability Independent stud course designed for advanced speech students who wis to continue work with an instructor in a specialized area of oral communication The student and instructor design an outlined program of study May be re peated to a maximum of 6 units including initial enrollment Six to nine hours weekly by arrangement SPCH 050 13 Units ForensicsSpeech Worksho CourseAdvisory SCC minimum English standards Provides training in the principles of all orms of competitive speak ing oral interpretation and debate including participation in 39 quot 39 and 39 39 efore an cam us andUcommunity gioups Studerits attend intercole legiate forensic tournaments and festivals or speak efore campus or community audiences This is an open ent 0 en exit course Repeatable to a maximum of 12 units One hour lecture three to six hours la SPCH 060 3 Units Business and Professional Communication CourseA dvisory S C C minimum English standards Presents practical communication skills to allow students to achieve effective verbal communication in business situations community activities and other areas of daily life Areas of discussion include iving and receiving the basic practical communication ski s Exercises are employed to allow stue dents to achieve effective ver a c mmunication in business situations community activities and other areas of daily life including giving and receiving instructions interviewing verbal and nonverbal communication Three hours lecture SPCH 075 3 Units Sports Broadcasting CourseAdvisory SCC minimum Math standard eligibility for ENGL 001 SPCH 001 Aprofessional approach to the basics of oneair and internet s orts broadcastin areas of con centration include per ormance training Tor playebyeplay description color commenta com iling and organizing statistical data for avariety o s ortin events The course includes an in epth a roach to careers in broadcast come munication with concentration on all aspects of research preparation and delivery presentation to adequately and effectively establish and sustain a career in sports broadcaste ing Stu ents will be required to attend wee ly athletic come petitions This course is repeata e 3 times One hour lecture two hours activity three hours by arrangement


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